The Listing of the House

We’ve met with our realtor several times and all is in order for our house to be listed in just a couple of days. He asked me to write the description of our home, as of course nobody knows a home as well as its owners. It’s kind of scary to be the one writing it, though—it feels as though the fate of our family and our family’s family rests in these words.

(It’s always so dramatic with me.)

Anyway, as I finished the blurb and looked at the photographs we just got back from the indefatigable Rhonda Steed, I thought to myself, I should share this stuff with whoever might still be reading my poor neglected blog. Once upon a time some readers asked me for pictures of my house, and I never felt it looked good enough to share… And although it’s far from perfect or even remotely Pinterest-worthy, this house will never be in better shape than it is right now so I figure I might as well share and share alike. (All images except the exterior shot are by Rhonda Steed, link above.)

Of course, if you know anybody looking for a house in Mayberry, send them a link to this post please and thanks. : )

Storage abounds in this 1300 sq ft. Raymond bungalow! With three bedrooms upstairs and one down, this renovated home has plenty of room for a growing family.

Tons of upgrades in the last two years include:

  • Engineered hardwood floors throughout, plus all new craftsman-style trim
  • Remodelled kitchen—new countertops, backsplash, sink, lighting, plus…
  • ALL NEW stainless steel appliances
  • Remodelled spa-like 3-piece bathroom upstairs
  • New light fixtures
  • Brand new garage door and opener
  • Fresh paint
  • Brand new shower in basement bathroom

Upstairs enjoy a 2-piece ensuite in the master bedroom, plus peace of mind having the kids sleeping just down the hall. A brand new 3-piece main bathroom completes the stylish new interior. An open concept kitchen and dining room are great for entertaining, and French doors allow a customizable living room off the main entrance (perfect for meetings, lessons, or quiet time).

The 98% finished basement boasts a wood-burning stone fireplace, a large family room, oversized bedroom, newly renovated 3-piece bathroom, two great sized storage rooms and a fully shelved food room. With closets and cupboards everywhere, you’ll never run out of storage space!

Outside a large semi-fenced landscaped backyard opens onto an alley, with plenty of space to park RVs, boats, or trailers.

Located on a quiet street just around the corner from a new playground and only moments away from shopping and schools, this house is a growing family’s dream!

For more information contact [redacted].

Front of House
Glad I had the foresight to snap a picture in the summer when the lawn was green and the flowers were sort of blooming.
View of our living room, to the left of the front door.
And from the back of the living room looking out. Several people have noticed that I colour-coordinated Hutch’s books in the bookcase—don’t worry, it doesn’t last.
Here’s the view from the front entrance looking right.
A closer look at the kitchen.


Standing in the kitchen looking toward the back doors—in a second you’ll see the laundry zone and office zone.
As promised—the laundry zone.


And the office zone.
View looking back into the kitchen from the office. This one makes me really happy.
Master bedroom. Where the magic happens. And by magic I of course mean beauty sleep. ;)
This photo won’t make the cut of pictures we’ll show in our listing, but I just love it so much I had to share it here. It’s the view looking from the doorway of our bedroom to the front door.  I’ve never thought much about this particular spot in our house, but I’m really going to miss this view when we move. Over the years I’ve tried to make our home warm and welcoming, and looking at this picture, I almost feel it worked.
Hutch’s room. Many late nights/early mornings I rocked him in this glider, and as the pink sun rose and brightened up these walls, I felt my early postpartum panic slip away; I could face another day. This is a special room.
Another view of Hutch’s room. Custom cupcake painting by the marvellous Modest Mermaid—order one, you won’t regret it. (It was such a revelation when I realized that bookcase would fit inside the closet. It made a world of difference in this room.)
Nondescript guest bedroom, and the room where Hutch *actually* sleeps.
Another shot that won’t make the cut, but I can’t help feeling warm and fuzzy when I look at this view. Hutch learned to crawl down this hallway. And walk. And run. And open those cupboard doors and dig through my toolbox.
Here’s a peek into the “spa-like” (lol) renovated bathroom. I wish I had a before photo of this to show you guys. It’s so much better now.
More of the bathroom.
Yet more of the bathroom. I think this is the room I’m saddest about leaving, as it was the first room we renovated on a large scale, and I love how it turned out. Plus, they don’t carry that mosaic tile at Costco anymore, so I can’t copy the look in our next house.

That’s it for the upstairs.  Downstairs has not been renovated as much…I’m hoping DIY-ers will see this as a bit of a blank slate. Heaven knows I had grand visions for it myself, but there comes a point when enough is enough…at least for this house:

Here you see the first piece of furniture we ever bought brand new together (the sectional). Everything else was either gifted or craigslisted.
We did renovate this bathroom (well mainly just the shower, which desperately needed it). Fun fact: Kyle refuses to shower anywhere else now, that’s how much he loves this shower.

Not pictured: 3 different storage rooms and a spare bedroom that’s really not very interesting.

So now you’ve seen our house! Want to buy it??

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