What I’m Wearing? Uggs, Mostly. AND NOTHING ELSE.

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I used to think Uggs were hideous.

Especially when paired with skinny jeans.

I never realised how useful the combination could be in a snowy place, though. See, when you wear skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, a few things happen:

1. The hems of your jeans stay warm and dry, as opposed to freezing and wet from trudging through giant snow drifts.

2. Okay, so that’s the only really functional use for tucking skinny jeans into Uggs.

But it’s a function that I utilize five days out of seven in this country, so that’s like a 71% functionability rate.

Oh, forget it. I do not need to rationalise the fact that I now own both skinny jeans and Uggs and I wear them together on a regular (as in almost every day) basis.


I will say that my particular pair of Uggs are not the normal suede-looking kind that you see all around town all the time.

Mine are leather, rather—the shinier-looking kind (although not patent leather by any stretch…just shinier than suede)—with two buckles on each boot and just loads of character.

Regular suede Uggs are a dime a dozen at my University—nearly every girl (and the occasional guy) on campus wears them every day.

Like I said, I can no longer blame them for this. It’s a handy look. But just because I can see the usefulness of Uggs doesn’t mean I think everybody should wear the exact same style, especially not now that Uggs come in all kind of styles.

Which is why I spent a little extra (when you’re spending that much on boots anyway what’s another twenty bones) to be a little more unique. Here they are from some website:

And here they are on my feet in bed, which is just one of the many places I like to wear them because I have to get my money’s worth:

And here they are playing their role in the dreaded two-part combination (with my legs looking ridiculous because I was trying to angle them so as to showcase my boots at their very best angle):

I really truly like these boots a lot. I would say I love them but I don’t love anything that’s not human. But I as close to love them as I can. I slip my feet into them in the morning and the sheepskin lining is immediately warm, almost like there’d been a little boot fairy keeping her feet in my boots for me all night so they are nice and toasty for me when I get up for the day. Aside from the creepiness of that, I mean. (Can you imagine if some lady hung around your house at night trying on your shoes? Gross.)

The only way I could adore them more is if they didn’t make me look like I had cankles.

But really, cankles are a price I am willing to pay for the comfort and warmth of these life-changing boots.

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6 Responses to What I’m Wearing? Uggs, Mostly. AND NOTHING ELSE.

  1. Liz says:

    You just made me realize how cold my feet are right now… I need slippers- STAT!

    I like those boots. The buckles really do have character! I have black Bearclaw suede boots, but they were on sale last year like 80% off! I wear them with my jeans on the outside, because I feel too restricted with them on the inside.

  2. Niki says:

    Girl, you make those uggs look smashing!

    Thanks for participating.

    Ps. Boyd picked that outfit all by himself. Cardigan and all. I mean, I wasn’t even the one that bought it.

  3. Geevz says:

    My freshman year at NAU me and my roommate made fun of Uggs so bad. Then we both got knockoffs for Christmas. And took back every ridicule because they are awesome in the snow.

    And yours are exceptionally cute. And I wish my legs looked as good as yours.

  4. Granmama says:

    They are nice and I love them—more when I see you in them in person. Nevertheless, they are nice and I’m glad they’re keeping your feet warm.

  5. Okay, I think I could do Uggs if they looked like that. I’m converted!


  6. jami says:

    I myself don’t think uggs are as bad as everyone makes them out to be. BUT, I agree. Everyone sports them. Even here in mesa AZ where you can hardly justfy wearing boots that create such warmth. Usually the girls just wear short shorts, a tank top, and the boots. Hahah. BUT yours are beautiful.
    Also, thanks for your advice. I talked with a couple of other people as well, and it seems that everyone agrees. I am going to hold of th 15th. Whenever she is ready she can come.

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