Saturday Steals—BlogHer Swag and a Little Business on the Side

Hello, and welcome to another rousing round of Saturday Steals!

To participate, simply:

1) Steal a steal.

2) Write a post about it on your blog, mentioning that you’re participating in Saturday Steals (you can steal the above image if you so desire), and

3. Add the link to said post to the list at the bottom of THIS post.


My steal of the week is (surprise!) all the swag I got at BlogHer last week (wow, it seems like a month ago already that I was in New York).

(Also, I realise that the BlogHer talk probably got old, oh, about ten posts ago. I’m sorry about that. I’m gonna quit soon, I promise.)

(Till this time next year, that is.)

I got so much crap there I can’t even begin to tell you what it all is, but here’s a picture of my double bed filled to the brim with it all:

Above is a prime example of my Type F (F as in Failure) personality: Anonymous My Sister would have arranged her stash in order of size, colour, usefulness, and fair market value before she took a photo for all the world to see.

Among my favourite freebies: Eye mask, lavender candle, White House Black Market bag, fancy toothbrush, and a pair of not-Spanx-but-the-same-concept-as-Spanx. Oh, and Mission tortillas—can you spot them? Think of where those tortillas have been! From wherever they were made (California? China? Who knows?) to New York, to Salt Lake, to Great Falls, to Mayberry, and I used one for my breakfast burrito just today. Awesome.

The thing about BlogHer is there are a million and one sponsors of the event, and all of them hawk their wares on the attendees like a GIRLS*GIRLS*GIRLS flyer-flicker on the streets of Vegas.

And I was a willing recipient.

Considering my duffel bag full—FULL—of free stuff, and combine it with the fact that for once in my life being a university student did me a solid and allowed me to get reduced-price admission for both full days of the conference (meals, snacks, drinks, everything) for $78 TOTAL…

…it was a steal.

Plus I figure I can recoup a good chunk of the cost of my plane ticket just by selling all the crap I don’t need kicking around my house.

Quesedillas, anyone?


And now it’s your turn! Add your steal to the link list below. It will be open from now until Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

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5 Responses to Saturday Steals—BlogHer Swag and a Little Business on the Side

  1. maureen says:

    I have been waiting all week to show off my amazing steal!!

  2. Shesten says:

    Fun swag! Congrats! I’m thinking about looking into BlogHer next year. Could be fun.

  3. Alaina says:

    Holy cow! You’ve hit the mother load!

  4. Until I started seeing posts on it, I had no idea there was so much STUFF that came with Blogher!

  5. jami says:

    Spencer is working for university of phoenix, along with all the other mormons in the valley. 2 years ago I would have balked at the idea of him working there and me driving a mini van. But it is amazing what being humbled will do for you…
    PS: I put the oils in the mail last week. I hope they get to you soon!

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