Saturday Steals: 90 Cent Spinach

Hello, and welcome to another rousing round of Saturday Steals, where what you get is what you see and what you see is cheap or free!

To participate, simply:

1) Steal a steal.

2) Write a post about it on your blog (or the AoOL Facebook page), mentioning that you’re participating in Saturday Steals (you can steal the above image if you so desire), and

3) Add the link to said post to the list at the bottom of this post.


 This week’s steal is spinach. Plain and simple.

20110915-082047.jpgA five-dollar bag of spinach cost me 90 cents last night thanks to a 2-for-$4 sale, a $1 off sticker and a 10% off my entire purchase.

Plus the spinach wasn’t even rotten or close to being rotten! The expiry date isn’t until the end of next week and there was not a slimy leaf to be seen in the entire bag.

I made spinach salad for dinner just to celebrate (note that I do realise this spinach salad leaves much to be desired, more than one cherry tomato for example; but one was all I had. No feta cheese, no strawberries, no pine nuts, nothing but spinach and broccoli and one cherry tomato):20110915-082101.jpg

Then I made a spinach smoothie for breakfast just because I could. (Actually I didn’t because I slept too late this morning. But I dreamt about making one and my dreams are very vivid.) If I had made one it would’ve looked like this:Sweet straw and all. Image from here.

And want to know what else I stole this week that was also green and edible? Snow peas. Off my own snow pea plants. Which I planted from seeds. In June:


The day I picked them was the happiest of my life.

Let’s hear it for cheap produce.


Now it’s your turn! What have you stolen lately?

Add your steal to the link list below to share it with the world. The list will be open from now till Sunday at 11:59 p.m.

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  1. Sorry…I don’t know why mine has come up twice :(

  2. Maureen says:

    For real? That bag of spinach normally costs $5? That same exact spinach is $1.99 here, on a normal day. I buy it all the time. And I also dream of spinach smoothies.

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