Road Trips With Kids

I used to love road trips. Now I dread them. Having children will do that to ya. 

In this photo Hutch is crying, devastated because I put a batman tattoo on his hand. The tattoo came from a McDonald’s Hot Cakes Happy Meal (these don’t exist in the USA, so don’t try to get one), which we purchased for him after 2.5 hours on the road. I put the tattoo on his hand because I thought it would entertain him, which it did for exactly three seconds. After that he wanted it off. But it wouldn’t come off. Explanations of why I couldn’t remove it until we stopped and had access to soap, water, and baby oil (per the tattoo’s included instructions) fell on deaf toddler ears. It was all basically downhill from there. 

But we made it! Well, sort of. We are 1/3 through our journey at least. We aren’t even really close to finishing this drive and I’m already dreading the return drive home. 

Heaven help us. 

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