Project: Proxy—Shake Weight

Remember Project: Proxy? That brilliant idea I had, the one where I decided to take on any challenge offered to me, like an internet version of Truth or Dare that’s only ever Dare and I can only ever accept?

Yeah, probably not the high point of my mental acuity.

First I gave up sugar for Lent when I wasn’t even Catholic and I ended up quitting well before Easter.


Then I promised to try the gallon challenge and immediate reneged on my oath.

Failure again…sensing a theme? (The theme is a plot and the plot is my life.)

Finally I realised that the entire idea was bad from the start and I just acted like it never happened. Before long, I’d forgotten it ever had. I’m very very good at living in denial—it’s the number one skill on my resumé. (And I wonder why I’m unemployed.)

Unfortunately, forgetting is a fickle friend, and before long I actually forgot to keep forgetting. Which is a really crummy way of saying I’m back in the Project: Proxy saddle.

Back when I announced the Project: Proxy feature here at Archives of Our Lives, the very first suggestion I got from my friend Jacque was to try the Shake Weight.

And I have.

Well, just once. This morning.

But I will be trying it every day for the next two weeks (six minutes a day, as the box promises) to see if it delivers all the muscular tonage it claims.

I’ll start with before photos and measurements, and change nothing in my diet or daily exercise regimen—except for the addition of the Shake Weight workout, of course.

And at the end of two weeks…

…we shall see.

I’m taking bets: anyone think it will work? Anyone have experience with the contraption?

Let the games commence.

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9 Responses to Project: Proxy—Shake Weight

  1. Alaina says:

    Best of luck to you! What exactly does this thing do? Just curious…

  2. Jordan says:

    My bet is that it doesn’t work…just sayin’. But best of luck to you! And I think this is something you can easily stick with; it’s only 2 weeks, and it’s not life threatening!

  3. HeatherPride says:

    I wish someone would have tried out the stupid Pedipaws before I spent $20 on it. Sure, it works – as long as you can get your dog to lie still for the 4 hours it takes to actually file down the claws. Good luck on those arms – hope you don’t end up looking like Popeye!

  4. Casey says:

    Ummm, have you seen the clip of Ellen Degeneres using the shake weight on her show? Hi-larious.

  5. Bethany says:

    The Ellen Degeneres Show always features the shake weight! Good Luck!

  6. I’m a first time commenter… That video of Ellen is funny!! I look forward to hearing your results!! Good luck!

  7. Maple says:

    HeatherPride – I took one look at a Pedi-Paws and knew I’d never get my cat to sit still long enough to use it. I’ve seem those cat ‘Emery Boards’ and am just wary of it.

    On that ‘do nothing/barely anything and get toned’ note, maybe next up we could slap a pair of those Shape-up runners on you and see if they work. I’m curious but unconvinced.

  8. Gives new meaning to the phrase: “I’ll be with you in two shakes”. I’d ask you to keep your fingers crossed on this one, but you wouldn’t be able to hold it correctly– so I will keep mine crossed instead.

  9. jacque says:

    OMG! I am so excited that you are finally doing this. I have been waiting a long time. I hope it’s good and you have good results. :)

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