One Man’s Road Trip is Another Man’s Nightmare…

…Okay, so it wasn’t actually a nightmare.  I mean, I made it to Utah in one piece, more or less.

Portait at Utah ParkRoad trips bring out the artsy in me.

On this trip to Utah, I am the biggest third wheel I’ve ever been—I don’t particularly like the feeling.  See, I’m tagging along on a road trip with my sister and her husband (plus their precious baby boy {so I guess that makes me a fourth wheel}), and I’m sort of worried we look like a modern-day polygamist family or something, which is so not my thing—polygamy is for the birds.  Plus, it’s going to be especially weird when my sister is running her marathon tomorrow, and I have to go out for breakfast with her husband and baby boy.  People might talk. I thought about taking off my own wedding ring, but then it might just look like we’re living in sin, and wouldn’t that be a little worse?  No matter how I toss the dice (now I’m gambling—I’m really on the highway to Hell!), it’s bad business; but I was promised a free omelet, and I don’t ever pass up deals like that.

None of this has anything to do with what I’m talking about today, though.  Focus, Camille.

It has come to my attention that every family does the Road Trip Thing a little differently.

Poor Kyle and I have road trips down to a fine art—at least, I thought we did.  But that’s just for the Poor Kyle + Camille family, I suppose.  In Anonymous My Sister’s family, their boats don’t float our way.  For example, even if I give an hour’s warning for a necessary bathroom break, we aren’t allowed to stop—in her family, stops are planned before the road trip begins, and that’s final. (My sister’s husband, Flint, is normally a nice enough guy, but he sort of becomes a tyrant when road trip driving times are on the line.  Good thing he married her and not me…and that’s all I’m going to say.)

Also, I’d like to address the small matter of children—they are very needy, aren’t they?

That’s all I’m going to say about that, too.

At any rate, I love ’em all, every last one.  They are such a happy little family, as is evident in these pictures from an impromptu trip at a Utah park. (But don’t worry—we didn’t stop at a park until we had already reached our destination.  Detours are not an option in my sister’s family.)

Baby P SlideHigh maintenance or not, the kid’s got charisma.  You should see him wink.  (You probably will before this trip is through.)

Flint at Utah ParkDon’t be fooled—my brother-in-law looks all lighthearted when he’s at the playground, but behind the wheel…ADOLF.

Happy Little FamilyAnyway, they’re cute together.  And happy.  And there’s a lotta love, so that’s good.

Baby P on Swing“I would very much like to taste the flavour of this black rubber contraption…  It looks delicious…”  I like to imagine what the kid is thinking sometimes.  It keeps me entertained.  I need entertaining on long road trips.

Anonymous Sister + FlintThis shot was totally candid.  I think they must love each other or something.

1-2-3 Whee! Utah ParkThis was a little less candid, but equally precious; don’t try to deny it.

Anonymous My Sister's Buff ArmsLook how buff my anonymous sister’s arms are!  She’s the good daughter…  (She hates when I say that.)

Sisters at Utah ParkBut I’m good, too.  We’re both good.  (Brian Regan, anyone?)

Blurry Happy Baby PIf you look at this picture from far enough away, you almost can’t tell that it’s blurry.  Leave it to me to focus on the slide instead of the kid—I should be locked up for failures like this.

As of now, my sister has not started the marathon yet.  Hopefully I’ll be able to update her progress throughout tomorrow morning.  I hope she doesn’t die while running—I think I probably would.

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8 Responses to One Man’s Road Trip is Another Man’s Nightmare…

  1. anna says:

    I plan my road trip stops too… and I don’t like detouring from them. Stopping is just so inefficient. That’s how I was raised and now we all have awesome bladders. Ha ha. :) Sorry, tmi.

    Kids are the prime example of opposition: lots of work, but maximum joy and rewards.

  2. Katie says:

    This makes me miss my own sister. A LOT. Enjoy your time together! Aren’t sisters the best????

  3. Katie says:

    Point of information: My sister is not dead or anything. When I say “enjoy your time together” I just mean have a good time. I re-read my first comment and it sounded tragic. My sister is alive and kickin’. Just in another state from me.


  4. Holly Decker says:

    love the pics. and i love seeing adell’s family. adorable. i agree the kid is a cute one.

  5. linda rae says:

    pssstt…camille…I do believe it’s a fifth wheel. Unless it’s a bicycle, of course. Then it might be a third.

    GO ADELL !!!!! What an awesome girl!



  6. Camille, your remarks about the polygamy issue triggered a very funny memory. Many years ago, six of us girls from our ward Primary were driving down to Salt Lake Conference….plus the hubby of one of the girls, who was driving the van. We stayed overnite at a battered hotel in Butte, and all went down to breakfast in the morning. Well! never had so much attention in all our lives….somebody on the wait staff knew we were on our way to Salt Lake, and obviously, informed the others that we had to be one of those families, you know, hint, hint. Poor Tom, we couldn’t resist teasing him all the way from Butte to Salt Lake. He was so embarrassed…..six wives, indeed….he found ONE difficult at that point in time.

  7. mameelynn says:

    Growing up we always had the “you empty your tank when we are filling the other tank” on bathroom breaks but when it came to detouring we did it all the time… If fact the first time we went down to Arizona we stopped in some unknown place in Utah because we saw some caves and decided that we would like to climb up to them… I think that you can miss a lot of cool experiences in life if you don’t detour sometimes!

  8. ann marie says:

    Too funny!
    I love my kids.. but I don’t love to take them on road trips! Maybe I will now that we have more space.. :)
    I LoVe-LoVe Brian Regan.

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