The Man Huddle

Have you ever noticed the way grown men huddle?

They huddle. As in, when something engine-ish goes wrong, and one guy is standing in the driveway looking under the hood of the truck, suddenly that one man becomes two…

and then three…

…and before anyone can even hunt down a wrench, there are no less than ten men scratching their heads, peering, perplexed, into the centre of The Huddle.

And it’s not just a “macho man” characteristic; all walks of men embrace The Huddle.  Tech guys huddle over their Macbook Pros™, drug pushers huddle over their fires in rubbish bins, and emo boys huddle around their feelings.  They all huddle.

It’s all about the huddle with men.

Strangely enough, nothing productive ever seems to come of The Huddle.  Which isn’t really surprising, since the only suggestions one might overhear in The Huddle are, “Well, didja try shakin’ the little sunnofagun over there next to the red doohickey?  That oughtta do it…” or “Hit it a little harder.” Oh, really?  Hit it a little harder?  Brilliant.

It makes them happy, though, to huddle up like that.  It gives them the moral support they need to brave the unknown of fixing whatever’s ailing them.

At any rate, The Huddle is a very real phenomenon, one I had the joy of observing last week and the Imperial Sand Dunes near Yuma.  I must say I’m not smitten with “dune-ing” and all the motor-head behaviour that comes with it, but it makes Poor Kyle happy, and I’m petitioning myself for Wife of the Year in 2009, so I might as well get used to it.

If only my prize as Wife of the Year ’09 came with free wireless internet access anywhere in the world…

…then it might actually be a competition worth winning.

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16 Responses to The Man Huddle

  1. niki says:

    Haha. So true. And I’m so glad see the proof.

    Thankyou, yes, I captured that beautiful vintage picture and I’m proud to claim it. It was at my last she she frock sale. A bunch of us flea marketers got together and put on a vintage junque fair. It was splendid. We had it right there in the corn field on brown and center.

  2. Holly Decker says:

    wife of the year, eh?

    interesting observations and fabulous picture proof.

    i must say, when i read the word YUMA i shuttered. there is something so… unhappy about that place… and i am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that i got a ticket there once.

  3. whitney says:

    you totally win wife of the year. totally. I love ” the huddle”. Im so happy you were able to catch it on film.

  4. Cristin says:

    Are you going to Disneyland tomorrow? Or did you somehow know that I am going to Disneyland tomorrow too? Either way, if you are at Disneyland on Monday and we run into each other, I will be the one with the screaming toddler wearing a leash and a baby with snot smeared across his face… just letting you know…

  5. Camille says:

    Niki– It sounds like something I would have relished every minute of. So sad I missed it. I have a friend who grew up in that sweet farm house by those fields. Lucky dog.

    Holly Decker– It was totally tongue-in-cheek. As an anonymous commenter once wrote, “Poor Kyle is the understatement of the century.” I believe that. I mean, I was the one who coined the name, “Poor Kyle.” For me to win wife of the year, all the other wives in the world would have to be dead.

    Whitney– You’re sweet. See above comment.

    Cristin– YOU’RE going to Disneyland tomorrow? WE’RE going to Disneyland tomorrow!! I think we should meet up—we’re going with PK’s parents and his two nieces, but will be splitting up from them at some point, but I don’t know when and doubt you’ll know where you’ll be when, either. Maybe we should just see if we bump into each other—it could be fate. And it would be AMAZING to blog about. I’ll bring my camera just in case. And, as a warning, I’m not very funny or pretty in real life. I’m kind of dull and fat. Don’t get your hopes up.

  6. Joel says:

    Hey, come now…

    We get plenty of things accomplished via The Huddle. Some of our best ideas have come out of The Huddle. Yes, “Hit it harder” is a good idea sometimes. And we don’t say doohickey not sonnofagun, unless we are anciently old, which I’m not. Other than tossing out real-possibility ideas for solving the problem at hand, we generally talk about… well…

    Nothin’. Get over it.

  7. Geneva says:

    I feel the same way out sandrailing. It’s fun, sort of. I like to be the passenger when I’m not responsible for the lives of everyone. YOu guys have a sweet rail though :)

  8. Camille says:

    Joel– Oh, I am glad I got a comment out of you on this one! Always good for an insider’s opinion.

    Geneva– Not our rail! Don’t be confused. We have a Ranger Rzr (which I assume is supposed to mean “razor”) and even then, it’s only borrowed. The rails belong to the other huddlers.

  9. HeatherPride says:

    That is totally hysterical because it is SO TRUE!! I remember when we put on a new deck on our old house, and my husband called all of his cousins to come over. They all ended up in The Huddle staring at a pile of 2x4s until Yours Truly stepped in the middle with a drill and started shouting orders. That’s what they need – a woman to direct. Otherwise they go into The Huddle Trance and stay there like that all day.

  10. Jess says:

    LOL! This is SO SO True! My Hubby does this ALL THE TIME!

  11. Jess says:

    Great Blog, by the way…I stumbled on this from a friend’s site!

  12. Anonymous says:


    Get used to it. You have years of marriage ahead of you…

  13. WhoNose? says:

    It’s kind of like how girls can’t go to the bathroom alone I think.

  14. anonymous says:

    ya girls do the huddle to. in their own way. but we are way more productive.

  15. 'dude' says:

    The huddle’s intent is to take a break from the women talking.
    It’s an innocent manipulation.
    But works for both sides.

    (Interesting how the seemingly pregnant lady abondons the impending huddle somewhere between the third and fourth picture?)

    Awesome sequencing, btw.

  16. Cristin says:

    Well, I looked for you everywhere and I thought I saw you and Kyle at one point, but then noticed that the guy had his lip and nose pierced and I thought – no, can’t be you guys. Maybe we’re just never meant to meet. Or maybe I’ll see you at Disneyland in March…

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