Here is a sneak peek of my office during its pre-almost-final stages. I know showing you this photo kind of wrecks the surprise, but I decided not to go with a huge grand reveal after a lot of hush-hushiness because that might get your expectations too high.

And I can’t bear the pressure of high expectations.

And here is a pile of stash I still gotta work into the design.

Work into the design I say, like I’m some kind of professional or something. Like I had created an idea board ahead of time or something. Like I hadn’t scrounged my stash of wedding presents and yard-sale castoffs for something—anything—halfway decent to hang on the walls.

Like I had any clue what I was doing.

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7 Responses to Snippet

  1. Molly says:

    good luck! I’m curious to see what you do with all those different shaped items!

  2. Chloe says:

    I think you’ll do a great job!
    Can’t wait to see the result!

  3. anna says:

    Is that a giant bomb or a giant white apple on the file drawers? Either way, giant things are neat so I like it.

  4. Alaina says:

    You talk like one of those professionals on HGTV. Good luck with the rest of the remodel!

  5. Geevz says:

    My favorite rooms are the ones that evolve from stuff that you find. Too much planning is just a guarantee for disappointment.

  6. Maureen says:

    Wow that is a very large apple.

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