Truth and Consequences

I am home after a short (much too short) weekend in Canada.

As I was going through Customs in the Calgary International Airport, I had to fill out a declaration form. I didn’t have anything to declare besides an overstuffed suitcase full of sweaters and scarves which I was planning on leaving at my fiancee’s house (where they will stay until I move up there in October and actually need them). Luckily, it isn’t illegal to bring sweaters into Canada (imagine how much people would have to pay in duty…) so I didn’t have to admit anything about Kyle, or my plans to become a Fairbanks on October 20th. I even took off my engagement ring because when I don’t, they ask me if I am engaged to a Canadian, and I get very nervous when lying to people in uniforms. Every time I cross the border, I feel like a complete fraud. At any rate, I made it through customs–whether or not I’ll make it through the gates of Heaven remains to be seen.

The biggest reasons for the trip were to see my fiancee, make wedding plans, and shoot engagement photos (though if you were to look on my Customs Declaration Form, my one and only purpose of the trip was to visit “family”). Here are some of the fruits of our photographic efforts.

Photo 5

Photo 6

I posted the top six favourite Announcement photos, and I hope everyone takes the opportunity to vote for their choice in the poll to the right. I would like to say that your vote will count for something, but when it comes down to it, the choice will probably just be up to Kyle and me. (If the results are totally obviously in favour of one, though, we will take that into consideration. Good citizens of Blogspot and LiveJournal, let your voice be heard!!!)

About Camille

I'm Camille. I have a butt-chin. I live in Canada. I was born in Arizona. I like Diet Dr. Pepper. Hello. You can find me on Twitter @archiveslives, Facebook at, instagram at ArchivesLives, and elsewhere.
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15 Responses to Truth and Consequences

  1. Melenie says:

    Um… I don’t see the poll. And I don’t see my favorite photo either, the one where you’re snuggled up to him with your leg kicked up. What’s UP, Camille?!?!

  2. Melenie says:

    It was a toss-up between #5 and #6, but I’m choosing #6 because Kyle’s tie is askew in #5.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Definitely #5 where you’re on the distressed looking bleachers. That is by far my favorite, and since I’m family, I think mine should count as two votes. I do think, though, that you ought to crop it a bit because at first glance, the position of your body makes your butt look big. (We all know, of course, that you have quite the firm deriere; nonetheless, you have to consider that first galnce…)

  4. Geevz says:

    My vote is probably photo six, but it could change if you zoomed in some of the other ones -Geneva

  5. Anonymous says:

    P.S.: If I click on your blog one more time and hear the SAME music playing, I am going to stop reading your blog. That is a promise, not a threat. Again, don’t get me wrong–I like this music. But I’m sick of hearing it over and over again. CHANGE IT!!!

  6. Camille says:

    Hello Friends! Here is a little update for my kind readers:
    -“Anonymous” is my big sister, Adell, and yes, she CAN talk to me like that. Nobody else, though. I changed the music from the lovely Joshua Radin to the more sickeningly sweet wedding sounds of “The Way You Look Tonight”. This I did out of Sisterly Compassion.
    -Geneva: I appreciate your feedback. Any further suggestions on how others should be cropped?
    -To All: I have tried 15 times to get a good solid POLL on the right-hand side of my blog, for your voting convenience. Blogspot, however, has different ideas. Please continue to “vote” by way of the comment feature. Thanks!

  7. Melenie says:

    I have kind of a silly question… I’m gonna look like a dolt even asking this I’m sure…

    Why is being engaged to a Canadian something you have to hid from Customs? How come you can’t tell them?

    Just wondering.

  8. lindser-lou says:

    Photo 3 is by far my favorite picture. it’s adorable! But you’re probably going to have a bit more formal announcement, so i vote 4 or 5….the distressed bleacher things are incredibly cool looking as your background!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think #3 is my favorite, too, upon further inspection. However, the background is much too informal to send out for an engagement photo. Could you photo shop that backdrop at all?

    Oh, and THANK YOU for changing the music.

  10. Jess says:

    hi…i am a complete stranger and i HAVE to post on picture 4. if you crop your (fabulous) legs out, that’s a great picture…but the way you are sitting…makes your legs appear to be HIS legs. does that make sense?

    i hope so. i try to never offend anyone on my first comment on their blog. ;)

    and crap, what was the music that was on your blog?? i am DYING to know!

  11. Lance Raleigh says:

    Camille Camille Camille,
    I thought you had Owen playing from your blog???
    Where do you get your Standalone music player bytheway?
    Great Blog. I’ll try and keep mine updated.

  12. Camille says:


    Lance-I had Owen playing on my blog for about 10 days and my big sister finally said she would either kill me or the song. So I changed it to Joshua Radin for a few days, which I loved. But my sister couldn’t tell the difference, so I just barely changed the music to something sappingly WEDDING. I will leave it that way until further notice. You can get a standalone player of your very own by clicking on the standalone player at the bottom of my blog. I recommend it.

    Jess- I am honoured beyond BELIEF to know that someone who I don’t know came across my blog and read it! You made my day, truly. Like I explained to Lance, and depending on when you heard the music on my blog, it was either Owen (a band) or Joshua Radin (a guy). Both can be found on iTunes. Both are amazing. Owen’s album I used was “At Home With Owen” and Joshua Radin’s was called “Closer” I think. Highly recommended, again.

  13. Lindsey Burnham says:

    WOW! You are so popular! You have more posts on this one entrie than I could ever hope for myself. I too love photo #3, but agree with Lindsay Sherman. I think I ended up voting for number #4, yet the more I thik and look at it, the more I like the bleacher picture… I’m here at work and Kevin likes picture #3 the best. He said it “looks the most couple-ish” take that as you will…

  14. Raygon says:

    camille, andy and i agree that we like #1. but we would like it more if the trees were cropped out a little. we like the out-door-sy background. good luck.

  15. Raygon says:

    by the way, when will you find out if you are the winner winner chicken dinner of the chicken naming contest…i think your name is a great one. also, andy and i do like #1 the best, but you guys are adorable in all of them! you are a doll camille.

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