The Birth of an iMac

My parents just got a new iMac, and I was appointed the one to set it up.

I was talking to my old friend from high school last night, Kenny Chuck (hey Kenny!), and he said something very insightful. He said that Mac people love their Macs like PC people could never love their PCs. No matter how faithful PC people are to their brands, they never sleep, eat, dream them like Mac people do their Macs. Mac lovers—a passionate breed.

Smart guy, that Kenny Chuck. (But then he asked me to homecoming Senior year so I knew he was smart back in 2003.) (Actually I knew he was smart back in seventh grade when in Mrs. Price’s math class he got 100% on every exam he ever took, curse him. But don’t really curse him because nobody should curse Kenny Chuck. It’s just not right.)

Anyway, in honour of the occasion of the birth of my parents’ new computer, I thought I would use it to write a new blog post, my first in weeks.

It seems to be working fine.

I must apologize, too, for not writing a post on Christmas. It has been my tradition to do so in years past, and I did intend to, but I was unable to steal internet from my parents with my laptop because their old mac was broken and there was no internet streaming through the house of my childhood.

Until today.

Which, along with the fact that I am on vacation and not in school for another week, means that this blog is back in business.

For now.

Here’s what’s been happening:

I got my grades back for the semester—two As, an A minus and an A plus (the A plus was from the evillest professor I’ve ever met, which makes it more like an A Double Plus if you ask me). Unfortunately the A minus affects my GPA for the worse, and the A plus does not counteract it. But whatever, I’m done and I’m still calling it straight As.

Also, I got my Kensington Ugg boots and am wearing them as I type this. I have never felt such a strong attraction to footwear before. I actually never thought such a connection was possible between humans and footwear. I almost wish I could go back to Canada right this minute to try them out in the snow.

But not that much. The snow will keep.

I’m absolutely in love with my newest nephew. I’ll take a picture sometime to show you how adorable he is. Dude is absolutely the chillest baby I have ever met, which is fortunate for my sister whose first baby was extremely colicky for the first year of his life and then extremely high maintenance for the next two (and counting). I love him. I love them both.

All of this is fine and well of course, but the best news of all is that POOR KYLE GOT ME A CHRISTMAS PRESENT. Actually he got me three, I guess to make up for our anniversary in October for which he bought me nothing. I was not expecting a Christmas present from him, which made it all the more exciting. Sometime I might tell you what he got me, but the real important thing is not what he got me but THAT he got me.

Okay I’ll tell you. It was perfume. Givenchy Play perfume, both the regular and the intense kind because he couldn’t decide (he’s cautious like that).

I know this isn’t a good post, but I’m publishing it anyway just to see if the internet is still working and also to let you all know I am alive.

I am not dead.

Happy Holidays, too.

p.s. Photo Booth works. Alien Skin not included.

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2 Responses to The Birth of an iMac

  1. Alaina says:

    Post a picture of the boots!

    Glad you’re still alive! We’ve missed you…merry christmas!

  2. CaJoh says:

    I must agree with your Mac Lovers statement. I have an iMac that is over 10 years old. Yes it is slow which is why after I lost my job in September I am unable to keep up with my blog, or even visit others.

    I am currently using my Brother-In-Law’s former PC to which he sent to me on Tuesday. Once I get a job I am hoping to use the monitor he sent me and get a Mac Mini to hook up to it.

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