So long, Smeagol!

Are you watching American Idol this season?

Kyle and I oscillate; the first entire season either of us had ever watched was when David Archuleta won, and we were smitten. But then the next season Kyle was gone a lot and I started school, so we never made the time to watch even one episode.

This year, though, we’ve gotten into a better routine that has allowed us to maximize our time together, and you’d better believe that one way we maximize said time is to watch downloaded episodes of American Idol.

Don’t judge us. It’s good for our relationship.

Anyway, this season, the minute I saw Siobhan, I thought to myself, “That girl’s haircut would look really cute on me.”

Just to clarify for those of you snobs who are above watching crummy reality TV, here’s what Siobhan’s haircut looks like:

And for some reason, when I saw it, I just couldn’t get the idea out of my head that I should try cutting my hair like that. Which is unusual for me, because I have always fought against short hair. For some reason, having hair that can’t fit into a ponytail has always seemed to me the ultimate risk—a risk I have never before been brave enough to take.

Before today, this is the shortest my hair has ever been:

(Which reminds me: sometimes I miss blonde hair.)

And even though I have always held out hopes and dreams for long, flowy, luscious hair, the fact of the matter remains that, when grown long, my thin Gollum hair gets droopy and saggy and limp when what I really want are tresses with perk and pizazz (a disappointing characteristic suspiciously similar to another part[s] of my body, unfortunately [I have a lot of problems]).

Case in point: Gollum. Or crack addict (but you can read more about that here and here).

For my thin little stringy strands of hair, length is never a good idea, try though I might to make it work.

So anyway, today at exactly 4 p.m. I thought to myself, “Before this day is through, I will get my hair cut.” I don’t know where it came from; I had no intentions of taking such a plunge when I woke up this morning. But two hours later, I found myself in my hair girl’s chair snapping one last farewell to Smeagol:

Surprisingly, I wasn’t sad or nervous. In fact, I have never felt more confident that a hairstyle would be good for me.

I don’t know where the inspiration came from or where the heck it’s been hiding all my life, but today, I felt absolutely certain, with 100% clarity like only probably the best of Tibetan monks can achieve (I’ve been doing yoga; that must be it) that Siobhan hair was what I needed in my life.

And I’m pretty sure my instinct was dead on.

I want to donate this ponytail to a good cause, and I’ve heard Locks of Love isn’t the best donation company. Any suggestions?

So, the results?

Well, see for yourself:

Those Tibetan monks must be on to something. I should do yoga more often.


I have a different sort of post in the works for tomorrow’s Saturday Steals event, and I think you’re going to like it! Everybody remember to write your posts and come back later Friday evening (and all weekend long) to one, link yours up to the list, and two, see what other steals the internet has come up with this week!

And just for your information, it has been working out well the past few weeks for me to keep Saturday Steals open from Friday evening to Sunday at 11:59 p.m., so I’m going to stick with that formula, which gives you AMPLE time to post about a previous steal or even to get out there, locate a steal, steal it, and post about it. It’s really more of a weekend steals event, but Saturday Steals has a better ring to it. Anyway, there’s no good excuse for failing to participate, so DON’T BOTHER making one; just steal.

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29 Responses to So long, Smeagol!

  1. Liz says:

    I am so glad I can be the first to say how much I LOVE your haircut! It looks so amazing, and it suits you perfectly!

  2. camille, it looks awesome. you look great. i love it. a lot.

    i’ve had both really short and really long hair. usually i want what i don’t have (which is why right now i’m wanting to chop mine off).

  3. Liz Wood says:

    I Love it!! It look so good on you! Short hair is so fun and so much faster to style.

  4. DeAnna says:

    Take it to the Hospital Cancer Centre in the nearest city, I know the city nearest you has a center that accepts hair donations as my sister did that last summer, took forever to figure out where to take it though. It was worth it though. Just ask at reception where it is and they’ll point the way. Great cut by the way!

  5. Jordan says:

    It looks great! I’ve always thought that people that could pull off short hair(you) look so much more sophisticated and put together. I’m not there yet. But congrats to you!!

  6. niki says:

    OOOOOOooooohhhhhh! i ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ it!

    and can we please hang out when you come to az?? that is if i’m not gone…let’s work it out.

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  8. afton says:

    shut up! you look amazing! i want that haircut, along with your long neck to go with it.

  9. Megan Walter says:

    That haircut looks soooo adorable on you! I think it is the perfect length for you!!! :)

  10. jami says:

    I love it. Your thought made your already hot hair SUPER hott!!! By the way. When you get here and want a decorating party with you and Adell!

  11. Molly says:

    I have totally been loving Siobhan’s hair, too :) but I adversely have been trying to allow my hairs to grow…. looks great. Your neck looks super skinny and long. :) very model like :)

    way to be brave! Hair change is one of my most favorite kinds of change!! :) Sending my love… did you hear about Jill N? I went to the funeral today. It was sad.

  12. Chloe says:

    I LOVE IT!
    That new look is perfect!!
    After the wedding, I’m going to cut my hair just like you!! (I want to have long hair for my wedding)

  13. Shesten says:

    It’s smashing! Great plunge :o)

  14. maureen says:

    Wow, well done! Way to take the plunge AND have it look great.

    I donated my ponytail to Beautiful Lengths. It’s Pantene, but it’s endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society. (And they pay the postage. :)

  15. Casey says:

    Super cute! I could never pull that off!

  16. Maureen says:

    very nice! it’s always fun to make a dramatic change like that every once in a while

  17. Dutch girl says:

    You look great! I love getting a new haircut, it gives me so much energy (a bit like yoga). Too bad it’s so expensive over here :-(

  18. Rachel says:

    Spur of the moment dramatic haircuts are great! And it looks fabulous!

    I have a steal this week! I have been saving it to post tomorrow! How exciting!

  19. Rachel says:

    I just realised I use exclamation marks too much! OH I just did it again .

  20. joni says:

    i love long hair and have been trying for 10 yrs. but when you are right your right. great do. the trick now is to make it look that good the next day.

  21. Julie P. says:

    OMG that cut looks AWESOME on you!!!!

    btw: i have a question. I bought some solid shampoo from Lush a couple of months ago and it already dissolved into the tiny little pieces that can’t be used! :(

    I remember you said that it last you FOREVER. Did I do something wrong? How do you make it last so long? Thanks! :)

    And seriously, your haircut is the best EVER

  22. I’m a snob. And the A-line looks good on you! You have a good jaw line for it. I also like your hair in the first picture of yourself.

  23. Jamie @ PB&N says:

    Love it! I love it when mine is cut like that, I have been growing it per the hubby’s request and now am inspired to chop it again. Thanks!

  24. Anonymous says:

    I will miss your long hair, but you look simply stunning with a Siobahn haircut. You have the long, beautiful neck and features to pull it off. Well done! I love it!!

  25. Kelly says:

    LOVE it! It’s so cute!

  26. Cristin says:

    It looks great! I’m proud of you for posting the crack addict picture of yourself.

  27. lindsay says:

    Gorgeous! You look amazing camille. The next time I get my hair cut, it will be something like this I think.
    Jared and I do the same thing – our quality time is spent watching downloaded tv show episodes together…you guys need to watch “Big Bang Theory” and “Better Off Ted” after your American Idol marathon (if you dont watch them already that is.) It pretty much works as a form of couples therapy.

  28. Geevz says:

    Lovely hair cut! Way to jump in and go for it!

  29. Christal says:

    love it!! Angela is awesome isn’t she! It looks perfect on you!

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