Summer is Dead

Several months ago I accompanied Poor Kyle on a road trip to Dwight, North Dakota.  You read it correctly—the place was called Dwight.

The little town quickly became the second Dwight to claim a piece of my heart.

What a stud.  Image from here.

While Poor Kyle was busy doing the work thing, I occupied myself by walking around Dwight, looking for adventure or anything worthy of a photograph.  I was not disappointed…

The first thing I spotted was a quaint little cemetery.  I have enjoyed walking through cemeteries ever since I was a kid.  I always feel peaceful in cemeteries.  I remember how disappointed I was when I learned Mesa’s city cemetery stopped letting people use tall headstones years ago—I’ll have to be buried with a boring flat one, which is a major bummer.

This particular headstone caught my attention because of the peculiar way it was tilted.  When I lived in Belgium, I walked through entire cemeteries filled with crooked tombstones, but I haven’t seen many like this in America.

I fancied it.

Next I moseyed my way over to the community park, but I couldn’t pass the railroad tracks without snapping a quick shot.  I never can.

There was not a single soul at the park or anywhere nearby.  I realised that it was the end of August, and the kids must’ve been back at school.  It was an utterly depressing thought for me, and my tour of the town became rather melancholy and contemplative.  It made me sad, but sort of in a good way.

At the park,  I noticed almost everything was in a general state of disrepair; it was beautiful.  Every time I saw something abandoned and lonely, I kept thinking, “My summer is dead.”

I couldn’t figure out why this bench was overturned, but instead of putting it to rights, I just took a photo and walked away.  I’m pathetic. Summer is dead.

Summer is Dead.

…if only I had known how much deadder it was going to be in a few months…

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17 Responses to Summer is Dead

  1. NobodyNose says:

    OH MY GOODNESS! This is the first time I’ve ever commented first! What a blessed occasion! Those pictures are FANTASTIC! May I save them and use them as a screensaver? You make me happy Camille. No lie.

  2. Carmen says:

    I love all your photos. They look amazing. What do you use/how do you do your vignette? Is that the right word? It is a nice one.

  3. Cristin says:

    You could be buried in Dwight so you could have a tall headstone. Just a thought.

  4. Anonymous says:


    If you’re buried in Dwight, I want to have your grave plot. I’d prefer Clint buried next to me, rather than under me.

  5. Holly Decker says:

    you have a gift with the camera :)

  6. HeatherPride says:

    I have always loved cemeteries too! Weird, huh. There was an old one by my house when I was a kid, and I used to love strolling through there.

  7. Katie says:

    Its snowing here today. Summer is totally dead.

    P.S. Dwight Schrute is my hero.

  8. Camille says:

    NobodyNose– Sure, if you want to. Actually, I hadn’t even thought of it until you mentioned it, but now the picture of the bench (right side up) is my desktop wallpaper. Thanks for the idea!

    Carmen– Thanks for the compliment. You should tell Kyle you think they’re good—he hates to let me use his camera. I use Pioneer Woman’s edge burn action in her Action Set 1 for photoshop CS3. Sometimes I also use omini light function.

    Cristin– It’s a nice thought, but I already have a burial plot in Mesa.

    Anonymous my sister– See above comment. No chance.

    Holly Decker– Thanks!

    HeatherPride– It’s a weird thing to like, I know.

    Katie– Dead as a doornail.

  9. Camille, being from North Dakota I have been to MANY small towns just like Dwight, they do have a certain calmness to them that makes you wonder why more people don’t want to slow down and relax. The headstones are something to marvel at, your photos are beautiful and make me miss driving across the state and seeing all the sights you captured!

  10. Kimberly says:

    My fav is the swing pic, great job!

  11. Lauren says:

    Your photography skills are magical. I am soooo impressed.

  12. bRAD says:

    I love cemeteries. I did a series of photographs called death. I discovered lots of cool cemeteries in the valley. There are some really cool old catholic ones that are much better than Mesa’s. I’d rather be buried t in one of those. But I did go to Mesa’s several weeks ago with the leaves on the ground it was so serene.

  13. Geneva says:

    But according to the groundhog, we only have six more weeks of winter. That is a good thing!

  14. Alexa Mae says:

    you take some AWESOME pictures!! really, those are all sooo good! love them. what a cute little town. sorry to say, but summer never dies around here. it happens to be the one downfall to AZ. (but i hate the snow, so why complain)

  15. Granamama says:

    Uncle Brent wants to buy the two plots I have. I am seriously considering selling to him. That way you and Adell can each get two plots. What do you think???”?
    I wonder if Kyle want to be buried in Mesa.

  16. anonymous says:

    I think Kyle would want to be buried with his wife, wherever they are , in 60 years or so.

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