Reflections on 7-ELEVEN™ and Other Childhood Sundries.

It’s 7:11 a.m. as I sit to type this post.

I opened my laptop at 7:10 a.m., and waited until 7:11, because I like that time better.  I like times that mean something to me…

…Now it’s 7:12.  Sad.

Sure, special times only last a minute, but they come around twice a day, every day, like clockwork.  Pun intended.  Pun always intended.

7-11teeImage from here.

Whenever I notice it’s 7:11, I am instantly transported to my youth.  7-ELEVEN™ (convenience stores, for anyone outside North America).  Suicide Slurpees™.  Bubble Yum™—is that the name of that bubble gum that comes in SIX FOOT STRIPS ROLLED UP LIKE TAPE IN A TAPE DISPENSER?  Man, that gum was revolutionary.

bubble-tape_bubble_gumImage from here.

Op, no—I just Googled™ it.  Not Bubble Yum™.  It’s Bubble Tape™ (go figure).

We didn’t get it often—my parents weren’t the indulgent sort.  In fact, I’m fairly certain the only time we would have had our own six-foot strip of Bubble Tape™ (as opposed to a pity-piece ripped off one of my rich friends’ strips) was when we saved our own money to buy it.  We had to work as kids, my sister and me.  I hated it then, but I can’t say I’d do anything different with my own children.  Allowance?  Nonsense.  Go get a job.  There’s no such thing as free Bubble Tape™.

I can’t remember the last time I chewed bubble gum.  My sister has this lifelong pet peeve of people who chew their gum with their mouths open, and pop their bubbles loudly for all the world to hear.  She used to beat me up when she heard me chewing my piece of scavenged Bubble Tape™.  Consequently, I am paranoid, to this day, to pop my gum in public.  “Chomping gum,” she calls it.  I guess I’m worried she’ll hear me all the way from Arizona and fly to Canada to beat me up.  She’s strong, but I can run faster.  At least, I used to could.  Now she runs marathons, so I guess I’m out of luck.  Did you plan that, sister?

At this point in my life, 7-ELEVEN™ carries a different connotation than pink bubble gum and multi-coloured frozen sugar drinks.  It reminds me of Poor Kyle, who has been known to walk in to a 7-ELEVEN™ and walk back out $20.00 poorer.  Who even spends $20.00 at the 7-ELEVEN™? Have you?  I haven’t.  And it’s not like he buys cigarettes or booze.  Just treats.  Pop.  Chips.  Nachos.  Taquitos.  Chicken on a stick (which really is delicious, in case you’re wondering).  My husband just lives for treats.  He’s fun like that.

He is propelled by fun.  When we have kids, he’s going to be the favourite parent.  No, seriously.  I believe in firmness and follow-through…discipline and structure.  I’m Supernanny’s most avid student.  My children will never ask me for permission if their father is around, because they’ll know he’ll give a better answer.  I’ll be the mean mom.  Poor Kyle, on the other hand…

…he’ll probably buy them Bubble Tape™ from 7-ELEVEN™ on a regular basis.

It’s 7:37 a.m.


***I remember when I was a kid.  I imagine the future with my own children.  This has been posted along with Jen’s Spin Cycle, the topic of which is “Kids” this week.  Head over to this post on her blog for more of the kidliest posts on the internet.***

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19 Responses to Reflections on 7-ELEVEN™ and Other Childhood Sundries.

  1. Chloe says:

    Hey! we have those gums (Bubble Tape) here in Spain too!! hahaha But with a different name…
    I think if I have children, I will be like you, the mean parent hahaha

  2. Chloe says:

    Oh, I’m the first to comment!!!! YAY

  3. Hubba Bubba! I do remember Bubble Yum and even remember the liquid centers. My sister always got watermelon. I always got grape. My parents never let us get the tape since they were tired of us fighting over who got more out of it. So, they divided the pieces since it was easier. Meh, kids. I’m just glad Sprite isn’t there yet when it comes to gum. The only candy she seems to go after is chocolate and when I gave her a tootsie roll at a birthday party, she promptly spit it out. Great Spin and now I’m craving a slurpee! You’re linked!

