That’s the opposite of what I intended.

Today, because it’s Friday and I am in a cheerful mood, I thought I would share with you, my blog friends, two of the most precious photos ever taken:

Meet my anniversary nephew.

With his mischievous older brudder.

If someone ripped out my heart with chopsticks and filleted it with a santoku knife and fried it up on one of those huge circular grills that they use to make volcanic onions, I don’t think it would cause even a tiny percentage of the heartache I feel at not being able to see these precious little boys every day of their lives.

And suddenly I’m not in such a good mood anymore.

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6 Responses to That’s the opposite of what I intended.

  1. Bambi says:

    So adorable! I could see your heartache!

  2. anna says:

    I hate living in a different state than two of my sisters…. I can’t imagine a different country.

  3. Alaina says:

    It is hard, I know…I have the same problem with my nieces and nephews when I was in law school…it just killed me not to be there…

  4. Mikelle says:

    It IS hard to be away from family, especially nieces and nephews…they grow too fast, and I wish I could be a bigger part of their lives, and that the cousins could see each other more, but I guess we just have to make the best of it!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry, too. Today was rough. Pres could have used some loving from his Auntie Moe.

  6. Liz says:

    Anonymous Your Sister! (Hi!!)

    Those little boys are precious. You’re a lucky auntie. :)

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