Saturday Steals Recap


Here’s what my nine—NINE, is that an all-time high or what?—lovely readers stole over the weekend:

Chloe got a bunch of awesome stuff, including this fluorescent light bulb, for FREE.

Ros got a book (and a reflection on her childhood years) for 25 pence. (PENCE! Pence are so much better than cents! I SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENGLISH.)

Nain got to listen to live music (and have a sweet date) for $1. (We want pictures, Nain!)

A mystery participant (I have my suspicions as to the author, but as it is yet unconfirmed, I cannot publish them) hails the glories of Netflix on Demand for his marital presence of mind. (We want pictures, Mystery Man!)

Molly got an adorable sundress free as a pregnancy gift just when she needed it most—in the Arizona heat. (Hooray for purple and perfect timing!)

Amiee said that a new Saturday Steals is coming soon. Whether this is a new Saturday Steals post to add to my party, or a new-and-improved Saturday Steals party of her own (stealing my idea—that would be the sneakiest steal ever) remains to be seen. I mean, really, it could go either way. We shall wait with baited breath…

Niki got these ADORABLE wooden slash aluminum chairs from an estate sale for FIVE DOLLARS EACH—and one of them rocks. (Well, they both rock, but one is a rocking chair.) I’m jeal (which is pronounced “jell,” not “jeel,” in case you aren’t bilingual in trendy short-talk like me).

Liz (a self-proclaimed geek and Apple™ enthusiast) scored a rare Apple T-shirt for free just for being third in line for a new Apple store grand opening. Having never been to an Apple store grand opening (and having just watched Pirates of Silicon Valley with PK), I found her experience to be a fascinating read—do check it out!

And Lindsay (private blog, I’m sorry to say) showcased her ADORABLE autumn mantle, all of which was created with purchases from dollar stores, clearance shelves, and Goodwill (my kind of decor)! Beautiful.


As for me, school is in full swing.

I still haven’t gotten the Jane Austen class, but I have two more days to live in the blessed fantasy of it.

Something tells me that September 15th is going to bring a crushing blow upon my tender little undergraduate skull.

Send Ace bandages.

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2 Responses to Saturday Steals Recap

  1. Alaina says:

    Sorry no pictures this time! I won’t be around next Saturday for steals (well, for obvious reasons…as my Saturday Steal will be I’m getting married, but you know…) I’ll bring lots of steals from Ireland when I get back :-)

  2. Shame on me! I encourage you to continue down the Saturday Steals path AND then I forget to participate. My poor excuse? I didn’t get online this weekend.

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