Two Minutes You’ll Never Get Back…

…but then, why would you want to?

I have a page-long list of things I’ve been meaning to blog about, but couldn’t seem to find any motivation for any of them.  My iPod lended me just the sort of inspiration I needed for a day like today.  I give you…

“The Light is You” by Said The Whale

My like affair with Said The Whale started this summer, during the Beijing Olympics.  Being camped in front of our non-TiVo television for hours on end provided me the opportunity to see commercials.  Lots and lots of commercials.  I first heard this song, “The Light is You,” on an advertisement for fruit juice.  I know, I know…totally cheesy.  Nevertheless, I looked into their repertoire and learned that they are, for the most part, still undiscovered.  Their only web page is on MySpace™, for heaven’s sake [and did you see the size of their Wiki™ article?].  I’m happy when I “discover” music that isn’t yet on the radio; I consider this a smashing success.  No matter the venue, the music’s great.  Have a listen.

Said The Whale has a very distinct sound about them, and I can only describe it as a mixture between The Shins, The Weakerthans, and another group none of you have ever heard of (from Mesa).  Anyway, they’re excellent.

It was their album, Howe Sounds/Taking Abalonia, that almost singlehandedly got me through my most recent solo road trip from Arizona to Canada. That’s 24 hours of driving time, people.  And I rarely listen to one album twice in a row, so it’s saying quite a lot.

These guys remind me of boys that didn’t exist my year of high school: unique, independent, fashion-conscious [but not fashion-driven]…  Clever…  Intelligent…  [I can say without a doubt that 2004 was the worst graduating class to try and find a date in.  Slackers, the whole lot of them.  Slim pickin’s.]  At any rate, if these boys had gone to my high school, they probably wouldn’t have liked me, so there’s no sense crying over melted snowmen…

Speaking of snowmen, they’re Canadian (nice segue, I know).  I really do believe there is a huge source of undiscovered talent north of the 49th parallel, and I’m glad to be living in a country with so much musicality to offer.  Every time I hear a great song that came out of Canada, I add it to a mental tally of reasons I’m happy to be here (also on that list is my toothless husband and french fries dipped in gravy).

But seriously.  Said The Whale.  “The Light is You.”  If this song doesn’t make you smile, it’s because you’re dead and your body has already undergone rigor mortis.

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15 Responses to Two Minutes You’ll Never Get Back…

  1. niki says:

    That apple orchard is quite dreamy. Your last line gave me a good chuckle.

  2. Holly Decker says:

    it does make me smile- it truly does!

    and you are right… what a find… and to beat the radio station to it is truly amazing! good job!

    and seriously- i laughed out loud VERY loudly on the paragraph that begins with “this group reminds me of boys that DIDNT in my years of high school”… you are HILARIOUS!
    and i am still laughing.

  3. Geneva says:

    You know I tried to convince my family that. No one believed me that I had a bad year. they just thought I must have been a big loser not to get asked out (and I probably was). But Elena saw the truth and whole heartily agreed with us. I think there were just less of them, and definitely less stellar ones. I can’t think of more than a handful that just made you feel good being around them.

    And have you discovered pandora? They always throw in some songs from people I haven’t heard. It has been responsible for more of my CD buying than the radio ever has.

  4. Whitney says:

    you did have an awful year for boys.. My year was better but the only problem was they were all like my brothers and who wants to date their brother. Nice music choice. They are different, in a good way.

  5. sarah says:

    I could not agree with you more on our class of 2004 boys!! That was a cute little song. I also like finding songs that not everybody knows and loves, that are played 500 million times a day on the radio so it gets to the point where you hate the song because it’s loved!

  6. Camille says:

    Niki– I know, I instantly felt connected with that orchard. I wish I had one of my own.

    Holly Decker– But you know I’m right, right? There were lots of good boys BEFORE my year, and TONS in the 1-3 years AFTER…but none in 2004.

    Geneva– It’s true. I took a detailed analysis of the quality of the male species in Mesa over a period of 100 years, and 2004 was without a doubt the worst. Conclusive evidence and all that jazz.

    Whitney– Everyone’s confirming it! It’s true! Only I feel bad now, because few of my acquaintances married out of that year, so…awkward.

    Sarah– I know. It’s true, about the boys, and about the 500 million times a day. Up here it’s even worse because there are only two radio stations that even TRY to be trendy…but they’re like 5 years behind the times. Sad.

  7. HeatherPride says:

    I’ll have to check this out at home where the video will actually play for me! Dang this working gig….

    Anyway, are you still thinking about coming to the Rockies?? That would be STELLAR!!! We would love it. We are just getting ready to send out some info via email so I will add your email to the list! Yay!

  8. NobodyNose says:


  9. i’ll smile after i finish crying.
    i’m such a sap for romantic music.
    you’re the wizard, of romantic music.
    thank you.

  10. sorry.
    listened to it again. cried again. thank you.

    i totally remember that commercial too. good music.

  11. anna says:

    How in the world do people find music like that? I am certain I’ve never heard a song before that everyone on the radio hasn’t also heard. And there’s not much on the radio (surprise). What a fantastic song, thanks for sharing and someday I’ll own albums and albums of songs like that.

  12. Camille says:

    HeatherPride– I really am THINKING about attending. It mostly depends on what info. you email (read: COST). Sad to say, but my funds are not limitless, so it all just depends. I would like to, though!

    NobodyNose– Huh back atcha.

    Burnt Cookies– I’m a major sap, too.

    Burnt Cookies– No need to apologise. It IS a good song.

    Anna– Watch Canadian TV, I guess. I don’t know. I really like music. It’s kind of a hobby for me. I know, I rarely BUY albums I like, but this one I did. I had to have it on my iPod or I would not have been happy. Pathetic.

  13. Anonymous says:


    It sounded good until it kept breaking up. I’m not sure why it was breaking up, but at any rate, I turned it off after while. I’d love to hear it in its entirety, though. Perhaps I’ll Demonoid them. Thanks, PK.

  14. my goal in the future is to not cry over melted snowmen. :) thank you for the sentiment. I always love un-tapped musical genius, from even the most obscure of sources.

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