Saturday Steals Recap and Life Recap

Thank you to my four friends (all of whom I know personally in real life as of June!) who participated in Saturday Steals over the weekend.

Here’s what they stole:

Chloe from My New Life as a Housewife got lots of great stuff, including this trash can from Ikea (which looks exactly like several I have in my own house) for €1.50:

Ros from Ticklepea scored all these books for absolutely free:

Irene (you might think that’s pronounced i-REEN but actually it’s ee-DEN-ay [I know this because I asked her. Face to face. When I met her. In June. In Spain.]) from Me He Perdido landed this most excellent movie on her recent holiday to London for only three pounds:

And my cute sister from Five to Nine Furnishings scored this awesome antique window, repurposed it into a picture frame, and is selling it for only $30—this could be YOUR steal for next weekend!


Things are going well ’round here. I spent the weekend nearly completely unplugged from technology (I did read/answer a few emails and tweets, but mostly I stayed away from the compy) to enjoy the first weekend that Poor Kyle and I had together in awhile. Plus also too it was the last free weekend we’d have in a long time on account of piano lessons starting (locals of Mayberry: email me if you want me to teach your kid/s piano lessons, I still have a couple of slots available) and my new job starting and everything else in the world starting.

Not that I’m complaining. Busy-ness, now that I’m finally graduated, means I’m making money. Which is a really good feeling. At long last.

We saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and that title is altogether too big a mouthful for my liking. If you’re going to have a clunky title for your movie/book at least make it awesome like O Brother Where Art Thou or The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy or Sweeney Todd Demon Barber of Fleet Street. That’s what I say. Anyway, the movie: It was a’ight. CAESAR IS HOME. I don’t ever need to see it again but there weren’t any awkward and unnecessary sex scenes, so that was a plus.

Poor Kyle and I are starting to get hardcore serious about our budget—we really want to get out of debt—so Rise of the Longest Title in the World was the only real money-spending date we had all month. I’m proud of us for reigning it in, but also worried because these next four months (also known as the Marital Fiscal Trimester from Hell) bring my birthday, PK’s birthday, our anniversary, and Christmas. Not only does this have the potential to get expensive, it’s also hard to think of that many gifts for each other straight in a row. I’m usually crap at it. Poor Kyle never likes what I get him.

But anyway it’s a fun and exciting time of year, and even if we cap our gifts for each other at $10 and sex, it should still be a good time.


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5 Responses to Saturday Steals Recap and Life Recap

  1. Alaina says:

    Hey sex is always free, right? But be careful or you’ll end up with a bun in the oven like me – and that, my friend, is not cheap :-)

  2. irene says:

    You made me laugh with the pronunciation of my name! Now that I’m famous and on TV all the time, you know… :P

  3. anna says:

    In a 3 month period, we celebrate Jason’s birthday, my birthday, both of our kids’ birthdays, Christmas and our anniversary. Oh yeah, not to mention my MIL’s birthday and five of my siblings have birthdays all fall in that same 3 month period as well. (Apparently my family’s favorite time to procreate is 9 months prior to Christmas – plus or minus a month). I tell you this not to be an obnoxious “one-upper”, but to tell you our secret solution to surviving it financially: we hardly ever buy presents. Aww, so sweet, so romantic, so fun. :) Seriously though, I am not a gift person. Unless I can think of a super awesome gift, I don’t spend much. I am also into service gifts/gifts of time. Because really, what’s more awesome than spending time with me?

  4. Man, I’ve never just gotten together w/someone from the Internet (much less in a foreign country) – I’m so jealous!

  5. Aezra says:

    OMGosh! your writing my life. Loooooahhhh-ve it!(choral tone) Why the heck do you live in dang “canadia”(as i like to call it)?!!!

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