Summer of 2009: A Comprehensive To Do List

I have a lot to do this summer.

Tie Your Hair Up and Get to WorkIt’s time to tie my hair up in a ponytail and get to work.

As long as I have been alive (a whopping 22.5 years), summer has meant three things to me:

1)  Summer School

2)  Projects/mega-chores

3)  Family Vacations

I have carried over two out of three into my adult life, and guess which one I dropped like a hot potato?  I’ll give you one guess and one hint, and the hint is…it rhymes with bummer wool.

Other than that, summer has always been a joyful time for me, despite growing up in Mesa, Arizona (also known as the hottest dadgum city this side of Hell).  (It’s a dry heat.  {A lot of people say that being a dry heat has nothing to do with anything, and to those people, I say, “Bah.”  I would willingly endure a dry 115°F over a humid 85° any day.})

Nauvoo Summer Vacation My sister and me on summer vacation.  Circa 2003.

My parents always saw to it that we had at least one good family vacation to look forward to during the summer.  We weren’t wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but they always made sacrifices so we could have as many experiences as the next kid.

We also had to work.  Hard.  But that’s another story for another day.

At any rate, we enjoyed our summer breaks to their fullest extent.  And that is exactly how I feel about the season to this day.  Already we’ve been on a tropical holiday (lovely), and I got to spend an extra three weeks with family in Mesa (wonderful).  We don’t have any other trips planned, but I have an inkling Poor Kyle and I will make some time for a few weekend getaways and day trips.  I can feel it in my bones.

Amidst all the fun, I also have a lengthy list of projects to complete before it’s back to the drudgery of higher education.

To Do: A List of Summer Projects 2009

To Do: List of Summer Projects

-finish painting bedroom furniture black (Dear Mother-in-Law: May I please have permission to paint black the dresser and bookshelf/desk you gave Poor Kyle when he first bought this house?  Please and thank you, Camille.)

-decorate bedroom

-paint kitchen and decorate

-buy bike and ride it

-sell cans in garage.  $ from sale = $ for garden

-plant garden

-organise garage

-organise back entry

-buy a lawnmower

-borrow a lawnmower

demolish ugly fence

-paint ugly fence

-come to terms with ugly fence

-tear out atrocious front bushes

-trim atrocious front bushes

-come to terms with atrocious front bushes

-plant flowers from starters

-plant flowers from seeds

-draw pictures of flowers and tape them to popsicle sticks and drive them into the flower beds with a hammer or possibly a rubber mallet, whichever’s cheapest

-solve garbage problem

-promote UBO

-get more than 14 follower on Twitter™

-start Google™ Adsense

-make poster advertising piano lessons

…As you can see, some items on my list have been modified and adjusted because guess what I learned?  Money doesn’t grow on trees.


Oh, how I wish it did, because then instead of tracking nasty poplar sap onto my kitchen floor, I’d have to scrape quarters, nickels, and dimes off my feet at the welcome mat.

And that is a problem I could seriously live with.

What are your summer plans or favourite memories?  Are you spending or saving money this summer?  For answers to these and who-knows-what-other-thrilling-summertime-questions, swing by Sprite’s Keeper for this week’s Spin Cycle.

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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17 Responses to Summer of 2009: A Comprehensive To Do List

  1. Holly Decker says:

    i so needed this post.
    you have done a good deed, my friend.
    you have officially inspired me.

    i was sitting here, winding down for bed, feeling rather awful about my summer thus far… and then i went to your page- and voila! i found my solution.
    a summer TO DO list.
    i dont know why i didnt think of this before.

  2. Rachel says:

    What a great list! I’d be afraid to start one. I’ll choose to think of not starting one as a way to save a few hundred trees.

    And if I used Twitter and wasn’t against its existence, I would definitely follow you!

  3. Your list makes mine look meek. My only item? Don’t let the kid burn. Apparently, I wasn’t able to stop it last year so it became Project One and Only. You’re linked!

  4. Jethro says:

    Well, when i was your age..ish…i would spend a month per summer in Montreal, my other fave Canadian city, visiting an old friend from childhood. SO, i totally get ya on the dry heat, being dry here. Try about 100 farenheit, and 99% humidity. UGH. All i could do was shop, inside, in the day, and nightclub at night. By about 11pm, it got almost tolerable to go out. I guess i could have picked a better month than AUGUST, the hot as hell month.

  5. Kingsmom says:

    That is quite a list. I particularly like the flower photos on popsicle sticks. Clever!

    Good luck. Enjoy a summer without bummer wool.

  6. niki says:

    oh boy, do i feel your pain with the projects and too little money. story of my life! now to add to the stress i have a 4 month deadline! aaahhh….

  7. Nelia says:

    Hmmmmm. Summer plans. I did start the 100 push up program. So I suppose 100 push ups by then of the summer could be on the list. Last summer, Hank (hubby) and I pulled our bikes out of storage. Perhaps this summer we can actually ride ’em somewhere. A picnic or two would also be lovely…

  8. Katie says:

    Bummer wool. hahaha

  9. Kelly says:

    I am officially on summer vacation as of now (I’m a teacher). Oh and fun fact, I’m being furloughed the first week we are supposed to be at work setting up, so I am saving money this summer and teaching bummer wool.
    Ps. How’s the no poo going?

  10. RatalieNose says:

    I understand why you dropped summer school. It’s no bueno.
    Today I went to orientation for the chinese program I”m going to! It was fabulous!!!

  11. anonymous says:

    haha good luck with the ugly fence :)

  12. Tisha says:

    If you don’t feel like drawing, cutting out and gluing pics of flowers, there are always fake ones from the dollar store! ;) Way easy and not much $!

  13. Maureen says:

    I just read your little twitter thing about the pop bottles. That’s impressive! I’m saving a bag in my office for when I go back to MI because it’s 10 cents there. Wooey!

    Good luck with your summer projects! I have many as well…

  14. Chloe says:

    Wow! that’s a long To Do list!
    My summer To Do list:
    1) relax
    2) relax
    3) relax
    4) Hmmm… relax?
    and 5) oh, yeah, working! hahaha
    I’m pretty lazy… as you can see!
    I admire you!

  15. anna says:

    I’m a penny pincher so regardless of the season, I save. Saving makes me happier than spending. Now that both Jason and I are done with school and Clara isn’t in school, summer is just a hotter time of year for us. But someday, I’m sure we’ll go on sweet vacations every summer. For now, we can vacation whenever we want. Well, not really, but we don’t have to wait for school to be out.

  16. ann marie says:

    What a fun post!
    You do have alot to do.. While you want to go black with the furniture, I’m waiting for Chad to paint most of my stuff white!

    My top things…

    *Getting the stuff painted white
    *Trying to avoid the Swine flu that is surrounding us completely..
    * Camping trips
    * 10 year anniversary
    * Tree planted

    If it will ever quit raining here, maybe we can get painting.. :)

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