Saturday Steals Recap and The End is Near

Thanks to everyone who participated in last weekend’s Saturday Steals. I was worried that switching to a once-monthly routine would make everyone forget about the goodness of SS, but there was still an excellent turnout. Holler.

In case you were too busy or lazy to see what everybody got, here’s a quick recap:

Irene turned 24 and got a whole haul of gifts, including but certainly not limited to one of the Glee soundtracks. Jeal.

Nain scored two $5 gift cards to Starbucks just for completing a couple of surveys. I don’t drink coffee but I love me some peppermint hot cocoa. Jeal again.

Kelley landed a whole bunch of baby gear for free/cheap, which is excellent on account of the fact that she’s currently in the process of growing a baby.

Ditto Geevz, who through a series of really confusing purchases and returns somehow got a smoking deal on a bunch of baby gear (plus also too she had a baby shower, resulting in the above photo). Go read her post to see if you can make any sense of how she worked out her good deal, then come back and explain it to me in dummy terms. You never know, I might need to learn how to do land those kinds of awesome deals someday…

My English friend Ros (I cannot talk about Ros without calling her my English friend, did you notice?) scored—and I mean SCORED—this super cute skirt for SEVEN PENCE. In American words, that’s like…I don’t know, fourteen cents or something. SERIOUSLY? Seriously. I hope she paid for it in pennies, plunking them into the cashier’s hand one at a time.

Nain, valiant stealer that she is, came back for round two of Saturday Steals to show off the $99 gift card she won at a 5k—good for a new pair of running shoes! I WOULD be jealous if I ran. As it is, I’m just happy for her.

Chloe got married (holler for marriage!), and as a wedding gift, her new in-laws gave them a flat screen TV. Um, AWESOME! Plus it’s LG which is my absolute favourite brand of electronics and also household appliances. (I like the smiley face in the logo.) You done good, Chloe. I’ve married men for far less.  : )

And Mrs. Five-to-Nine Furnishings (aka my awesome big sister) scored this headboard/footboard combination free with a purchase of a dresser from some yahoo on Craigslist. She’s a sly one, that sister. She’ll turn a profit on it for sure.


As for me…

The only things lying between me and the end of what has arguably been the worst semester of my college career are these: one day of classes, one research paper, one creative writing portfolio, three final exams and FIVE GOLDEN RINGS.

Not really about the golden rings. (And anyway, who needs that many rings? Don’t you think five is a bit overkill when all we have are ten fingers in the first place? One or two golden rings seems sufficient. I’ve always thought so.)

Oh. And a Christmas choir program. And three or four holiday parties (or is it five), plus the desserts I have to take to each of them. And Christmas presents to buy (scratch that: Christmas presents to think of) for my family and Poor Kyle’s. And a new timing belt for George Jettson’s Christmas present—(see ya later, my lovely thousand dollars; you were wonderful to have even if only for a little while). And fourteen days.

But after that, then Poor Kyle and I are breaking OUTTA this joint. For two solid weeks. Freedom.

Two weeks have never seemed so long to me before.

But the worst is over and I am on the home stretch now, baby.

And you? What’s standing between you and your freedom? What’s blocking you from sheer bliss right this very minute?

Talk to me.

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4 Responses to Saturday Steals Recap and The End is Near

  1. Maureen says:

    NEPA training (blah), two weeks of work, and a messy apartment… these are the hurdles I must leap over before Christmas vacation.

  2. Alexa Mae says:

    you are my hero and i have been so behind on my blog reading! i am hoping in and so excited that i get to laugh…cause ya know, you ALWAYS make me laugh! Hey! We should talk via phone! Text me your number…I got a new phone and lost my old numbers. Sad day. Love ya!

  3. Anonymous says:

    What’s standing between me and my freedom? A three year-old, bless his mischievous heart.

  4. Katie M says:

    Your Mom. She’s really been in the way of my fun Christmas. Tell her hello for me. I’m sure she’s looking lovely in the Arizona sun =)

    Also 2 more finals, 6 days of work, my Mister’s birthday, and a long flight to MI.

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