Very Cool English Bloggers

Why are English people so cool?

My English friend Ros from Ticklepea is doing some really awesome stuff on her blog right now. I’ve taken the liberty to swipe one of her latest cool posts to show you so you can be tempted to click over and see more on her own website:

I took this image without permission; Ros, if you want me to take it off just say the word!

Every one of these artsy-sketchy posts I read has me kicking myself for not thinking of doing it first. They are so thoughtfully composed, so perfectly natural and laidback and lovely. It’s so refreshing to see something new like this online when most of the rest of us are trudging away writing boring old typed-out posts like we’ve always done. I want to do one of my own but I can’t steal her idea now, obviously, because no one likes a copy cat, and moreover my copy catting would be nowhere near as lovely as her own British/English cleverness.

I knew I should’ve been born English.

Also noteworthy: Ros’s equally English boyfriend (partner? mate? lover? how do you classify yourselves, you two? or do you do that cool thing where you buck the system and reject classifications of any sort?), James, started a blog of late called Design is Cool, and it is also a very worthwhile read. He does fun things like link to clever advertisements and post pictures of English grocery packaging, which I think is brilliant inasmuch as my weakness for nice packaging is borderline obsessive.

Image brazenly stolen from James’s blog.

I have both Ros and James’s blogs added to my Google Reader and always look forward to new posts from them. You should check them out; they’re England’s coolest couple (second, perhaps, only to Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter).

Image from here.

Oh, wait, Tim Burton’s American. We only think he’s British because he’s so cool. Who IS England’s coolest couple, I wonder? Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin? No, Gwenyth’s American too; she only acts British in films.

Any ideas?

Nah, better just stick with Ros and James: two seriously cool English people.

I know you’ll agree.

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2 Responses to Very Cool English Bloggers

  1. Katie Harvey says:

    I don’t have strong feelings about this particular post. (Although I love British people, too.) It’s just your most recent post, and I needed to comment somewhere. My friend just sent a link to your blog on Facebook, and I have spent the last 6 hours reading all about you. (That sounds creepy, but you are the one who put it all on the internet.) I am fascinated by you, mostly because you appear to be living my life several years ahead of me. I am from Mesa, and I just married a Canadian. (One difference is that you dated your guy for 2 years and I dated mine for 2 months. Crazy, I know, but he was perfect for me, and I was 30 and had come to understand how rarely “perfect” comes along.) I have so many questions for you. Such as:
    -What did you do to keep busy while you were waiting for your permanent residence? (I know one of the things you did was go to school- how painful and expensive was it getting a student visa? I already have my degree in my chosen career and don’t really need to go to school. I’m just SO bored I’m considering options.)
    -Why did it take three years for everything to go through? (I’ve heard one year for stage 1 and up to 6 months for stage 2.)
    -What did you do for insurance while you were waiting for Permanent Residence? -What problems did you have crossing back and forth over the border?
    These are all very boring questions and you don’t need to answer them. I am mostly writing to say that I really enjoy your blog. It’s funny, and you are a good writer. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Okay, I love the new blog layout, but it took me a bit to figure out where to comment. Just FYI. You need not change it because of me, but if you are getting fewer comments I suspect that’s why.

    Comment #2: How can I teach my kids to speak with a British accent???? All I’ve managed (albeit unknowingly) is a twangy southern Utah drawl that occasionally slips out of P’s mouth. I blame his father, for obvious reasons.

    Comment #3: I love these Smories! I forgot how much I enjoyed good ole’ Harriet and the Pea! Bless that boy’s heart. He really is delightful. I am going to show all these to P in the morning. He will adore them. Someday I can just see him reading some of these stories with as much animation. Want to post a Smorie of P in a few years? How about with a children’s book written by his auntie?

    Comment #4: You spend too much time moaning and groaning about what you haven’t done with your writing. Instead, just write. I just read on another blog that comparison is the thief of joy. So what if you didn’t write Harriet and the Pea? Or Twilight? Or Harry Potter? You will write something equally splendid if you spend more time writing and less time comparing.

    Comment #5: (Just in case your feelings were hurt by #4, I will leave you with a more cheerful ending.) Today we were eating lunch (me, P, Boo) and P says, out of nowhere, “Mom, Ky-Key’s teeth fall out all the time. Did you know? Why? Why do they do that?” Imagine trying to explain that to a four year-old.

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