Timeline of Decline

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Remember when you were in school?

Remember how, after months of attending lectures, and meeting with belittling professors, and receiving poorer grades than you deserved, and basically getting the life sucked out of you one Tuesday/Thursday at a time…after months of dealing with that rubbish, you started to look sort of gaunt and run-down?

Well, just in case you forgot, I have documented the progression (or should I say, “digression” [or should I say, “slow and torturous death by higher education”]) for you, my readers.  Every few mornings this semester, while waiting for my first class to start, I’ve opened my laptop and snapped a picture of myself.  I don’t know what has compelled me to do it, except maybe a spiritual inspiration that I haven’t quite understood until just this moment.  No matter the reason, the point is that I now have proof—photographic evidence—that the pursuit of higher knowledge is killing me, one class at a time.

My Marked Progression/Digression Through School

Phase 1: Months before classes started, my eyebrows were maintained.  My face was glowing, and my radiant skin was totally blemish-free.  Those were friendlier days.Young and CarefreeThe Look: Carefree and Happy

Phase 2: A month into the semester, I was still putting forth some effort.  At least I was wearing makeup, which was a sure sign They hadn’t beat me yet.  By the looks of it, I was optimistic enough to wake up early, shower, and actually style my hair with volumising product. Still no sign of stress-pimples, but my eyebrows were starting to look a little mangy.  There was a semblance of a little smile, though—I was obviously still in the game.

Not Beaten YetThe Look: Hopeful

Phase 3: Hmmm…  I obviously couldn’t be bothered to wash my hair anymore.  My bangs were pulled back, and not in a cutesy sporty way.  I was starting to resemble the drug-dealing days of my past, which was a realisation I must have planned to bury under dark black eyeliner.  At least the makeup was still present, and covering a pimple-free face.  Still, I was not even trying to smile anymore, which doesn’t bode well…

Phase 3 Sicknast HairThe Look: In Denial

Phase 4: Weeks later, college finally taught me something—I got smart and bought a hat to cover the craziness.  By then, spots of red were starting to creep through my foundation and powder, but the pimples were mostly controllable.  Eyebrows seem bushier, but there was evidence of attempted makeup and hair-care.  Nevertheless, something in my eyes looked a little despondent.

Phase 3The Look: Starting to Wonder

Phase 5: Now, my hair hasn’t been washed since last month, and I don’t bother with trying to manage it anymore.  Instead, I give it a few tosses, decide it’s a lost cause, and bust out the Pollyanna braids.  {Plus a hat, because I have a feeling it’s going to be one of those days.}  I’m not wearing makeup because I’m fresh out (must’ve spent too much trying to pretend everything was okay during the last two phases).  But really, even if I had any makeup to apply, does this look like the face of someone who’s about to use it?

Acceptance of FateThe Look: Haggard

This how I walked around campus for 12 hours yesterday.  I’m pretty much a ghost these days—a shadow of my former self.  I float from class to class with a vacant look in my eyes:

That Haunted LookI look haunted, and I probably am.  Haunted by the ghost of how I used to be, that is.

Since I don’t have makeup to hide the aftermath, I don’t even bother to pop my pimples anymore—not even the whitehead volcanic ones.

Giant Whitehead Pimple

And that, my friends…

…that’s when you know it’s not getting bad…

…but it’s already gotten there.

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I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at facebook.com/archivesofourlives, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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32 Responses to Timeline of Decline

  1. chelsie says:

    There is a reason that we are best friends. I looked in the mirror today and thought “what the heck, who am I?”
    There have been times in the near past that I have looked cute and sported trendy clothes to school. Now, baggy jean and a hoodie.
    That is what I went to school in today, with my hair in a bun, my bangs pinned up (with no sign of poof), and no make-up to hide my tremendous zits or to make my eyes not look like Nemo eyes.

    Friend we need to go to the spa when you get here!!! Or just drop out, I think it would be cheaper…

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  3. Chloe says:

    Wow! you know what? I experienced the same as you! I almost left my degree, with only one subject to finish it. Thanks to Jimmy, who supported and encourgaged me, I decided to complete my degree.
    And I don’t regret it. :) Now I have better opportunities.
    Bon courage!! ;)

  4. colepack says:

    I think most on college go though that….. if it helps. Have ya worn PJ’s to class yet? Hats do wonders…

  5. nancy face says:

    Gosh, you’re a genius! I loved this! :)

  6. I think that they have shown pictures of presidents on the first day of office and during their term and it is quite noticeable. Stress does take it’s toll on one’s looks.

  7. You. Are. Brilliant.
    This should be sent out to college students everywhere! You’re linked and great way to Spin it!

  8. Katie says:

    When Chris was in graduate school, I got so used to seeing him that I didn’t really notice how ragged he was looking. But when I see pictures now, I can immediately identify if they were taken in the 3 years of grad school because he looks like a skeleton. A sleep-deprived skeleton. Its a very distinct look.

  9. Geneva says:

    You can make it! Besides, looking nice is totally overrated.

