Something for Nothing.

Normally, Mondays and me do not agree.

Luckily, I am on holidays from school for a week, and that sort of makes everything better.

In this case, I’m almost glad to see a Monday, because it means that last week is over.  Last week was stressful for me, to say the least; I had two papers to finish, a midterm grade to dispute, and limited sleep to do it on.  As a crowning point of the less-than-lovely week, Valentine’s Day was on Friday.  Poor Kyle was really sweet.  He got me this:

Poor Kyle!  A white neon sign that reads “nothing?”  Awww…you shouldn’t have. Image from here.

The sad thing is, my “nothing” didn’t even come with a white neon sign.  It really was just nothing.

Anyway, it doesn’t really matter.  Whenever Poor Kyle drops the ball on days that he really should hang on to it, he always makes up for it later, with something.  Something to replace the nothing. Today, for example, I get sushi.  I like sushi.  PK, not so much.  The sushi is going to be part of my new “something.”  Another bit of my Valentine’s-Day-Making-Up-For-The-Nothing is a trip to Oregon this week, in which PK has actually agreed to taking a few extra days for sightseeing.  In the 12 months we’ve been making trips to Oregon, he has never once agreed to take a few extra days for sightseeing.  This is a really big “something.”

Since I haven’t gone on one of these Oregon road trips with PK in quite a while, I’m really looking forward to it.

I always find a way to make something out of nothing.  Poor, poor Poor Kyle.

What did you get for V-day?  Or are you like me, and still weaseling something out of nothing?  It’s a sad plight, truly, but someone’s gotta do it…

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18 Responses to Something for Nothing.

  1. anna says:

    I join the NOTHING crowd. Not even a simple Valentine. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a lame holiday. Maybe I’m bitter. Just maybe. :)

  2. Geneva says:

    John and I switch off years. One year I’m in charge, the next he is. I think it is fabulous. It appeals to the feminist in me that says I don’t have to wait around for a boy to buy my flowers and I get the valentines’ day I want with no failed expectations. Then the next year I get surprises. Best of both worlds.

  3. We’re less about presents and more about cards… which are way better because they can last forever / tell a story to our posterity. Or that’s what I hope anyway.

    Sightseeing around Oregon sounds perfect..

  4. Holly Decker says:

    well, im gunna blog about it…
    but i was SHOCKED that Jeff actually came through for me this year.
    yes, i had to tell him what i wanted- but he actually DID it.
    i got dinner and two great theater seats at Romeo and Juliet… which turned out to be a really great play.
    i am hoping that ONE DAY he will learn for HIMSELF to be creative, thoughtful, and romantic…
    but for now, i guess i can settle for him actually following through on what i tell him to do.

  5. Joel says:

    Thanks for the praise of our new header! I made it with Pioneer Woman’s Heartland Action from her second set.

    We got each other nothing for V-day. Aimee’s birthday is on the 12th, and I spent too much on that. We couldn’t afford both. Have fun in Oregon seeing whatever Oregon has to offer…

  6. Crazy says:

    I don’t have a Valentine, so i don’t know if i should feel like i got nothing, or if the question is n/a to me. I’d be glad to get something for someone, if there was a someone. (Seriously, i’m not having a pity party. I’m content with the cards at hand.)

  7. HeatherPride says:

    Umm…I got a card. But I guess that was something.

  8. Lauren says:

    Haha, what I said was true, but I can’t just leave THAT comment. Ted actually kinda forgot to plan anything, which is fine since he kinda waaaay spoiled me for my birthday the week before. However, he ended up getting me a card last minute (which was darling) and we went to Costa Vida and he bought me a cute porcelain bird for the home :)

  9. raygon says:

    At first, I was confused. Why would Kyle get Camille a neon sign that read NOTHING. WHere would she put that in her house? hahah! I thought the sign was real!

  10. Anonymous says:


    Sorry. I guess. You don’t really care about V-Day, so it’s not that big of a deal…? Clint and I are terribly romantic. We got a deep freeze. I know you’re all jealous now. In all seriousness, though, it’s EXACTLY what I wanted. I have so much food from coupons and zero space for it. Now I get to fill it up with tons and tons of free stuff. Excellent. When you come down next, please bring several coolers so I can send you home with stuff. You think I’m joking. I’m not. I’ll be offended if you don’t.

  11. kristy says:

    I have learned to expect nothing on Valentines Day as Lee usually has a basketball game that day and chooses basketball instead of an evening with me. We have Valentines Day, Birthday, and Anniversarry within 10 days of each other so they usually get all melded together. This year though was actually nice (probably cause I planned it) we had a fondue with another couple.

  12. Whitney says:

    I love Zach so much I watched the NBA ALL Star Dunk Contest and ate Panda Express. I loved it. Im not even being sarcastic. I was so tired I was hoping we could just stay home and be Low key.

  13. Niki says:

    Real gifts are for the birds. My babe got me gelato and a weekend in jerome. The sightseeing there was spectacular! I’m excited to see your sightseeing pictures.

  14. jami says:

    Oh niki, I am so jealous, it has been my on going dream to have a weekend in jerome. It is such a cute town. Someday after Spencer graduates, and i won’t have a heart attack if we send money I want to go.
    Camille. I am sorry you got nothing for v-day…but sometimes I love it when husbands feel like they have to make up for something. Then you get WAY better stuff, AND you get whatever you want for like a week.

  15. sarah says:

    I told Jonathan not to get me anything because we’re too poor to afford it right now. I just wanted to spend the weekend with him and I did. It was awesome! I guess he did take a birthing class with me on V-day. That was my gift!! :)

  16. I was throwing up all day on the big v-day. My sweet husband brought me flowers, and helped pick me up off of the bathroom floor. That is love.

  17. EverybodyNose says:

    Yay for road trips!
    That means new fun pictures!

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