Paris the Fourth (Petit Palais, Jardins du Luxembourg, and Rue Cler)

This is an update of the amazing trip I took to Europe last summer. Slowly but surely I’m posting about every day I spent on that excellent continent. To read earlier updates, click herehereherehereherehereherehere and here. And here. And here and here and here and here and here and here.


On my fourth day in Paris I was faced with my biggest challenge in any upper level university course: GROUP WORK.

I have long considered group work the very bane of my earthly existence, and sadly even Paris couldn’t gloss over the truly miserable aspects of group projects.

What I hate about group work is this: the groups. I hate combining four or five completely different perspectives and trying to come up with something that meets my standards. That sounds snobbish, but I take my education seriously (especially since I-slash-my-sugar-daddy started paying for it our own selves). Nothing annoys me more than the stress of my grade being dependent on a bunch of foolhardies.

In Paris it was especially difficult because none of my group members had ever visited the city before so we had a lot of compromising to do in order for everyone to see what they wanted to see. In the end it worked out all right, but I felt no shortage of anxiety while it was all going down.

In theory the group projects were pretty sweet (walk through high-end shops and ask the salespeople how to tie scarves like the French, go on a walking chocolate tour, find ten different depictions of Venus [the goddess not the planet] from three different wings of the Louvre); they just would have been way sweeter if I’d been allowed to be a Group of One (GOO).

But oh well. C’est la vie.

Anyway, Day Four:

Pont Alexandre III:Arc de Triomphe:

Arc de Triomphe + my mug:Somehow on my previous two trips to Paris I missed the memo that crepes are a necessity. Don’t worry, I made up for lost time this trip: I had four. Pictured is me eating my first one filled with Nutella™:

 Jardins du Luxembourg:

Phat sculpture at the Jardins du Luxembourg:

Interior courtyard of the Petit Palais. I shall always remember this place as the first to grant me free Wifi (aside from McDonald’s). Can’t remember a single piece of artwork I saw there, but the Wifi I will never forget:

Adorable flowers at a little shop on Rue Cler:Ditto (p.s. Don’t you love how the prices are written on little chalkboards? So chic.):A view of the majority of Rue Cler, which in the end was a bit more touristy than I’d been expecting, but still it had some cute photo ops:

Photo ops like this.

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6 Responses to Paris the Fourth (Petit Palais, Jardins du Luxembourg, and Rue Cler)

  1. Chloe says:

    Oh Paris!!
    J’adore Paris!
    And crêpes?! J’en veux!!
    I miss that city! It’s one of my favorites!
    But why did you ask salespeople how to tie scarves like the French? I saw the video… but don’t they tie scarves just like the rest of us? I thought it was interesting you asked that, though!

  2. Geevz says:

    I like the new modern layout!

  3. Amanda says:

    I have no words! Well, yes I do. Everything looks amazing! It’s almost like you were in a movie or something. A beautiful DELICIOUS movie. The millisecond I saw crepes I thought of Nutella. I have had the delicacy once and only once in my life because 1. I always thought $4.50 for a jar of what I thought was peanut butter was a mistake I wasn’t willing to make (stupid, stupid girl) 2. When I first heard of it the only person I knew who ate Nutella I could not stand the sight of (stupid, stupid girl) and 3. It was forced upon me during Bible study. In a matter of an hour, I had consumed 4x (not kidding) the number of waffles I had ever consumed in my life because they had a nice big glob of Nutella on the top. Since my friends witnessed my pigging out, we have yet to eat breakfast for dinner at Bible study, and they help remind me that food is no longer my idol. Oh Nutella.

    When I read these posts I slowly start to get the feeling if I ever want to travel to France I should take you with me. You appreciate this stuff that I don’t get, yet. AND you speak French. No brainer. I look forward to more posts on this series!

  4. Mariano says:

    GOO’s are the best!! By the way, nice photos!

  5. irene says:

    i like you new layout!!!! it was a nice surprise! :)
    i LOVE crepes, i die for them. and with nutella? i need one right now, man… hehhe

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