Whatcha Wearin’ Wednesday—A Happy Accident

My friend Niki is starting a new club—a weekly run-down of fashion—entitled What are You Wearing Wednesday. Inasmuch as she blatantly proclaimed that my Saturday Steals inspired this event (an admission which made me blush—thanks, Niki!), I thought it was only right that I join in the fun.

Now. Even on my most fashionable of days, I’m not very good at fashion. I’m not good at following trends. I’m certainly not good at starting trends (although I used to try back in junior high, but I quit the day I realised that wearing paper clips for earrings probably would never catch on). I mostly just wear clothes that are comfortable and clean. (I always wash my jeans after exactly thirteen wears because I know that cleanliness is next to godliness. You should, too, if you know what’s good for you.)

Really, my participation in this event is kind of laughable.

But I’m going to participate all the same, because I discovered this outfit a few weeks ago and I kind of haven’t stopped wearing it since. So I thought I’d share it with you:

Regular readers of this blog are probably thinking this image looks familiar, and they’d be right: I posted it last week to illustrate my new necklace.

But it’s more than just the necklace that I like about this outfit—it’s everything.

It all came about rather accidentally, to tell you the truth…

I bought these ill-fated skinny jeans in June at DownEast Basics (after months of searching) because I discovered they came in 36-inch inseam—just my size!

Too bad I ignored the part about how they are so low rise they make my muffin top look like it was fresh-baked at Costco.

Because of said muffin top dilemma, I have always had to wear these skinny jeans with looser tops, like this one:

But incidentally, on the very day I wore the shirt (above) with these skinny jeans, I had a wardrobe malfunction that compelled me to hightail it to the nearest clothing retailer, which just happened to be Ann Taylor Loft, where I skulked into the dressing room and changed out of my broken shirt into the white V-neck T-shirt you see in the first photo.

I ripped off the tag, took it to the cash register, and asked the lady to please ring me up. I thought the shirt didn’t look very good because it wasn’t as flowy as the tops I usually wear, but it was on clearance for $6.00 and I needed something that wouldn’t fall apart in front of famous people. So I bought it.

But then a funny thing happened: my friend Chelsie convinced me that she liked the shirt, and so, reassured, I kept wearing it. For days on end.

Before long, I’d become enamoured with my new white T-shirt and muffin top skinny jeans! As it happened, I bought the shirt in a size larger than I normally would, which allowed just enough breathing room to alleviate my spare tire anxieties. It’s such a simple outfit—”jeans and a T-shirt” in every sense—but for some reason it seems versatile enough to wear for date night or for a morning of errands. And I have worn it to both.

I’ve also worn it to the dentist, to school, on an airplane, and to parties (just kidding I don’t go to parties). I’d wear it to church if I thought I could get away with it.

It’s my new favourite outfit and I think every girl should have one.

Additional details:

Necklace from Bead for Life.

Sunglasses from my garage.

Flip flops from Marshall’s.

Watch from Fossil™ as an end-of-semester gift back in April.

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8 Responses to Whatcha Wearin’ Wednesday—A Happy Accident

  1. Spencer says:

    Flip flops from Old Navy, manpris from JC Penny, Polo shirt, hoodie from ON, watch from Kenneth Cole, glasses from Gucci.

  2. Chloe says:

    What I’m wearing right now is my pajamas! haha
    It’s the best way of starting my vacations!

  3. Anonymous says:

    You should listen to Chelsie more often. It’s a very flattering look for you. I like it.

  4. chelsie says:

    I knew it! When I saw that cute outfit on the necklace issue I thought to myself “that is the ann taylor loft shirt I told camille she looked good in”. I swear after seeing you wear it in new york I wanted one my self. I love white shirts and go through them like hot cakes!
    I get paid this week (hiphip horray) maybe I should go on down to the loft…

  5. Alaina says:

    I wish I could say I’m being fashionable today, but sadly I’m not…same jeans I wore yesterday, knit shirt from Target and brown flats. This week I’m kind of just wearing the first thing I grab :-)

  6. Dallan always gets mad at me when I’m on day four of wearing the same outfit.

    “Back off! Different people have seen this outfit everyday. Unfortunately for you, you live with it. Don’t judge me.”

    Wow, that made me sound like a biotch. Imaging me saying the above with a humorous voice and us chuckling together afterwards.


  7. niki says:

    made your muffin top look like it was fresh baked from costco…that is money! love it.

    thanks for participating…and for being the first;)

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