Two More Contestants

Another Rachel wanted a piece of the cute-kid action, even though, she observed, no college tuition has been offered as a reward for the winner.  I told her that if I had enough money for college tuition, I’d use it for my own self, since school is starting in less than a week (horrors!).  Plus, if it was a true competition with a good grand prize, I would rig the votes so that my nephew won.  I have no morals.

Anyway, Rachel writes:

Can I get in on the Cutest Kid voting, in the just turned 2 (Lillian) and almost 4 (Elizabeth) categories?  Those are some darn cute little ones you’re featuring, and I’d like to splash my own super cutie pies all over your site.  Obviously I’m not one of those moms who hides her children from the internets…  :)

April 2009 111

August 2009 003


July 2009 282

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One Response to Two More Contestants

  1. linda rae says:

    aaaawwww!! Those are some very cute little girlies.

    Camille’s MIL

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