Saturday Steal: You Succulent, You

Hello, and welcome to another rousing round of Saturday Steals, where what you get is what you see and what you see is cheap or free!

To participate, simply:

1) Steal a steal.

2) Write a post about it on your blog (or the AoOL Facebook page), mentioning that you’re participating in Saturday Steals (you can steal the above image if you so desire), and

3) Add the link to said post to the list at the bottom of this post.


I’m so far behind in my life that I haven’t even commented on last week’s Saturday Steals participant posts yet. Nevertheless I’m trying to keep my head above water, if only barely, because I feel a duty to my blog friends.

Of course, posts written out of duty are almost certainly not very good, which means I’d probably be doing everyone more of a favour if I just shut up once and for all, but my life is run by guilt and guilt won’t let me quit cold turkey like that. Instead, I’ll just gradually post less and less until I finally wither away into e-blivion, and you’ll all wake up one day feeling somehow slightly amiss but you won’t be able to pinpoint how because it’ll’ve been so long since you read my blog you won’t even remember a time when it existed at all, let alone that you actually missed it.

Anyway, but on to the steal.

SUCCULENTS FROM IKEA! Have you ever bought one? If you have, it surely still smiles on you today because these plants are impossible to kill.

I bought my first one, a nasty-looking scaly one (but it was the only one they had left that day and I really wanted a succulent, don’t judge) (that’s it on the left below), last summer. LAST SUMMER! Since then, I’ve repotted it twice and watered it sparingly once or twice a week, and that’s it. THAT’S IT! It’s lived happily on my windowsill ever since. I’ve bonded with it, even if it is creepy looking.

p.s. I’ve even left it while I’ve been out of town for two weeks, and there it sits, happily living on like it could survive indefinitely, which I’m beginning to think is not altogether impossible.


The second succulent I bought from IKEA in September of this year. It’s a lot nicer looking, plant-wise (see for yourself below) but boasts the same minuscule level of maintenance as the first. I water it whenever it occurs to me to do so, sometimes even with the last couple drops from my glass of water at the dinner table. It doesn’t take much, I tell ya.



And it just lives and lives.

20111006-211955.jpgThey both do.

I think that’s what I like about succulents. They inspire me. Their will to live—and not just to survive but to thrive—makes me think there might be hope for me, too. I mean, if these little suckers can live on just a few drops of leftover backwashy water a week, then surely I can make it!

Sometimes I even talk to them like they’re my friends. “Hey, succulents, grow good today, okay?” As if they could answer back. “Hey, Camille, thanks! Thanks for buying us and pairing us up together on your windowsill like this. Thanks for remembering to water us sometimes. Thanks for buying us bigger pots than we came in at IKEA.”

Apparently my succulents are thankful little creatures.

Another reason I like them is because they’re kind of like cactus (maybe even a cousin of the cactus family? someone wikipedia it for me.), and as we know I’m a desert rat at heart, so these make me feel a litter closer to home. And they’re way prettier than cacti, which I’d rather eat raw, needles and all, than display on my windowsill next to my lovely (well, one lovely and one creepy) succulents. Because cacti are ugly, you know. Super ugly.

Anyway, this post is all over the place but you get the gist: succulents, boosting my mood because they’re cool, boosting my confidence because I haven’t killed them yet, boosting my wallet because they were only $4.00 each (plus $2.00 for the pots at the Dollar Giant which is really the Two Dollar Giant, those rotten crooks), boosting my blog because they were so easy to write about. So easy to love.

An all-around steal. A steal’s steal.


Now it’s your turn! What have you stolen lately?

Add your steal to the link list below to share it with the world. The list will be open from now till Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

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  1. irene says:

    I’m writing with a French keypad and it’s a nightmare so this comment better be the best in my life:
    1 dear camille, it’s your blog and we understand you’re busy. come whenever you can but don’t leave us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please.
    2 I’m gonna link a past steal because I, too, am late in my blog but I, too, can’t live without it!!!

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