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Paris is oft called the city of love, but perhaps a more appropriate tag would be the city of extreme public displays of affection.

Now, I know I’m more prude than the average mid-twenties North American coed [this fact due to 1) my upbringing in a conservative Mormon community wherein even my borderline liberal parentage could not save me from thinking sex was a dirty word until well after my eighteenth birthday, and 2) the general nature of myself, which is prude with a capital PRU], but even the most love-promoting hippie would probably agree that the outbreak of PDAs among this city’s youngish population is a bit much.

Within the space of a one-hour jaunt through the Luxembourg Gardens I stealth-snapped a few photos of some of the more extreme cases, but they were everywhere! And not just at the one garden, either, but EVERYWHERE: on the Metro, at the Louvre—I even saw a teenage boy and girl go into one of the public potties outside the Eiffel Tower the other day.


Okay, so some of those were pretty innocent, but others—the only thing preventing them from consummating it right there in the middle of the parc were a couple of layers of jeans and underwear!

But really, it’s no wonder these people are so sexually charged. I mean, look at what they are indoctrinated with from the time they are infants (and truly, I have seen more grade-school field trips at museums while I’ve been here than I could possibly number, which is on the one hand awesome but on the other hand, well, see for yourself):


And that was just Rodin! He’s a dadgum saint compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen here.

Luckily I also snapped a few photos of myself along the way, so I’ll post a couple here to cleanse your visual palate. My face is like the coffee beans of the digital world:



I myself have become much more liberal with this sort of thing since taking so many art history classes over the past seven years. Not much shocks me anymore (at least when it comes to art). Back in my senior year of high school when Mrs. Johnston projected the first slide of the nude Venus di Milo, you better believe I was blushing—but now, not so much.

Yet for all my grown-up attitudes when it comes to art, I still have a bit of a rough go of it when I see kids petting in the park for all the world to see.

There’s art, and then there’s reality.

And it’s not often the two are the same.

What do you think? Are you more, less, or equally offended by the photos of the kids in the park versus the photos of Rodin’s statues? Or not offended by any of them at all?

I’d love to know!

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9 Responses to PPDAs

  1. Katie M says:

    Oooh that makes me wanna go lovin’ on Paris with my Mister! Adding that one to our travel list!

  2. Dutch girl says:

    Haha! Last week I had to translate a book about nude photography. At first, I thought the pictures were funny and interesting, but as I progressed, the images became more and more disturbing and on Friday night I was sick of it. Your pics of the steaming French are nothing compared to what I saw in the past couple of days ;-)
    Enjoy Paris! Passion and great food, what else could you ask for?

  3. CaJoh says:

    Love the “coffee beans of the digital world” line. So glad you didn’t post movies (your site would no longer be PG rated).

  4. Geevz says:

    The art doesn’t bother me, nor the sitting on laps. Full on straddle and petting though, that’s a little much for public display.

    And if your face is coffee beans, then they are fair trade, gourmet organic coffee beans :)

  5. irene says:

    in France sex is well considered, I was sort of shocked too with all the public/private scenes I saw when I worked there last year. even in high school, with the teachers around, they kiss and hug and whatever… :S

  6. Christal says:

    wow still its paris look at it! I see why its called the city of love….maybe I should bring kolten to paris to introduce “the talk” ha ha!! Looks like you are having so much fun! Love reading these still jealous! Have fun!

  7. Marilyn says:

    You’re making me want to be in France! It would be nice to smooch in public without anyone noticing but nothing beyond that. Those teenagers are outrageous!

  8. Alicia says:

    I have been a frequent offender of the PDA epidemic. When you are hopelessly in love, sometimes it can’t be helped. But there is a line. I’m not usually bothered by PDA, but one should always remember that they should only do thing in public that they wouldn’t be afraid of someone snapping a picture. So be sensible, love birds. As for the art, Rodin is incredibly sexy. And maybe children should see it, maybe not, but I want to be there with them. Nothing like art to inspire a dialogue about what is appropriate and not.

  9. First of all, I feel super gypped in my art history class – we certainly didn’t see statues like that! And I went to a public school in liberal N.VA! Second of all – you’re totally right. The last time I was in Paris my best friend Skye and I spent a ton of time touring all the different cemeteries (that’s normal, right?) and seriously – there were multiple couples making out there. IN CEMETERIES!

    It’s like a disease.

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