Prenniversary (Some people just say I Love You.)

I will get back to regularly scheduled posting soon.

Actually, I can’t promise that. I don’t know when the last time was that I was on a regular posting schedule. And I don’t foresee a time that I will be, either.

What I can promise is that I’ll do my best.

But until then, I will interrupt my already-interrupted European updates for this more current event announcement.


(Don’t we look happy here?)

I will remember our prenniversary (three months pre– to be exact) weekend getaway in Whitefish Montana for the following momentous reasons:

• It was the first time I purchased a pair of Birkenstocks™ for myself

• It fostered one of the most heated arguments I have ever had with PK

• Followed by one of the calmest and smoothest reconciliations we’ve ever had

• It was our marriage’s first weekend getaway that was non work-related and completely laid back and spontaneous (we only packed for one night but stayed for two)

• We spent too much money on completely silly—but excellent—experiences (like this)

• It marked the first time I wore a baseball cap for an extended period of time completely un-self-consciously (though maybe I should’ve been, but screw you, doubts and insecurities)

• It was wonderful in almost every way

We are nearly four years into our marriage and although we quarrel probably more than other couples, we also make up quicker and (if I do say so myself) more maturely. I’ve almost completely stopped slamming doors and I only threw lettuce once. (Did I ever tell you about the time I threw lettuce at Poor Kyle’s head? He deserved it but I was the one to clean it up, so really it didn’t do any good at all. But lettuce carries, I tell you what.)

One solid vegetable hucking out of 45 months of marriage seems like pretty good odds to me.

I composted the lettuce after.

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7 Responses to Prenniversary (Some people just say I Love You.)

  1. Chloe says:

    Hey! this is a new layout! I like it!
    It’s so simple! :)
    I love this kind of layouts!
    WOW! 4 years! Congrats!
    You look so happy in that picture!

  2. Ros says:

    Congrats on your anniversary! I love the new layout btw… great cheerful colours xxx

  3. Mariano says:

    Hey congratulations!!
    Nice layout!

  4. the MIL says:

    You always crack me up.

  5. Amanda says:

    I LOOOOOOOOVE THE LAYOUT. Yes, love. LOVE Love love. Ok I’m done. Aww, cute pic of you guys! You DO look happy! Birkenstocks? Are you gunna do a review because I would like to know. I have always heard the praise but never got the courage (or money) to buy them. They do sound fabulous though. Oh gosh, I hate fighting. Taylor seems to love it. See my dilemma? Glad yours is over. That slide looks so fun! Even for me- The Total Baby. I do love watching people go on rides. Glad you guys had fun but what’s wrong with baseball hats?
    Ps. Remember this story when you want to throw anything else- My MIL threw her wedding ring at my FIL once. It hit him right square in the back and made a loud ding as it fell. He calmly picked it up, walked down the hall, turned the corner only to go straight to the bathroom to flush it down the toilet. My MIL promptly screamed bloody murder and ran to try to save it. My FIL was standing next to the toilet holding the ring while the water went down. She suuuure learned her lesson. Although I have felt like throwing lettuce a time or two myself ;)

  6. anna says:

    Hey! I just wore a baseball cap on a hike in UT a few weeks ago and it was my first experience with extended baseball cap wearing as well. I don’t think my husband has ever seen me in one, so about 3 seconds after I put it on, he took a picture of me in it.

    I don’t throw things, the silent treatment is way more mature. ;)

  7. DeAnna says:

    Love the new layout!!!

    Birkenstocks are super comfy!!! I just cannot justify myself buying something so expensive that I can only wear for so few months out of the year! Maybe one day when we live further south again!

    I find it funny about the baseball cap! I find it hard NOT to wear mine!!

    I don’t think you should be so hard on yourself, most couples don’t have disagreements & quarreling in public view. Although I am pretty sure lettuce throwing isn’t generally part of those…lol!

    Hope the rest of your summer goes well!!!

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