  10. HeatherPride says:

    Don’t let them beat you, Camille! Pull yourself out of that hole of despair! You can do it!!!

  11. Jan says:

    Hmmm…well, you make me glad I didn’t go to college now.

  12. Camille says:

    Chelsie— It’s fate, my friend. And may I say that I am HONOURED to have received another comment from you. You’re stingy with them, so this is just really flattering! Thanks.

    Chloe— I’m glad to know other people feel my sorrows.

    Colepack— I haven’t, but only because it’s FREEZING all the time outside, and my PJs are just thin flannel pants and t-shirts. I bundle up for school.

    cooltudor— rad.

    nancy face— Thanks! I’ve never been called a genius before!

    Christopher— Well there’s one job I’ll never apply for. If I can’t even handle the stress of a bachelor’s degree, how could I ever run a country? Nope!

    Sprite’s Keeper— I really feel good about myself when you tell me I’m brilliant! Thanks for the positive reinforcement!

    Katie— Poor Chris. I can relate. I’m going to look back on these pictures and hopefully think, “I’m so glad I don’t look like that anymore!”

    Geneva— That’s true. I’ve always thought so. : )

    HeatherPride— Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’ll try my hardest!

    Jan— Yeah. Think how I feel.

  13. Lauren says:

    Oh my gosh. This post = WIN! I LOLed!

    First off…don’t even tell me you don’t look hott in the last pic.

    Secondly…I love you

  14. anonymous says:

    don’t let them win! show them who’s the boss!

  15. Jami says:

    I hear you loud a clear! The first month of school I came looking cute every time I went to class.
    Now I go in my nasty shirts, with no make up, and greasy hair. Whatev…
    I used to get my homework done before I went to class…now I barely get it done. It is sad

  16. Whitney says:

    school= death. There should be no shame on your end at all. Make up or not, showered or not, hair done or not, you are gorgeous. Dont hide it.

  17. ann marie says:

    If you think school is bad for the skin.. wait till your a mommy. :)

    You are such a cute writer.
    Thanks for the close-up of the zit.

  18. Camille says:

    Lauren— It’s my goal in life to make people LOL! I’m glad I succeeded. I don’t look hott in the last pic.

    anonymous— Okay! I will!

    Jami— I know. I figure I’m lucky if I even get myself there…nobody should expect anything more than that!

    Whitney— Ha! You’re so silly. But I’m glad your back to the blogging world!!!

    ann marie— I don’t know if my face will be able to handle motherhood! Glad you liked the pimple picture.

  19. Hannah says:

    I left a comment on a previous post that my husband met you in Canada while on his mission, and I’ve been looking at your pictures thinking you look really really familiar. Anywho I was cleaning out one of our bedrooms and came across some pictures and low and behold there you are! They were pictures from a homecoming dance at west wood. I didn’t go there but got asked to the dance. You went with Darwin I think that’s his name… We went to that Ghost Town and got one of those old fashioned pictures! Do you remember? You prob thought my friend and I were total B’s. And I’m sorry if we were! I’m def a different person now. Any ways, what a small world! I wish I could attach the picture so you can see it, or maybe you have one?

  20. I haven’t worn makeup in what feels like weeks!!!!!!!
    I do, however, have to wash my hair everyday…..
    If I skip, then you can make bacon with the grease from my hair!!!

  21. Been there, done that… college took over my life. Sometimes I was in the architecture/design building for days straight, and I’m sure I wasn’t a pretty sight. More like a zombie.

  22. Rachel says:

    That last close up startled my husband as he was walking by, and that cracked me up. So thank you both for the great post, which was funny on its own, and also for the extra belly laugh!

  23. kate lines says:

    i left my makeup at my moms three weeks ago. i’m either way to low matienence or a total cheap skate. probably a little of both.
    and i hate school.

  24. Anonymous says:

    For the love of all that is holy, just pop it!!!

  25. But at least you’re brilliant, right?

  26. Joanie says:

    Spring is just about here, the sun is coming out and classes are nearly over! You’ll be happy and gorgeous in no time!
    Now you have to take pics as the improvement shows! Great spin!

  27. Kimberly says:

    Hi-larious. Fears…pashaw girl. Anyone that can post zits on their blog, is fearless :-)

  28. Pseudo says:

    Except for the pimple picture, but awesome shot in its own right, I thought you looked great in all the pictures. But what do I know, at 51, I avoid mirrors and face shots.

    The other day I dropped my daughter off at the University. I had such fond memories of my own attendance and college days. 20 years from now (especially compared to work) I think you’dd rmember it differently.

  29. Awesome spin – creative genius! :) What’s funny is when motherhood hits, the progression is basically the same… ;)

    Stopped by from Sprite’s – I’m enjoying my visit! ;)

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  31. Amy says:

    Camille, I empathize with you WAY TOO MUCH right now.

    Way. Too. Much.

    Why is it so much easier NOT to crack open the books, even when I know that’s EXACTLY what I need to do. I am living off Special K and almonds right now.

    I can’t wait to graduate.

    But thank you for your post. Camaraderie reboots my crushed soul.

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