  4. Geneva says:

    Ah yes the bubble tape. It would eventually disintegrate in your mouth and you’d have to spit out liquid gum pieces. Bleh. But oh that lovely dispenser! We’d keep every one and put it in our toy box.

  5. niki says:

    firstly, how come your up so early? it’s summer time and you don’t have school or work, right?…

    secondly, when we would go on family road trips, usually to cali(that’s the furthest we would ever drive. 6 hours…rough, i know) we would always stop at the gas station before heading out. all 6 of us girls(including my mom) would pile our treats onto the counter and once we were sure our items got scanned we’d take it off the counter and run to the car, leaving my dad there with the bill. i know we spent at least $50 bucks, just on snacks alone. my dad was always good like that…spoiling us in little ways. don’t think he didn’t contribute his own pile of snacks though…

    good times!

    thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  6. ann marie says:

    As a matter of fact… we have some bubble tape in our candy drawer. It’s lasted long because I do the “rip off a little strip” too!

    It’s funny.. I never go to the 7-11 unless we are on vacay.
    I am the give treats parent.. and also the VERY strict parent. Go figure.

  7. Mama Badger says:

    I, too, am like your husband. Never set me loose with a credit card in the 7-11. I’m all about the treats.

    I don’t remember Bubble Yum having a liquid center? I do remember all the great flavors, though. Grape and strawberry and watermelon. Ahhh. Good times.

    My brother was always a tad overweight, so I didn’t have to share my candy. And since I think my Mom secretly was a snack junky, too, she indulged my gum cravings quite often. I can remember riding in her station wagon chewing some orange flavor. Do they still even make orange gum?

    Great post!

  8. I like nice times too. 12:34 is my personal favorite. Yes, I will stay up and extra 10, 15 minutes just to see my favorite time. :o)

  9. mom of one says:

    so few people understand the difference between slurpees and all other ‘slushy’ type drinks… i’m glad you see the joy in 7-11! the greatest times were when my brother worked at one.. and totally got all the treats and slurpees we wanted for free! good times!

    ps- cookies from 7-11.. pretty darn good!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’ll take that as a compliment. I think. And, I think you should do a whole post on the inconsiderate nature of gum chompers. They still make my blood boil. I can remember this girl in 11th grade World History who chomped every day. I almost killed her, and I am not joking. Mikelle was in there. Do you remember that, Mikelle-Bell? We had that student teacher…

    Anyway, it’s going to be the same with me and my kids. Hell, it already is. Clint is always the fun one, and I’m always the stick in the mud. Oh well.

  11. Help. says:

    Really? “I used to could”? You have been in a small town for too long.

  12. Jethro says:

    i buy my buspass at the 711.
    i used to could eat of the burgers and dogs.
    70’s man, don’t go there.

  13. RatalieNose says:

    Slurpees = Love!!!
    Bubble Tape = Love!!!
    This post = Love!!!

  14. Whitney says:

    After the first 3 months of pregnancy I couldnt chew mint gum anymore. I chewed it so much during the first trimester that it scarred me for the rest of the pregnancy. Therefore I chewed bubble gum. P.K sounds like my kinda man. I could easily spend $20 dollars at a gas station on treats. WE grew up on treats. Dads fault. Hes a treat whore.

  15. mmmm bubble tape! mmmm sugar… haven’t had that in a while.

  16. cristin says:

    Around here it we had Cumberland Farm’s convenience stores… or “Cumbie’s” if you were a local…”Scumbie’s” if you were a teen… ahhh… the slushies were my fave…

  17. malia says:

    BUBBLE TAPE! So random, do you remember the zebra gum with tattoos??

    Okay so the shampoo is Burt Bees. I found it on sale so I thought why not? It’s the Super Shiny Grapefruit and Beet Sugar Shampoo. I wanted to try it because it’s sulfate and paraben free. It’s got a pretty good lather actually, and even though I have gobs of hair, I don’t need to use tons.

  18. My kids still love that bubble gum tape stuff. One of my earliest memories is my mother allowing us to walk alone to 7-11 (we lived 3 doors down and this is the late 60’s) to get a nickel slurpy in the summer, around age 5. I thought I was all that.

  19. anna says:

    It’s so fun to think about treats from childhood. Bubble Tape was/is awesome.

    $20 at 7-11? Now that is amazing.

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