Saturday Steals Recap and The Part Where I Become an Enabler

Thanks to all who participated in Saturday Steals this weekend!

I’ve been neglecting my recap duties over the past couple of weeks. I keep meaning to do them, but then before I know it it’s Wednesday and another Saturday Steals is scheduled in two days and I don’t want my readers getting sick of the Steals series and I am forced to chalk yet another week up to my life’s tremendous failures.

The list grows ever longer.

However. I’m trying to do better. So here is a recap of the most recent Saturday Steals. (And for your very own chance to be featured on my blog [a prize, I assure you, worth its weight in glory, God, and gold and the Virginia Company], all you have to do is participate in Saturday Steals over the weekend. Simple.)

Here’s a run-down of the excellent steals showcased…

DeAnna got scores of cute fabric for cheap at Satan’s Supermarket (but we won’t hold it against you, DeAnna).

Shesten got free shoes, and they’re way cute! Shesten also shared (on a different blog—she’s a die-hard Saturday Stealer if ever there was one) a couple of her recent young adult fiction audiobook steals—definitely worth checking out!

Spencer bragged, and rightly so, about an awesome dinner he got for free—a $100 value (only don’t let the title fool you: there are no pictures to speak of).

Camberly scored a really really awesome vintage recipe book—full of soups and stews! I’m hoping she’ll spread the wealth and share a recipe or two after she tries them out.

And Jacque stole these four shirts for her twin boys (twins for president!) for less than $7…total.


In other news…

…it has come to my attention that some of my readers may not be aware of something great about Saturday Steals:

Did you know that you don’t actually have to write your steal posts on Saturday?

In fact, you can write them ANY day of the week preceding the Saturday Steals you want to join.

On the Monday before?


On the Wednesday before?


On the Thursday night so late that it’s almost Friday before?


Then—and here is the marvelous part—when Saturday rolls around and you’re too busy to write an entire post (all of you with lives, I’m happy for you, really), all’s you gotta do is link to a previously-written post (and, if you’d like, add a note explaining that you’re participating in Saturday Steals).


And if even THAT is too much effort, you can email me any time during the week that you write your post, and grant me permission to add your link on Saturday, and I WILL DO IT FOR YOU.

My mother would call this enabling, and she’d probably be right, but I don’t care—I just want more people to join in Saturday Steals.

Does that encourage any of you to participate who otherwise would not? Or is the whole idea of Saturday Steals so overwhelmingly lame that NOTHING could convince you to participate?

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4 Responses to Saturday Steals Recap and The Part Where I Become an Enabler

  1. Alaina says:

    I appreciate the enabling :-) Because with my impending nuptials…writing on the weekend has become really hard. So I’ll definitely try harder to participate, promise!

  2. Molly says:

    You know I was one of these. This week, I just didn’t get pictures taken of my stuff to show my free loot, and have been lazy about posting it… I will try to repent and do better at some point during this week. :)

  3. Shesten says:

    It’s true. If you email her, and tell her you have a post scheduled for Saturday even, she’ll link it up for you. ‘Cause she’s awesome like that. I think I’ve asked her to do that at least twice, and she’s always been oh-so-totally on top of it.

    And yes, die-hard stealer I am. I kinda really want this to work out for ya Camille! I think it’s brilliant and inspired and well, just plain fun :o) And I really want it to catch on.

  4. Thanks for the link love! I’m just glad I remembered this week. I’ll set a reoccurring alarm for Saturday Steals.

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