Saturday Steals Recap and some faith in humanity for good measure.

I have a long list of things I’m planning to write about this week, but I’ve been having internet problems all weekend and by the time I finally got them sorted out an hour ago, I was too frustrated and exhausted to write anything besides the update of last week’s wonderful round of Saturday Steals. If you haven’t become a Stealer yet yourself, you really should consider it. We have such fun sharing our steals every week. It’s an open club, and we’re all friendly, so think about it.

And then do it.

Here’s what we all stole last weekend:

*All images from their respective links.*

Jacque from Our Story got a sweet fingerprint-scanning laptop from her uncle FREE OF CHARGE!

Liz from LizzieBlizz switched dentists and got an iPod™ Nano… for FREE! All my dentist ever gives me is lousy fluoride treatments…what a crook.

Ticklepea bought (practically) an entire new wardrobe for huge percentages less than original cost! My favourite is this teal shirt. Is it teal? Or just green? I don’t really know, but it looks like something I would love to wear. Especially because it hails from ENGLAND, the country of my heart.

I Heart Monster (my favourite bookish blog of all time) got some great deals on books, and reveals her favourite secret for said great deals.

Chloe from My New Life as a Housewife got 12 of these scrumptious-looking cupcakes absolutely free as a gift from her in-laws. Lucky!

Molly from Red Rawlins got some awesome loot for her still-in-the-womb daughter for free! What great friends and family she has!

Lindsay from a wonderful blog that is sadly private (but whose creative genius can be witnessed here) got this fantastic PRE-PINKED filing cabinet from a thrift store for only $5, AND IT HAD THE FILING FOLDERS ALREADY INSIDE (I hate buying filing folders, by the way, so I was totally stoked about this bonus steal).

And Amiee from The Ingebrigtsens got some awesome yard sale deals for her AND a friend, plus a FREE massage for Mothers’ Day.

We had eight participants over the weekend, each unique and new, bringing the Saturday Steals event to the highest it’s seen so far. I am thrilled that we’ve gotten a few new Stealers on board, and even though I’ve long ago given up hope that SS will be an overnight internet sensation, I still hold out a bit of hope for gradual growth over the next few months. I know I have fun all week thinking about what steals I might stumble upon, and I am delighted that some of you are doing the same.

Thanks, you eight, for renewing my faith in the internet!

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3 Responses to Saturday Steals Recap and some faith in humanity for good measure.

  1. Chloe says:

    You’re welcome! :)
    I really love SS!! I think it’s fun and a great idea!

  2. Alexa Mae says:

    those are awesome steals. i can’t wait to actually find one so i can post it! love ya girl!

    did you get my email?

  3. Alaina says:

    I totally flaked on the SS this weekend because of the holiday, but I’ll be back with one this Saturday! Promise! :-)

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