Saturday Steals Recap and a Winner Announced and Some Housekeeping and Whatever Else Exploded Out of my Brain at One in the Morning.

Thanks to everyone who participated in my quest for a cute cupcake saying yesterday.

In the end, although so many of your submissions were adorable (I particularly liked the one-word entries like “Joy.” or “Sweet.” but Lindsay’s handwriting is so perfect I felt like I would miss seeing more words if I only went with the one-word option), but in the end, can you imagine what I chose?

I went with one of my own ideas.

Obnoxious, I know. Poor Kyle hates when I do this sort of thing. I pick out three shirts at the store and ask him which two colours he likes best and then promptly purchase the single shirt he liked least. HE HATES THAT.

But what he doesn’t understand is that sometimes, in my heart of hearts (what does that even mean, heart of hearts?), I really do know what I want. And all I need is just to put myself in the position of not getting what I actually know I want so that I can realise how I would feel if indeed I did not buy that shirt in blue. It’s not that I specifically set out to ask Poor Kyle his opinion and then deliberately disregard it…it’s just that his suggestions sometimes help me see that I really knew what I wanted all the time.

Such is the case with the cupcake painting. I had an idea from the onset of the project, but I second-guessed myself so much that after a few hours, I was convinced it was the worst possible decision. I couldn’t commit to it. So by opening the project up to all of you, and realising that there are so many great options out there, I put myself in the position of not having my painting say what I originally thought I’d like.

And then I knew.

However, one good thing has come of all this: Niki’s submission, “Vous êtes ce que vous mangez,” reminded me that, indeed, everything does look better in French, and it inspired me to have my phrase written in the selfsame language. So Niki, for all intents and purposes, you have won the contest. Email me with your preference: a cupcake painting of your own or a $20 gift card to

So there you have it.

What, you ask, is this ever-elusive phrase I have decided to permanently imprint onto my precious masterpiece?

It’s a secret.


Saturday Steals Recap:

I am going to start recapping highlights of my favourite steals from the weekend because I worry that some of you are not able to read on Saturdays (Don’t blame you, who has the time? [Oh, I do. What? Back off.]), which means you are missing out on all the good steals people showcase every weekend.

And that simply will not do.

Camberly and Keighley from The Bella Life found this spectacular dessert stand. I am no antique expert, but it looks like depression glass perhaps? The very best kind of glass, if you ask me. Why be annoying perky glass on Prozac™ when you can be depressed and forlorn? That’s my theory:

Nain from View from Down Here had the great fortune of stealing a husband who scored free dental stuff. I love a good free toothbrush:

Niki’s (A Lovely Lifestyle) darling daughter was looking smashing in her swimming attire for less than five smackers:

Chloe from My New Life as a Housewife discovered that the new house she just bought has a mature, fruit-bearing apricot tree in the back yard, and she is eating free fruit by the bushels:

And Jami scored some awesome vintage steals (my favourite kind of steal) at an estate sale near her house (my grandad always said the best deals are closest to home…):

And voila! That was fun. I always enjoy seeing what my e-friends come up with to showcase for their weekly steals, and I hope you appreciate it, too. Steals are the bomb diggity wiggity dog hog. (I should get that printed on a T-shirt, no?)

I admit I was disappointed several months ago when my Saturday Steals feature was not an instant success, but as the weeks go on, I find myself actually kind of happy that it is an intimate affair. I like being able to comment on each and every post submitted, and I hope all the participants get at least a little traffic from having their posts linked to from my blog.

For now anyway, I will keep it up.


Before I sign off for the night, I have a few items of housekeeping to attend to. My email program has been acting up for the past week, and I have tried responding to several time-sensitive emails and comments with no success. For those regular commentors expecting replies, I’m sorry. I’ll be back in the swing of things by next week.

To Alexa Mae, who I have been trying in vain to meet up with since last year at this time: I’m sorry I’m a failure and didn’t get to write back sooner. I’m leaving Wednesday morning at 5 a.m. and I know it’s ridiculous short notice, but if you are free any time today I will go out of my way to meet up with you. If you send me an email with your phone number I’ll call or text and we can set it up. I’m sorry I suck. (Maybe it’s better this way, if we don’t meet, because then you will still not know the true me, and you can keep thinking highly of me for a while longer!) (If indeed you even think highly of me at all anymore, what with my obnoxious failure to respond to your emails.)

To Liz from Idaho: I will still be where we had previously discussed on Saturday evening. I will have a friend along with me, and I hope that doesn’t affect your decision to come meet us. My friend is lovely and should not deter you! Unfortunately I won’t be able to stop for longer than dinner, because we are going to try to make our trip in one stop. If you are still game for driving all that way for such a short time, I am happy to oblige. Send me an email with your phone number and we can text or call to arrange a more specific meeting place.

And to everyone else: don’t you feel left out?


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6 Responses to Saturday Steals Recap and a Winner Announced and Some Housekeeping and Whatever Else Exploded Out of my Brain at One in the Morning.

  1. Chloe says:

    I knew it! I knew it! I knew Niki was the winner before this post!! I told MJ I was sure Niki’s caption was the best, because it was in French, and it sounded COOLER! :)
    Congratulation Niki!!
    Thanks Camille for including my Saturday Steal here! (:

  2. What? You can’t taunt us so! As a representative of all your readers I demand you tell us your saying! And then translate it, because I don’t speak French.

  3. niki says:

    wooooo hoooooooo! i knew the french would get ya! i actually had no idea what it should really say, i just knew it should be in french. i’m glad you were inspired by my true intentions. of course i want a painting of my own. i’m so excited!

    oh, and i really like the the ss recap. great addition.

  4. Yay! Thanks for the spotlight. I feel famous.

    Also, I heart cupcakes. Can’t go wrong with those sweet lovelies.

  5. jami says:

    I am really into this sat steal thing. I keep thinking of different things to do! Also, I need to drop a mirror off at your moms or adells house. When is a good time.

  6. maureen says:

    About decision making:
    Peter Gzowski is a Canadian institution (a CBC broadcaster who passed away a few years ago.) Anyway, he said his mother said the best way to make a difficult decison is to flip a coin. Once the coin is flipped, you’ll see how you *really* feel about the choice decided by the fates. Then, go with your gut.

    PS – I like the Steals Recap!

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