Pick a Little, Talk a Little, Cheep Cheep Cheep!

**Housekeeping detail: Make sure to swing by Archives of Our Lives tomorrow for a very special—and first ever—guest blogger!  I’m quite excited about this, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised with what’s in store.  Until then, on with the show…**

When I die and meet my final judge, I am pretty sure I’ll get in trouble for how much time I spent gossiping in this life.

I would say “I can’t help it,” but that would be a total lie; the truth is I don’t want to help it.  I like to get the scoop.  I enjoy gossiping for the exact same reason I stalk people on Facebookthe sheer joy of it.

It’s even better when I’m in Mesa [which I am], where I was born and raised, because I usually have been gone for awhile between visits, and a lot happens in my absence. {What?  People’s lives go on when I’m not around to make the earth rotate?  I had no idea.} Really, though, try leaving your hometown for a few months, then come back and see what’s changed.  You would be amazed at what can happen.  Women you didn’t even know were dating are suddenly married and pregnant; the restaurant that was built your senior year of high school [but never boasted an operating business within its walls] is suddenly home to a brand new fish ‘n chip joint; your governor becomes best buddies with Barack Obama, and even Wikipedia knows about it.

The fact is, times change—people change—and I find real satisfaction in keeping up on all of it—every tidbit.  Am I gossiping if I happen to hear about which couples are no longer dating, and whose decision it was to make the break?  Yes, probably.  Can I rationalise it away?  There’s really no point; I know it’s not very classy of me.  And I don’t mind. I am classy in other ways, like how I always eat dinner with provided flatware, and never pick my boogers when I’m stopped at a red light.  (Umm, yeah.  And the way I never lie.)

If I die and my gossip addiction is the worst sin I’ve commited, I think I might just be all right.

What vice is on the brink of sending you to Hell this year?  Would you like to see my resolutions for the upcoming year?

That could make for a funny post.

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14 Responses to Pick a Little, Talk a Little, Cheep Cheep Cheep!

  1. HeatherPride says:

    I don’t have many people to dish with, but I do love the opportunity when it rolls around!

  2. Holly Decker says:

    well, speaking of gossip… did you hear that Camille married a Canadian and lives out in some small village and has to clean movie theaters without getting paid? *tsk*tsk*

    cant wait for your guest blogger. you never cease to reel me in!

    and goodness… gossip is only ONE of my big vices. good thing we arent friends, or a lot of people would hate us. :)

    do you seriously set new years resolutions? i was going to give up on it this year, but i finally thought of a few (that i will definatley end up failing at!).

  3. niki says:

    You really do miss out on the hot gossip when u live away. My sister who lives out of state just called me on Saturday to tell me some mesa gossip that I heard at least 3 months ago.

  4. WhoNose? says:

    I hope the guest blogger is your sister! But I’m sure I’ll be happy with whoever it is. Anywho, I’m going to hell because I talk bad about people, then I tell them that I do, then I talk bad some more. It’s quite a viscious cycle.

  5. anon10 says:

    Gossipping, how hurtful it can be. But, yet, It can be enjoyable! Like when you hear something new, you can’t help but share it! But, at sometimes, gossipping can get carried away so I am always careful with what I share.

  6. anonymous says:

    i can’t wait to see who the guest will be! and i don’t think gossiping is that bad as long as you’re not hurting anyone… ok. maybe it’s bad. but it’s fun.

  7. Geneva says:

    oh my sister is marrying one of my best friends from college next week. Just so you know :)

  8. Did you hear that there is another Mattas? I knew that would be news that would appeal to you. I was also excited for the new Pirates Fish and Chips. I love gossip too… but I dont think its really gossiping if you arent talking bad about people. Gossip is changing the story and spreading it, i thought. Worlds worst movie about gossip “An American Crime” with Ellen Paige (wouldnt reccomend it, it is totally disturbing).

  9. Joel says:

    THAT STUPID PINK BUILDING IN FRONT OF THAT GROCERY STORE FINALLY, FINALLY, FINALLY HAS SOMETHING IN IT? I always wondered about the logic of building a building and not having a tenant for it. Especially an ugly-as-sin pink building… Thanks for the update!

  10. Whitney says:

    Okay on saturday I spent 4 hours gossiping about what has been going on with friends from highschool. Best 4 hours of my life. I have the same addiction.

  11. onanon says:

    that’s cool, your governor heading up homeland security, i love the change up here and down there, i resolve to change some myself.

    I won’t guess the guest host, but i did first hope it would be your mom. or your husband.

    Adell would be awesome also.

  12. Andrea Ulmer says:

    Don’t feel too bad I live in EAST MESA, and I have no clue what you are talking about. I am looking forward to tomorrow.

  13. Carmen says:

    Well I don’t have any fun gossip from your city. By the way do you clean the cineplex theaters? By reading your posts it is much worse than I imagined. Its always dark in there so I will probably never see how awful it really is. Yuck! is all I have to say. I would love to hear your resolutions.

  14. burntcookiesjeffallan says:

    i think the first blog, besides yours of course, i will comment on, as an actual blogger, will be the wee darling Eddie Ross. I’ve always liked the talkers over the lookers. But Eddie is still way a looker.

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