Those Three Words (Continued)

I sort of think it’s funny to write “To Be Continued” posts when the outcome is obvious either way.  In fact, I’ve sort of tossed around a long-term (maybe stretched out over a few months) dramatic re-telling of how Poor Kyle and I came to be “Poor Kyle and I,” but I worry about two things: 1) it might be too much (read: exactly) like Pioneer Woman’s successful saga, Black Heels to Tractor Wheels, and nobody likes a copy cat, and 2) everybody knows how the story ends.  Would there be any interest?  I doubt it.

Therefore, I’m keeping the suspense low today, and finishing up what I started yesterday.  You can read it here if you missed it and/or are so inclined…

Those Three Words (Continued)

“Kyle,” I asked, “did you know…that…I think I love you?

He looked at me, totally shocked, like he couldn’t believe I would choose then, there, that very minute, to profess my love for him.  He didn’t say a word.  My heart started beating hard, harder than before, when I was trying to work up my courage to tell him in the first place.  I started to blush—this was getting awkward…

…He kept looking at me, and kept looking, until I thought I was going to die from his silent stare.

Finally, his face broke into a huge grin.

“Thank you.”

Photo of Journal Entry

“Thank you???” I thought in dismay. “I bear my heart to you, and all you can say is ‘Thank You?'”  But I considered it for a moment, and decided I deserved that—I hadn’t exactly made it easy on him up to this point.

“You’re welcome,” I replied, for lack of anything better to answer.

He didn’t say anything else, but leaned over and gave me a long, sweet kiss.  Then I decided if he didn’t want to tell me he loved me, too (punk!), I’d answer his question from before.

“Anywhere’s fine,” I said casually.

“Huh?”  Obviously, he’d forgotten his question, which was a small comfort in the face of what felt like rejection.  I mean, I knew he loved me, but I would have liked the reassurance of actually hearing the words!

I explained my random reply to his long-forgotten question (had it really only been minutes since I told him I loved him?), and we decided it was time for me to get home.  We drove away toward my house so he could drop me off.

A few minutes later, after driving in relative silence, we pulled to a stoplight and he said, “Well, you should know that I love you.  And I would have told you a lot sooner, but I didn’t think you wanted to hear it.”

“Really?  How much sooner?”  (Because I can never just accept facts as they, are—I must always dig for details.)

Oh, we talked all night about my theories and notions, and his theories and notions.  He said so many lovely things.

…I feel like we’ve come so far…  I’ve changed.  And I think my future might be here in Canada.

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18 Responses to Those Three Words (Continued)

  1. linda rae says:

    double aawwww !!

  2. Oh, such a nice story! I love it :o)

  3. anna says:

    What a sweet dream. I wrote in my journal daily for YEARS until shortly before I started dating my husband. I still have bits and pieces, but I wish so badly I had recorded more stories of how we came to be. I don’t think they ever get old.

  4. Chloe says:

    Awwwwww!! What a sweet story! I love it!! And I love the end: “And I think my future might be here in Canada.”

  5. jethro says:

    I liked the “Well you should know, I love You”.
    I’m nuts, but sounds like something his Dad would say.

  6. Jenn says:

    I love that you have photos from your journal in here. My friends and I always had a pact to destroy each others’ journals if we were to every meet an untimely death. I would hate for my mother to read them!

  7. shalynna says:

    I love these posts. They are so sweet. You make us feel like we were there with you two!

    I’m a huge fan of Kyle. I think he is such a nice guy and you two seem to be perfect for each other. What a fun story and thanks for sharing!

  8. ann marie says:

    Thank you. ha-ha. Such a typical guy.
    Your story is so cute, and it seriously warmed my heart. :) Loved it!!

    Confession: I have never read a full post of this “pioneer woman”.. I guess I’m not the norm but I don’t understand why her following is so big.. so I would have liked the long version too.. But.. I’m satisfied.

  9. Holly Decker says:

    love it.
    now i can rest easy tonight… knowing the rest.

    and just for the record, i trust your good judgement when it comes to making posts. good posts. you have what it takes to make anything grand.

  10. Cristin says:

    Well at least he cleared it up by saying “I love you” at the end of the evening. When I said “Thank You” to Erik I didn’t tell him I loved him for another few weeks. He should be called “Poor Erik.”

  11. Sarah says:

    I loved reading your little story! It’s even better because we all know that it ends happily ever after. It’s funny because our story was the other way around. Jonathan told me and I said thank you. haha He knows how you feel.

  12. DeAnna says:

    Great story!! I always love hearing how people ended up together, the first kisses/I Love Yous and all that. The to be continued suspense is such a great idea too! Thinking about it now, I really don’t remember who or when the first I Love Yous were said with my hubby. I think I’ll have to look back in my journal to see when I first said I love you to the hubby. I think I’ll do that and post about it.

  13. Okay I think I like this version better than the fairy tale! Because this is REAL but its also VERY TENDER!!! I LOVE IT!!! Gave me warm fuzzies!! Your journals are fabulous! And I LOVE and am coveting your cute handwriting!

  14. Tierra C. says:

    Hi! My name is Tierra and I’m a friend of Ann-Marie’s. She was telling me about your writing skills tonight and for me to check you out. Voila, I’m here :) And…She was right! You have great story/writing skills my dear and I thought this was a lovely story to read of you and your husband.

    I’ve seen your comments before and so I had asked Ann tonight who you were. She had nothing but good/sweet things to say about you and I’ll be coming back…If thats okay? To read.

    Please dont worry about commenting back to me though. I have a no comment policy on my blog. The whole comment thing was turning me into a person i didnt like worrying about comments, so i took if off. Now, I’m back to just blogging for me and not the blog fame of it.

    Have a Great Friday and again, you have a charming blog!

  15. Christal says:

    I’ve missed your blog nice to be home and love the story you are such a good writer!!

  16. cant wait to see what happens! i had no idea our hair could go 3 months and than never have to be cleaned again. i hate washing my hair, kim always makes fun of me casue i wash it like once every 5-6 days!

  17. anonymous says:

    sooo cute! i think this was way romantic. and it was written just like a novel.

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