Saturday Steals: Chic Vintage Dress

Welcome to Saturday Steals!

To participate, simply write a post about the greatest steal you’ve stumbled across (during this week, this month, this lifetime, whatevs) with instructions for your readers to come see the rest of the Saturday Steals here on this post (you can copy and paste the above Saturday Steal button, too, if you like the looks of it). Then, once your post is published, submit your link at the MckLinky list at the bottom of this post—that way, all my blog visitors will be able to see your steals, too. It’ll be one great big deal-sharing party!


As for me, my Saturday Steal is yet another item of clothing. Particularly, this vintage Melissa Lane houndstooth dress item of clothing:

I quite like it. I think it’s fabulous that the hem is past my knees—today’s skirts that claim to be knee-length always hit well above my knee, which annoys me to the Earth’s end. I’m sure this dress was originally intended to hit mid-calf back in the sixties, and I admit that it would look better on me if it was a little longer, but I don’t really care. I’ll take it.

The only thing I don’t like about this pretty vintage dress are the sleeves—they’re pretty wide and they make my shoulders/arms look extra top-heavy. If I were a better seamstress, I’d take them off and make them fully three-quarter length, and try to slim them down a bit. But I’m not so I won’t; as it is, I already took out the shoulder pads, and that was pretty much the extent of my sewing prowess.

Still, at $7.00 from a local thrift store, I can’t really complain.


So, let’s see what you stole this week! (I’m keeping this list open all day Saturday and all day Sunday for your convenience. Now you’ll have NO EXCUSE not to participate.)

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15 Responses to Saturday Steals: Chic Vintage Dress

  1. I really wanted to participate this week so I went to Salvation Army (our only thrift store here) and I couldn’t find anything good. I bought a skirt just because it was $2 but it isn’t the most flattering thing. I will still wear it because it actually fits. I wish I could find dresses like this. It looks so good on you!

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  3. niki says:

    oh my. i love! the dress is so chic. but what is even more chic, is YOU in that dress.

    did it come with the belt? i like the sleeves as is. and the length is perfect. you over analyze my dear.

    i’m dying over that last pic. the way you’re hunched over, your leg placement, the way you fit perfectly into the mirror…this might be my favorite pic ever. totally fashion magazine worthy.

  4. Liz says:

    That dress is a great steal, Camille! It looks great on you. I could never pull that off!

    I’d still love to participate, but I haven’t found any steals worthy of a blog post. I found some nice shirts at Shopko for $6, but I’m not going to blog about it. :)

  5. Um I love this dress. What a steal! You’ve given me hope. If I start thrifting on a regular basis I might find some things!

    I don’t have a steal because I don’t shop anymore! Honestly, I wear my mother-in-law’s hand-me-downs. Once I get back into shopping I will let you know my steals. Also, if I think of a really good steal I’ve gotten in the past I’ll join in on the fun. But, I’m not very fun now am I with a private blog? :)

  6. Camberley says:

    Oh me, oh my… I am full of envy. Absolutely stunning.

  7. Granmama says:

    My steal is I don’t cook anymore. I steal other people’s food (actually, they bring it to me.) Last night I had Iranian chicken, nopale salad, and salsa and cheese. I bought none of it nor prepared one iota of it. My students and my meager list of friends know I’m stressed so they bring me food. I love it. The nopale ( cactus) salad with queso crema is my favorite. The good news is that I have learned how to fix it. And that, my friends, is a steal.

  8. Ros says:

    I love that dress! It is stunning! You look amazing in it my dear. And plus… woohoo I got the first link. There are some benefits to being up early after all! xxx

  9. Whitney says:

    I LOVE THAT DRESS!!!! and you look stunning in it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    You look breathtaking. Hopefully if I ever have daughters they will get your genes. Fingers crossed.

  11. You posted this on Friday….I’m onto you.

    We stole a house. We’re moving in with equity. 140k for only 112k. Nice.

    Oh wait – I know what my steal was! You’ll never believe what amazingly great thieving it was. Um, maybe someday I’ll include it in a post.

  12. Shesten says:

    Sorry I’m late! But I did make it to the party. :o) Such a fun thing, this Saturday Steals. Must find way to spread the word and gain mas participants. Twitter, here I come.

  13. Chloe says:

    YAY!! That dress is awesome!! I LOVE IT!
    And you look great!!
    Have you ever considered working as a top model??
    I wish I had your genes!! haha

  14. awesome find. i love it. it looks realllly great on you too.

  15. Alexa Mae says:

    Can I borrow your dress?
    Well maybe in the winter, it is miserably hot here. No bueno! But I LOVE that dress.

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