Saturday Steals

Welcome to the first ever Saturday Steals extravaganza here at Archives of Our Lives!  If you’re participating in this week’s Steal Fest, please feel free to copy and paste this badge of honour on your good deal post:

Also, remember to check back often to see what other deals people have gotten this week!

Last summer I bought an awesome red sweater on super-sale at Dillard’s. It was a great deal. A steal, even—but not the steal I’m talking about today.

See, my red sweater, it was awesome. It was really long, and had a zipper and pockets and was a beautiful colour and looked for all the world like something Mr. Rogers would wear.

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Image from here.

Which was fine, except for the fact that I didn’t really fancy looking like Old Man Rogers too much.  I’m too young for that. I needed to bling it up. So I thought, “Well, I’ll look for a pin or a broach to add to it…those are a dime a dozen. It’ll be easy, and by this time next week, my red sweater will be the talk of the town.”

It wasn’t that easy. Every thrift store I entered, I scoured the shelves and cases for a pin that could unite my sweater and stop making me feel insecure about looking like Mr. Rogers…but to no avail. I wasn’t even looking for the perfect pin—I’m too impatient for perfection—I just wanted something that would do. The good enough pin.

Month after month passed, and the red sweater sat lonely in my closet. It never got picked to go on dates with Poor Kyle’s leather jackets. It just…sat there. All alone. Every so often, I’d feel bad for the pimply-faced reject sweater, because I knew it was a total babe inside, so I would dig it out of the abyss of my closet and try to make it work…but it never lasted. It needed a pin.

It was lost without one.

Well, my friends, it is with much joy that I announce to you today…

…the pin has been found.

I was thrifting last week, and I remembered to go look for my phantom pin, and sitting there on the shelf, in all its glory, was this little beauty. I looked at the price tag—$3.99.


Not only was it an awesome aged brassy colour, but the center of the flower was RED. Just like Mr. Rogers’s sweater hanging in my closet. It was fate.

It’s a tiny little thing, too, which is perfect. Anything too big would make me feel uncomfortable. (I’m trying to get a new look, but I have to take baby steps. Anything too flashy makes me feel like a whore. [I’m repressed.])

Greedily, I swiped the pin off the shelf before anyone could take my treasure from me. I plunked down the four bucks to pay for the pin and raced home to try it out with the sweater.

The results?

You decide…

I wasn’t looking for perfection, but that’s what I ended up finding. And that’s the most perfect kind of steal.

So what about you? I want to hear about your amazing steals from the week. Don’t be shy! Just write your post on your blog, and come back here to follow the prompts below to add your permalink to my post. (A permalink is the link to the ACTUAL POST you wrote…not to your blog address. To find the permalink, click on the title of your post, and the permalink should automatically pop up in your web browser’s URL bar.)

It should go like this:

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That will take you to this page. Simply fill out the information, click “enter your link,” and it will take you back to my blog.

After that, you’re done!  Check back regularly to see other steals.



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12 Responses to Saturday Steals

  1. Chloe says:

    Damn it! I’m at my parent’s house, and I don’t have my camera or the steal with me, so I can’t take pictures of what I bought yesterday and publish a post about it!!
    Oh, damn it!

  2. dunno says:

    that’s a geourgeos pin, i love it. cheap is the new groovy. if only i could wear jewellry, but stuff hanging about my body somehow creeps me.

    you know my dear, someday we’ll meet, and we’ll be instant buds.

  3. GRANMAMA says:

    It’s not clothes, but today(Friday) I went to Walgreens and I bought $48 worth of stuff and only paid 38 cents for it. I had a $25.00 credit for transferring a perscription, used coupons (manufacturer’s and store) and got register rewards.
    Then I went to Safeway’s and got $68 worth of supplies and goods and paid out of pocket only $8.00. I am not your sister but I do know how to shop when given the time. (Next week school starts back up and NO TIME= No DEALS)

    FYI—We went to Costco tonight and used our $117.00 voucher from using American Express last year at said store and bought the last 2 chairs we needed to complete our set of 12 white (with a life-time guarantee) folding chairs. Gas was $2.64 a gallon there—everywhere else is $2.85. (Thank you Mr. Obama and your “marvelous” reformations.)

  4. Spencer says:

    Ok, so I don’t have any steals about which I can brag, but you should wear that sweater tomorrow, March 20th because it is a day to honor Mr. Rogers on his birthday. Even though he has passed away, the guy who plays Mr. McFeeley has done some great work in promoting causes that Fred believed in through the Fred Rogers Center. This year, the Fred Rogers Center is encouraging people to do service along with wearing a sweater reminiscent of Mr. Rogers. Check out the website at

  5. Lisa says:

    On St. Patty’s day earlier this week my co-worker sent me a website where you pay $10, and you get a $25 gift card for food and drinks at our favorite place here in Atlanta! It was awesome! Zero effort and $15 for free.. hope I find more of these :)

  6. dunno says:

    i’ll join the crowd, leave my steal(s) here…don’t drive…don’t buy clothes…can’t wear pins…and i shop at thriftstores, Army and Navy, and dollarama.

  7. dunno says:

    oops, i was supposed to mention a steal little more real. ummkay, friday morning i had my barber take off the winter beard. cost 6 bucks. CDN. and i tipped him a toonie. that’s a steal, in my in the black books.

  8. lindsay says:

    i wont do the mcklinky thing since my blog is private, but i totally posted a ‘saturday steal’ post of my own with pictures and everything. YAY! Steals for all mankind!!!

  9. Maureen says:

    hmm, a lot of people were all about the books this week.

    that’s a pretty pin!

  10. Chloe says:

    I’ve already posted my steals!! :)

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