Yesterday I finished my classes—finals, papers, and all.

Guess what I did to celebrate?

(I’ll give you one hint:)

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12 Responses to Teaser.

  1. niki says:

    oooooh girl!

  2. bmw’s are my favorite. someday i’ll be able to afford the one i want.

    congrats on finishing!

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  4. chelsie says:

    if this means what I think it means, then I am the happiest of all bc you will be here sooner!!!

  5. Joel says:

    You stole a Beamer?!? There are better ways to celebrate than grand theft auto…

  6. Jamie @ PB&N says:

    You locked your keys in the car?

  7. Don’t tell me you bought a car.

  8. Duh! Rented a car and drove to Lethbridge for the 2 for 1 blizzard?

  9. maureen says:

    Dressed up all swanky and test drove a BMW from the dealership?

  10. Shalynna says:

    Well, since the title is “Teaser” it makes me think that you got a new car, but not a BMW. But, you didn’t link back to where you got that photo, which probably means you actually took it. I am thinking that you traded in your car that you recently paid off for a BMW, but not a brand new one, but new to you? Can’t wait to hear details. Oh and I love BMW’s. I would get a white one if I could. Someday? Probably not. I’m too cheap. I’ll stick with Hondas and Toyotas. :)

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  12. Simon says:

    You locked your keys in the car?

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