Saturday Steals: McDonald’s Hash Brown

Well I’ve known it for ages, but today confirmed yet again that I am one lucky girl.

First, I marry a man who loves me enough that he actually wants me to hang out with him for days on end while he works to earn money to pay for awesome things for me like a college education and my car, George Jettson.

Then, when he wakes up at three a.m. to start his job, and I remain completely passed out in the bunk of the semi truck for the next six hours, he doesn’t even complain when I finally rise from my beauty sleep only to demand food NOW please. He just pulls over for food.

And on top of all these lovely bits of luck, when I order said food, what should I find in my paper takeout bag but a FREE EXTRA HASH BROWN with my Egg McMuffin!


Free hash browns: good to the very last drop.

Ronald McDonald loves me.


So now it’s your turn! What did you steal this week or lifetime? I want to hear about it! Simply write your post and then add it to the list of links below. Conversely, if you don’t have a blog but you are a regular stealer, you’re welcome to write about your steals in the comment section. We are a non-denominational lover of steals here at Archives of Our Lives.

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8 Responses to Saturday Steals: McDonald’s Hash Brown

  1. Heber says:

    I’m going off topic.. Why is the Jetta referenced with a NAME when barely a week ago you announced that you’d sworn naming inanimate objects?

    An extra hashbrown sounds delicious. I could use one of those right about now.

  2. katy says:

    You named your car! I’m glad you changed your position on naming inanimate objects~

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  4. Jordan says:

    so it seems that everyone else beat me to the “hey! you named your car!” thing, but I did want to comment and say that jettson is a genius name for a jetta! :)

  5. chelsie says:

    I am not sure, but I believe that camille did not indeed name her car (she sticks to her guns) but rather she is using the name her mother gave the car. {As mentioned in the comment section of the post about the new to her jetta.}

  6. Lisa says:

    I was also wondering about the car name! I had a major steal this week. I rarely go shopping but I was out of town for work and we all went to the outlet mall nearby. Banana Republic is one of my favorites and almost everything was 60% off! For $200 I got a dress, 5 shirts, 4 sweaters and 4 pairs of boxers for my husband. Super steal!! I was so excited :)

  7. amy says:

    I definitely love mcdonald’s hashbrowns. I shouldn’t, but I do. And getting an extra one?! That’s like getting an onion ring in with your fries at burger king! Love it!

  8. Hash browns are delicious. And now I’m going to eat lunch, but sadly there’ll be no hash browns which is tragically sad.

    And we’re totally friends.
    It’s official.

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