Snotty Noses and Air Travel Do Not a Happy Blogger Make.

Oh, you guys.  I have so much to say, but so little energy with which to say it.  I’m sorry that a good post will have to wait, but maybe I’ll go a little crazy and post on Saturday.  Heck, I might even post Sunday, too, to make up for it.  I struggle with guilt on a regular basis, you see—if I feel like I’m gypping my blog and its readers, I can’t rest until I make things right.

Sadly, after 12 hours of traveling on not much sleep from the beginning, I am sort of disheveled and, well…tired, quite frankly.  I look bad, which is not what you’d expect considering I’ve been lounging on a tropical island for the past week, but that’s how it goes:

Weary Traveler (12 hours of traveling)You know it’s getting bad when I start sprouting a mustache and the shadows under my eyes are so dark that I don’t even need sunscreen anymore because there’s enough shade there to last me for days.

The last time I looked this bad was during finals

The Horror of Final Exams

…but I promise I am much happier now than I was back then, runny nose or not.  I’d take a terminally snotty face any time over the misery of finals week.  Gah!  The horror…

One tiny aside: If ANY BLOGGER is even REMOTELY INTERESTED in attending the first ever United Blog Order party this Saturday, May 9th, in the Mesa-Phoenix area, please email me at for details.  You couldn’t be shyer than me, and I’m mustering the courage to go, so there.  It should be fun.  There will be door prizes and raffles (cheap ones, but raffles nonetheless).  I might even infect you all with the Swine Flu, and wouldn’t that be nice?  Then when I’m a famous writer, you can go around telling everyone you know that I snotted all over you once upon a time, and very nearly killed you.  It could be your claim to fame.

And that’s enough of that.  As you were.

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13 Responses to Snotty Noses and Air Travel Do Not a Happy Blogger Make.

  1. chelsie says:

    I didn’t tell you, I met a guy at the bank the other day and when he came to my window, he apologized for not being ready. He said sorry, just like a canadian. So i said, oh are you from canada? come to find out he is an his wife is originally from your town… small world.

  2. Chloe says:

    You don’t look bad!!
    I’m glad you had a great time! and I hope you get better soon!

  3. Shalynna says:

    I wonder how in the world you got so sick out here. That is so weird. At least you don’t feel like throwing up. I have been sick to my stomach for days now and the only thing that sounds good to eat are… you guessed it… burger shots.

    Have fun at the meet and greet. Wish I could go. Take a photo of me and tell everyone how much you love me, will you? Then maybe they’ll want to be my friends too. :)

  4. Geneva says:

    Hey are you guys going to be at the place a little early? I have to leave like twenty minutes after it starts so I would come early to chat with you longer.

  5. Christal says:

    as if you could ever look bad! You always make me laugh thats why I love your blog. Hope your feeling better soon! Have a nice breaK!!

  6. Lauren says:

    Dude…you got door prizes? We need to discuss. Email me.

  7. HeatherPride says:

    Oh, I always come back from vacation feeling like I need a vacation. Go rest up, deary.

  8. jethro says:

    Oh heavens, i chuckled out loud at the “as you were”. Sounded trekkie to me…but what doesn’t?
    Good luck, and good times, at the first UBO meeting.

  9. I can’t wait till tomorrow!
    I have a feeling that good times will be had.

  10. Sarah says:

    I wish that I could look like your worst. You are such a cutie!

  11. Holly Decker says:

    if only i could come :(

    have fun!

    um, btw, i totally have blog guilt, too, when i havent blogged in a while. like now.

  12. Jenny says:

    Welcome home! I sure hope you feel better. I’m just getting over a snotty cold, and it’s no fun…. and the poor little boys have colds and can’t quite figure out how to blow their noses. :)

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