Rum Point, Grand Cayman {Are you getting sick of these updates yet?}

***WARNING: Graphic images included.  If you are reading this with a wee child sitting in your lap, remove the child before proceeding.***

Today we drove to Rum Point.

Rum Point, like so much of what I see here in/on the Cayman Islands, reminds me of stuff from movies.  I don’t have a lot of experience with tropical island-y places—most of what I know I have learned from Pirates of the Caribbean (the ride and the movies).  Honestly, being here is so surreal, it is difficult to believe it’s really happening at all (is this real life?).  That sounds like an awfully strong sentiment for a family vacation, but it’s true: I can hardly believe I’m really here.  We’ll be holding hands, walking down the moonlit beach to the sound of steel drums from nearby resort parties, and I just look around thinking, “Where’s the movie crew?  This is just like 50 First Dates.”

Rum Point is so stereotypically “island,” it almost seems like a ride at Disneyland.  Have I mentioned that I like Disneyland?  I do.  Therefore, I also really like Rum Point.

Rum Point Barrels

Rum Point is a cabana-ish group of buildings and grills right along the beach.  The tables are painted bright, tropical colours that would look ridiculous anywhere else, but here, they seem absolutely appropriate.

PK at Rum PointSomeday, he’s going to look back on this vacation and regret that the only pictures he has are of the top of his wind-blown head.  I’m pretty sure.

At Rum Point, they roast pigs on spittles over hot coals for upcoming luaus.

Roasted Pig on SpittlePoor little dude’s eyes are still open and his tongue’s hangin’ out.  What an horrible way to go.

Underside of Roasting Pig on SpittleYes, that would be a gaping hole in his neck.  Maybe they couldn’t stand the sound of his tortured squeals, so they cut his throat out.  Take that, pig. Anyone a vegetarian yet?

Me either.  In fact, we sat down at one of the tables to order overpriced meals from the grill.  All part of the experience, we told ourselves.

Caribbean Jerk HamburgerPoor Kyle had a Caribbean Jerk Hamburger, where the only thing jerked about it was the mayo—I’m not sure if that counts, but whatev.  Poor Kyle says this photo makes it look a lot better than it was.  But the fries were good.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Rum PointI had a grilled chicken sandwich with pesto on some kind of bread…bubboli…bobola…I can’t remember the name of it.  The pesto was the best part. (Thanks to Poor Kyle for sacrificing his dill pickle spear when I didn’t get one of my own.  I didn’t even ask for it.  That’s real love.)

The food was sub-par, but we aren’t complaining—we got to choke it down to the sounds of the waves lapping at our feet.

Rum Point Beach ChairsWhen I look at this photo, the only word that comes to mind is “Sigh.”

Anyway, the real accomplishment of the day is that I actually attempted to style my hair cutely.  Not that it worked, but I sort of liked the results.  Anyone who knows me knows that my hair is not my biggest priority.  I don’t know what compelled me to come up with a new style—must be the island influence.  I call this style…wait for it…Beach Buns.

Beach Buns

Beach Buns2

Even though Rum Point is no stranger to devastation…

Rum Point Hurricane Sign

…it seems to keep coming out on top.

And for that, we are grateful.

Grand Cayman BeachRum Point Grade: A+ (if for ambiance alone)

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19 Responses to Rum Point, Grand Cayman {Are you getting sick of these updates yet?}

  1. HeatherPride says:

    Yay, you!! I love the pic of PK driving and I did feel a pang of sympathy for the piglet. Poor baby. But the beach – wow! And your beach buns RAWK, girlfriend. Work it!

  2. Holly Decker says:

    hilarious, you are HILARIOUS.
    my favorite part of this post?

    “Yes, that would be a gaping hole in his neck. Maybe they couldn’t stand the sound of his tortured squeals, so they cut his throat out… Anyone a vegetarian yet?
    Me either. In fact, we sat down at one of the tables to order overpriced meals from the grill.”

    you crack me up. i laughed good and hard at that part.
    oh, and i am squeezing my baby extra tight today- since you mentioned i should. i suppose it DOES kind of compare to a beach filled vacation… KIND OF.
    oh, and can you please do my hair in a beach bun? i just would love it.

  3. Alex says:

    oh my freakin nasty roasting pig. BLAH!! but other than that….haha you look adorable and skinny!! and i love your hair! may 9th is approaching……

  4. Lindsay says:

    i must be a bad person because i dont feel bad for the pig at all. in fact, i’m kinda hungry now. hahaha PETA aint got no hold on me!

    but that last picture of you and PK is soooo beautiful! you both look blissful. i love it.

  5. Geneva says:

    How could we be sick of your adventures? The pictures are so beautiful!

  6. anna says:

    That pig makes me hungry for bacon. I love bacon.

    Your new haitstyle is cute.

    I’m not sick of your updates… maybe just a little jealous. I NEED A VACATION!

    And I just realized you are in the picture with the Rum Point barrels. I am so observant.

  7. anna says:

    haistyle as in hairstyle

  8. jethro says:

    i have no sympathy for the rotissiried pigling. we’ve been eating meat for awhile now.
    at the ward picnic, 35ish years ago, we’d roast a half cow, in a firepit, dug in the ground. suspend the half cow from top ground, cover, and roast. yum.
    i bbq’d, well, that, and smoked, a wild boar once, in school. worked out nicely.

  9. shalynna says:

    Every single time I go to Rum Point I want to the eat the food (not the roast pig, but stuff like what you guys got). I am too cheap each time, but maybe if I pretend like I am on “holiday” I will splurge and let myself get that chicken sandwich.

    Love the beach buns. I could never pull that off. It would be so cute too if you only did one beach bun! With a tropical flower behind your ear! Do it- for church tomorrow!

  10. *sigh*
    I want to be on a beach right now…

  11. Christal says:

    oh my you lucky girl!!! GRAND CAYMON take a swim for me what a nice break I just thought you were going home to arizona you meant a real VACATION!!! wow!
    Well keep having fun love your hair it looks awesome! The food not so much ha ha! Well keep having fun!

  12. Christal says:

    I meant cayman oops!

  13. Chloe says:

    Your pictures are great!! But I felt sad for that little pig! And no, I’m not getting sick at all! I love this updates of your vacation!! :D

  14. Anonymous says:

    Keep ’em coming. Live it up!

  15. Man, I remember Rum Point from my days in Grand Cayman. Of course, some more signs have been nailed to the board since, but still pretty much the same! Glad you’re having a great time!

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