What have I done?

I am overwhelmed.

(It’s totally obvious, and it’s only September. If my appearance deteriorates as much this semester as it did last time, I’ll be a snaggle-toothed hag by Thanksgiving.)

I think I may have finagled a way into the Jane Austen class.

But—as these things usually go—I had no sooner begged the professor for a slot in the elusive class than I felt an ulcer take residence in the centre of my stomach lining. Six full-length Austen novels to read? On top of Literary Theory, Art History, six other Victorian novels, and a creative writing class? And driving to campus (no small feat, for it’s a forty-five minute commute one way, and icy roads are looming around every weather forecast) four days a week whereas before I’ve only ever gone two days? And racing home three of those four days to teach piano lessons?

When will I have time to read, and research, and write?

Perhaps I should’ve left well enough alone.

Yet I know that if I hadn’t tried everything in my power to get into that class (a class that only comes around once every three years), I would’ve regretted it to the end of my days.

So maybe this will be a heinous semester. But it’s really only a few months, and then it’ll be done. I can wake up a bit earlier, go to bed at 10:00 every night, double up my daily dosage of DDP. I can do hard things, and I can rock at them.

And anyway, it’s not a sure thing that I’ll even get the Austen class.

But I’m resting easier knowing that I’ve done everything in my power, and if God deems that I should take a class on my favourite author of all time, Dude’ll make it happen. And if He knows myself better than I do (not unlikely), and foresees that it would be the death of me, He’ll see to it that I am good and thwarted.

Truly, though, it could be worse.

I could be enrolled in a math class.

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8 Responses to What have I done?

  1. Shesten says:

    Indeed. Math would suck. Good luck with the schedule!

    Sidenote about Math: I read a British novel a few weeks ago and they called it Maths. It was really hard to not correct the characters in my head.

  2. Geevz says:

    Agreed! Math would be several times worse. See you could psyche yourself out of the homework and call it reading for fun. AND you may end up reading less than you think because you already know the stories so well. I think you’ll end up in the class, 5th hour crossed their fingers for you. I even yelled at the kids who didn’t and we kept doing it until everyone did. That is some mighty positive energy. Of course, I couldn’t control if they were thinking “Camille, Camille, Camille” like I told them too so it’s not absolutely guaranteed.

    Great job with the “que sera, sera” attitude too! You rock! You CAN do hard things. And if life becomes way harder, remember that you’ll be getting stronger.

  3. Molly says:

    You referred to God as Dude. 100 point bonus right there.

    You will survive this… or you will decide which one class needs to be dropped so you can survive it. Either one, everything will be fine :)

  4. Cristin says:

    45 minutes commute? Put the books on your iPod and listen to them while you drive. Audible.com is kind of cheap. I took a British Fiction class in college, sounds similar to your Jane Austen class. Tons of reading and writing, but I liked it so I didn’t mind.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry. You can do it. This sucks. Just think, though, that your reward will be to come hold Benny Boy at Christmas. That will make it all worth it, right? Want me to try to go into labor on your birthday? Would that make you happy? And we could name him…Carmel…after you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    P.S.: Cristin has a good idea. You should look into downloading your books onto your ipod. Kill two birds and all that.

  7. Alaina says:

    Hang in there…you CAN do this! And yes, Math blows, so it could always be much worse…

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