“There’s a (Slight) Chance I Might be Going to Hell.”

That’s what Laurie Notaro said, anyway.  I only wish I had thought of that title before she did; maybe then I would be a best-selling novelist instead of Santa’s Little Volunteer.

Nevertheless, I have not written a book (not a decent, published one anyway), and so posting daily blather on this blog will have to suffice for now.  And since I am on my deathbed with this non-pregnancy related illness, all you get for the day is a book review.

There’s a (Slight) Chance I Might be Going to Hell, a novel by Laurie Notaro, caught my interest before I even opened the cover.  I mean, look at the title.  Is there anything that could describe my life more closely?  I think not.  It’s a fairly easy read—no deep thinking involved, which was perfect for a recent road trip I took to Oregon with Poor Kyle.  He enjoyed it as well, since I could not seem to keep from bursting out with laughter and comments like, “Listen to this!” or “That’s so clever!”  {And, might I add, laughing out loud while reading is rather a rare occurrence for me; I tend to keep it bottled up inside.}  He was a captive audience, and had no choice but to act amused.

I feel like the book was written for me:  It’s about a woman—Maye—living in Phoenix (ahem) with a well-established network of close friends (ahem) who packs up with her husband and moves to a small town in the northwest (ahem?).  The only real difference in the plot line is that her new town is full of hippies and mine—Mayberry—is not.  Sadly. I get a kick out of hippies.

Oh.  And one more difference: Maye works tirelessly throughout the course of the book to make friends, whereas I have striven (and more or less succeeded) to keep myself unattached and friendless in my new town. Other than that, we’re spitting images.

Mae finds herself in the middle of countless hilarious predicaments throughout her journey to make new friends, culminating in a “Sewer Pipe Queen” pageant, which ends with an uproarious finale.

The only downside to the book is that I found myself consantly reading “maybe” when I was supposed to read the main character’s name, “Maye.”  I found it distracting, since I was continually re-reading sentences, but this is more my own problem than Laurie Notaro’s.

Favourite quotations (mostly because they seemed literally written about my life and my opinions):

“You can move your furniture, you can move your books, you can move your underwear, but you can’t move your whole life.” p. 13

“Small towns are sometimes like that; familiarity runs high, while regard for personal space is low, if nonexistent.” p. 18

“‘Oh, goody, a sh*tty spoken-word artist,’ Maye whined to herself.  ‘I hate spoken-word people.  It’s all fun and games until a poet shows up and sucks the life out of everything fun in six seconds flat.'” p. 273

For a quick, amusing read, check it out.

I give it SIX STARS out of SEVEN, see?: ******

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11 Responses to “There’s a (Slight) Chance I Might be Going to Hell.”

  1. I don’t read books, but I do like reading your short book review! I say MORE BOOK REVIEWS! Read lots of books, and make it a weekly or at least monthly thing, I am a fan. Then I can feel well read with much less effort.

    I kept reading Maybe too…. Have you ever seen any of the “Arrested Development” TV Series (now all on DVD)? There is a character named maybe which turns out to be ironic at some point in the series.

  2. Heber says:

    “Honey, on the slight chance, would you join me in Hell?”

    You should name your bestseller that.

  3. HeatherPride says:

    I love Laurie Notaro. This was actually one of my least favorite of her books, which goes to say how great I think she really is, because this book was still a riot!

  4. Camille says:

    Molly Shumway Rawlins– I have always enjoyed a good read. Some time after I got married, somebody asked me what good books I’ve read lately and I was like, “Ummm…err….” I hadn’t read a book in MONTHS! I was so shocked at myself. I’ve been utilising the Mayberry Public Library ever since. I’m glad I can help you feel well-read. I have seen a few episodes of the series, and was sad when I heard it was canceled. I’ll have to rent the DVDs.

    Heber– That’s a good idea. I bet PK’s answer would be no, though. I’ll have to try hard to make it to Heaven so I never have to ask.

    HeatherPride– I’m pretty sure it was on your recommendation that I looked up Laurie Notaro on my library’s website. This book had the catchiest title, so I signed up for it. Now that I know it was the worst, I’m excited to read more of her work! Thanks, HP!

  5. Holly Decker says:

    well it MUST be a good book.
    especially when you can quote your favorite pages!
    i shall put it on my list after i finish the three i am supposed to read this month! :)
    thanks for the review.

    you know, i just have to say that i find it so funny when people are so positive they are “saved”. i mean, like the other day this man told my mom, “well, you may think i am going to hell, but i know i am not.” (to which my mom was greatly offended, which is a story within itself!) but seriously, i just cannot picture myself EVER saying that. i have NO freakin clue where i stand… but if i had to guess- it wouldnt be ‘heaven bound’! who’s to judge anyways?
    and just for the record… you may FEEL hell bound, my dear… but i think anyone who can plunge a movie theater toilet like you did (my husband and i STILL quote from that entry) is definitely earning some wings in my opinion! :)
    so there is my random dose for you for the day.

  6. Jami says:

    sounds funny! I just read a book called “pope joan”. It was amazing. Seriously. It was a historical novel about a pope that posed as a man and then ended up becoming the pope. The Catholic Church denies such a thing ever happening, but the author does a lot of research and says that the dates to match up, and that there are a lot of facts that lead to this story being true. I loved it…but I don’t know if it is your thing. I also read two books before I read this last one. The first one called “the illuminator”, and then second called “the mercy seller”. They were great as well. Both were historical novels (they were a joint book pair).
    AND, I hear you are coming to town. I have some juicy gossib I want to talk with you about!

  7. Anonymous says:


    So what earns a 7 out of 7?

  8. NoseLess-inMesa says:

    You say you haven’t written a decent, published book, have you written a non-decent book? I want to hear about this.

  9. Lindsay says:

    oh camille, you need to read her other ones! ‘autobiography of a fat bride’ is the first one of hers that i read and i’ve been hooked ever since…i would honestly sell my soul to be as funny as Laurie.

  10. anonymous says:

    ha. she sounds like she’s got your style

  11. Camille says:

    Holly Decker— You and your husband quote me?? Flattery. It would be great if the Plunging Episode of 2008 would get me a golden ticket into Heaven…I certainly hope you’re right.

    Jami— I just checked out a slew of books from the library, but your recommendations are going on my list for what’s up next! They sound fabulous.

    Anonymous my sister— Oh I don’t know. Something really profound.

    NoseLess-inMesa— I’ve started a few. Like I said, nothing decent. You aren’t missing out on anything.

    Lindsay— I will dearie! I will read them just as soon as I can!

    anonymous— I’m flattered you would say such a thing.

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