{Sing Praises}

It…is…here. And not a moment too soon. The month we have all been waiting for. The month to begin all the goodness that will come throughout the year. September is here, in all its nearly-autumn glory.

According to Wikipedia, September is the best month of the year. Here’s why:

1. September is Library Card Sign-Up Month.
2. September is such a peaceful, hopeful month that it brought about the end of WWII.
3. All around the world, countries honour their geriatrics in September. Japan has “Respect for the Aged Day,” and the less-pretentious North American countries acknowledge “National Grandparents’ Day.”
4. September marks the United States’ Hispanic Heritage Month. [I totally support this, for the record.]
5. The Netherlander Government presents its national budget to Her Majesty the Netherlands’s Queen this month.

All very good things indeed.

And in case you were wondering, Kyle and I did decide on a photo:

With a few slight modifications (i.e. cropping out the arm of the sofa and darkening the background a bit), this was our favourite, along with eight other pollsters (who, I have a feeling, were probably all Kyle. He is notorious for rigging the votes).

“Mark my words,” Adell said portentously when she heard the news, “you will regret this choice for the rest of your life.”

Maybe. But probably not. [Although, I did tell Adell she would regret dying her hair blond for her engagement photos and wedding day, and sure enough, three years later, she feels a great deal of hair-do remorse. I might do the same.]

But I meant it when I wrote, “probably not.” Let it be known that I am aware my hair is funky on my back in photo 3. We already tried to PhotoShop it, to no success. Oh, well. And I am aware (tremendously) that this photo is tres informal and taken on a couch, but you know what? I love that couch. And Kyle looks happy in photo 3, and me–well, I’m just trying to get through the next 50 days without metamorphosing into Bridezilla. Give me some credit.

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11 Responses to {Sing Praises}

  1. afton says:

    i love love love this photo! it looks so great since touching it up a bit too. and hello i think you look amazing and kyle looks amazing and you both look so happy and in love that what is not to love about it?! you are amazing to me! happy september

  2. Raygon says:

    that is a great picture camille! you both look happy! good choice. hey one more thing about september, the 19th is national talk like a pirate day….yep, it is an official day to celebrate the way pirates talk!

  3. Melenie says:


    Happy September! Your last full month as a single woman! =)

    And, although I don’t know raygon, I will be eternally grateful for the knowledge that September 19th is National Talk Like A Pirate Day… I am so excited to participate in that!

  4. linda rae says:

    I love this one!!! And I especially love both the boy and the girl.

    And YAY September!!

  5. Amy says:

    I think it’s adorable! It’s you 2 and that’s what counts.
    I’m with you on September. It’s definately my favorite time of year too. (now if only it would cool down. Aparently it’s also the hottest month in San Diego)

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dearest Camille,

    I raced strate (hee hee) home from the mall this evening to become a part of your blogging world. Any guesses who this is? Why yes, of course…. Allison. I have to say I’m almost convinced September should be MY favorite month too. If I had a favorite…. I really feel all twelve months are quite spectacular!

  7. Kristi K. says:

    Great pic Camille- I think it will look great on your announcments and that it really shows the two of you happy toghether- which is what counts!!!

  8. Geneva says:

    For the record, I did vote for that picture in the poll. Absolutely beautiful! Congrats on September. “It makes me wanna buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address. “

    p.s. I have crossed over to the dark side. http://www.geneva-anderson.blogspot.com

  9. Anonymous says:

    OH Geneva…Thanks for the You’ve Got Mail (should be underlined but this won’t let me…please be aware, all readers, that I am quite aware of my grammatical blunder.) quote. I had forgotten that one…

    As for the ominous caveat given by me to my sister…let me clarify a bit and defend myself. I think that the picture is absolutely adorable of the two of you; you are both radiantly happy, and look like your normal, unostentatious selves. My main concern is about the couch background. If you could somehow photo shop that and make it a black background, I think it would be perfect.

    At any rate, it really doesn’t matter because both Camille and Kyle are happy with it, and that’s the most important thing. So Mill, if you love it, GO FOR IT!!!

    P.S.: Another reason to love September is that it’s a certain long-legged, beautiful blonde, model-looking girl’s birthday on the 25th…And to all you readers out there, I encourage you to get her gifts in abundance, and things that she loves. There is absolutely nothing better than seeing Camille open presents. She is so excited and happy and her whole entire face lights up like a Christmas tree. I always try to get her really good presents just to see her get excited. It’s great!

    P.P.S.: Mr. Worthington…let me know if you need any help down here for her birthday…I’ll do my best to get/do whatever I can!

  10. lindser-lou says:

    this is my most favorite picture…if you notice, it is the same one i voted for as my top choice, AND the one I so sneakily picked to use on the scrapbook layout i did…
    hmmm, yes…
    good choice indeed!

    p.s. – i am a bit biased towards September being the most prefered month of the year, seeing as how my birthday also falls in this blessed month.

    Truly, amazing people are born in September.

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