Schooled. And a Saturday Steals Recap

Have you guys gotten on the Saturday Steals craze yet? (Oh, you didn’t know it was a craze? You thought it was just an overzealous internet thing that may or may not be wavering on the brink of existence every Saturday? How foolish of you—it’s a craze for sure.)

Well, if you haven’t, you really should. Everyone is Six people are doing it…doesn’t that make you feel left out?

Here’s what we bunch of Stealers rounded up over the weekend:

Ros from Ticklepea got a bouquet of flowers free from her loving Mother-in-Law.

Lindsay (private blog, sorry!) got this birdcage-style shower caddy for $15 from a yard sale, plus a host of other adorable notions for her master bathroom.

Jacque from Our Story got a SMOKING hot deal on Ralph Lauren paint from Home Depot (75% off!).

Molly from Red Rawlins got this mint condition Pack ‘n Play (plus a slew of other great stuff) free from friends and family!

Nain at View from Down Here scored this cute summery outfit for only $15 at New York and Company…

…and Shesten from I Heart Monster got another slew of incredible books (including Christmas presents for family, hello, Miss Organised in July!) from

See? Aren’t you inspired?

Now get thee to the cheap places and find thee some steals, for I’ve set my goal of making next week’s the biggest ever (which means you’ll be hearing about it every day this week, sorry).


And now I have a little secret for you…

…remember that one time where I swore that for the rest of my life, for as long as I lived and maybe even longer, I would never, NEVER take another summer school class?

Guess where this is going.

Yep—there. I’m taking summer school.

This is, I realise, quite a stretch for me. Me, the loather of all things resembling the bureaucratic stuffiness of a campus of higher education. Me, who drinks a full 12-pack of DDP on the last day of classes each semester in celebration of the fact that I won’t be returning for at least a month.

Yes, me. I am taking summer school.

It hit me that if I try just a little harder (especially now that my tuition is half price on account of us paying thousands of dollars to make it so), I can be graduated by this time next year.

That’s just big enough of a deal—the only thing big enough, actually—to get my sorry arse in summer school. I’m graduating, fools, and THAT’S THAT.

In a year.

Anyway, I’m in summer school and it’s stressing me out and that’s why I’ve been a pathetic poster last week and this week.

As for the last several months?

I have no excuse for that.

But I will try and be better.

So now you know.

Condolences will be accepted. Pep talks, rejected.

I don’t want motivation, I want some good, old fashioned pity.

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7 Responses to Schooled. And a Saturday Steals Recap

  1. anna says:

    I’m terribly sorry but I have no pity for you. I took summer school classes every summer I was a college student and enjoyed it for the most part. I won’t try to motivate you, but can I at least wish you good luck?

  2. Alaina says:

    You have my pity…seven years of college and more than I care to say in student loan debt later, I totally feel you. Hang in there!

  3. Maureen says:

    Hmm, summer school. I did that once. I took physics and calculus. Dropped the calc, though, never to return again. But the phsyics wasn’t bad at all. Good luck! You can do it!

  4. DeAnna says:

    I have been slacking on the Saturday Steals, last Saturday me and a few other’s had a yard sale together, made myself $85. And we are doing it again this Saturday with a few others adding their stuff too. I will be very glad to get rid of more inherited items.

    I actually have a little envy for you and your summer school, as crazy as that sounds. I would go back to college/university in a heartbeat, IF I didn’t have two kids, a job and a hubby who is working full time whilst taking a 2 year college course by correspondence. Maybe in two years when both kids are in school.

  5. There must be something in the air. I have been a bad blogger the past several months as well.

    The best of skill in juggling summer school.

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  7. Molly says:

    ha, i never even saw this! Nor did I realize you did recaps, I am not a very good reader! I shall repent and do better!

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