I left my laptop in Arizona.

Wait, back up: I went to Arizona. For Christmas. It was a delightful trip.






But then I got back to Mayberry after two glorious weeks in Arizona and I unpacked my bags and I sat down to write a blog post and I was like, “Hey Poor Kyle, can you please hand me my laptop from over–oh crap.”

From where? From under the bed in my parents’ spare room. In Arizona. 1,000+ miles away.

And I do have an iPad, so being laptopless really is no excuse for being postless (blog postless, as it were), but Poor Kyle has sort of commandeered the iPad lately to read books on, and so intensely do I love to see that man read that I really can’t bear to take his reading medium away from him. Even if it is technically my iPad. I’m like, what? You’re reading? Here, take my iPad. Take my money. Whatever you want, it’s yours. I’ll even put out. If you can drag yourself away from your book long enough to notice.

I digress.

So life is good, work is really good, even the weather is unseasonably good these days. January is usually kind of a bummer but, true to 2012’s nature, this one has been pretty perfect.

But then that’s the joy of an even year, I’ve always said.

How’s yours shaping up?

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4 Responses to Rambles

  1. chelsie says:

    For me the worst part about this amazingly calm winter, is that I know I can’t expect it next year.

  2. Chloe says:

    I’m glad you’re enjoying a good winter!
    And that you love your job!!
    We’re having a pretty good winter here too… No rain, no clouds, no wind… almost perfect! I can’t believe I’m starting to miss some rain… haha =)
    Happy Tuesday!

  3. Alaina says:

    Dude, that’s a lot of fruit in that sink!

    Sorry you left your laptop…that completely sucks! Your posts are missed, in case you didn’t know! My new year is going well…the little one will be make her debut on Feb 15th, so right now I’m just trudging through those last 3 weeks of being huge and miserable :-) Looking forward to those days when I can once again see my feet. My God, I hope they look okay…

  4. anna says:

    Even numbers are awesome.

    I’d die if I left my lap top in another country.

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