When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Escape to Happier Times.

Prolific FlowersThis post is about happier days.

Sunday evenings are almost perfect, and I’ve thought so for as long as I can recall.

When I was a little girl, Sundays meant three hours of church, followed by leisurely playing/reading/dinnering, and later, an evening walk to my grandma’s house for family visits.  I liked Sundays.  Sundays meant family, calm, quietude, and rest.  Of course, Sundays inevitably ended with the dread of another week at school, and another week ’til the next Sunday—the simple joys of Sundays were always overshadowed by the looming, dooming Monday, lurking just on the other side of midnight.

Not much has changed.  Sundays are still peaceful, reverent days of detox for me, but they are also ever-tainted by tomorrow.  Mondays always come, bringing with them a whole slew of woes that I’d much rather leave behind in the weekend.

Of course, I’m nowhere near powerful enough to change the calendar, or seriously advocate for the five-day weekend {though I’m a closet supporter of the movement}, so all I can do is sit back and live with it, like all the other unmotivated losers who are not in control of their own destinies…

But one thing I can control is my power of recollection—I won’t lose that for many years to come {I hope}, and thank goodness.  It’s times like these that I need my memory to recall happier times…

…like that road trip I took with Poor Kyle back in February during Reading Week.  I realised I never posted about it, and it was a lovely trip, so I shouldn’t let it go ignored:

1.  After a brief delay, we crossed the border and drove to Oregon from Canada, and stopped to sleep in the back of the FSomething50 for one night…

Sleeping in the TruckI’m atrocious in person, and this photo is proof.  Poor Kyle looks great in bed head—I’ve always thought so.

2.  The next day, while Poor Kyle did boring work stuff, I wandered through the streets of downtown Salem, making the most of a sunny morning.  I antiqued, I boutiqued, and eventually, I fatigued {but not before scoring a cute new chapstick, the brand of which I had never before seen (and even though it highly resembles, it doesn’t nearly measure up to Burt’s Bees™ Pomegranate Lip Balm [which should come as a shock to absolutely no one])}.

Waiting for Poor KyleHere I am in front of the Salem City Courthouse, waiting for Poor Kyle and wishing my tired-looking hair had already been dyed back to its natural colour.

Boss Lady Honeysuckle Nectar Lip BalmBoss Lady™ Lip Balm in Honeysuckle Nectar {purchased on super-sale from a darling little shop whose name I will never remember}.

3.  When he picked me up, he announced that wouldn’t it be fun if we drove to the coast?  Of course I was delighted, because if there’s one thing I love more than Poor Kyle, it’s a spontaneous Poor Kyle; and if there’s one place more beautiful than central Oregon, it’s Coastal Oregon.  So we went.

Oregon CoastHere’s Poor Kyle at the Oregon Coast, donning a hat to conceal aforementioned bed head.  And here’s me with a chubby face, wishing I had never eaten all those truffles (but what’s done is done; let’s not dwell).

truffleWho am I kidding?  I don’t know how NOT to dwell.  I hold major grudges against anyone who’s ever done me wrong, myself included.  Curse me!

We ended up in a little place called Lincoln City, which was very precious, but by the time we got there we were too tired to do anything besides eat at Mo’s and leave.  So the pictures are scarce, but trust me: it was lovely.

Oregon CoastPoor Kyle was so bitter about taking this picture, since we had just taken one on the OTHER side of this same inlet an hour earlier.

After dinner, I said to Poor Kyle, “Poor Kyle?  Wouldn’t you like to take nice romantic walk on that beach?”


I tried harder, in my best high-pitched giddy wife voice (which raised an octave every other word)…  “But it would be so precious, and we could take pictures of our feet in the ocean tide, and you could write I HEART CAMILLE in the sand and then, and then, and then! We could take pictures of ourselves in front of it and post the pictures on my blog and then all the world would know how madly in love we are?”


I tried smarter…  “Well…we could go down to that beach and not hold hands, but instead pretend we are pirates and hunt for buried treasure…”

When that didn’t work, I knew nothing would.  Instead, I cajoled one more picture in front of that unattainable beach, a picture practically identical to the first, but it was worth it just to prove that we did more than park on a highway lookout point and leave.  Too bad I didn’t get a picture of Mo’s.

Anyway, after our fun day seeing the sights (not pictured is a trip to the outlet malls, which are never as fun as I think they’re going to be), we packed up and headed back to Canada, where I promptly started whining about school again, and have been ever since.

I think it’s safe to say I’m happiest when I’m traveling, or, at the very least, I’m happiest when it’s not Monday, or, at the honest-to-goodness very VERY least, college is a wretched institution, and summer rocks my world.

Is your Monday going well?

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16 Responses to When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Escape to Happier Times.

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s still Sunday for me, and I agree wholeheartedly with you about the Sunday thing. It’s too close to Monday to be absolutely perfect. As is Saturday, and Friday for that matter. I vote for Thursday!

  2. Granmama says:

    I was honored to have Grandma come tome tonight to visit—along with BIG P who only loves his MAMAMA mama and the MAMA. My perfect Sunday was ruined with the dread of 4-15 looming. I got the last bit of info to the tax man and he will hopefully be able to get them done by Wednesday. Now there’s a good blog————–TAXES and the stimulus plan. I just hope I come out even and don;t have to pay a bunch of taxes now that I how ZERO dependents.

    I’m glad you remember Sundays at home with fondness. Hot and sultry as they are, I especially like Summer Sundays because there’s no school the next day.

    Te amo,
    MR. P’s Gamamamammamamama

  3. Shalynna says:

    I love Sundays too, but you know what gets to me? Sunday mornings always seem to go by way too fast! Yesterday I did the whole Easter basket thing, hemmed David’s pants, and the clock chimed and it was already time to head to church!

    Lucky for me, Monday is a bank holiday so no work tomorrow! But that just means that Tuesday will feel like a Monday. :(

    That road trip looks like a blast. I thought it was hilarious how you said, “We can take pictures of our feet in the sand, write I heart my husband, etc.” Classic.

  4. Maureen says:

    Bah. Mondays are evil, and should not exist.

  5. HeatherPride says:

    I really miss the Pacific coastline!! So many happy memories of living in California…..looks like fun!

    Also, no, my Monday never goes well…

  6. Geneva says:

    Yes Mondays are evil! Right now I should be going to work, but I’m going to be a little late so I can feel in control of my life. Sundays are always tainted by the thought of monday. Alicia says that being a teacher your week actually starts at 9:30pm Sunday when you flip out and plan your lesson for the next day. I hate Mondays.

  7. Camille says:

    Anonymous my sister— Kindred. Thursdays are best.

    Granmama— Yes, summer is only a few weeks away! I can’t wait…

    Shalynna— I have the same problem, and we even have late church! My excuse is that I have to leave early because I play the organ…but it doesn’t make me any happier.

    Maureen— I agree. I wish there was some way to do away with them! They throw off my groove.

    Geneva— I have many memories of watching my teacher mother mourn the loss of her weekend with the coming of Mondays. I’m sorry for your pain.

  8. Alex says:

    you lucky girl!! looks like you had a lovely time. i feel the same way about monday….they suck. but it looks like you made the most out of your weekend.

  9. raygon says:

    I never liked Sundays as a kid. Unless it was summer. Because Sunday just meant monday was coming which meant school was coming which meant oatmeal and toast for breakfast was coming. My mom fed that to us ALL THE TIME during the school year. She said it would “stick to my ribs”. Whatever that means. But summer Sundays were lazy and fun. We could eat Cheerios in the summer time too!

  10. Holly Decker says:

    you make me want to fall in love all over again.

    i wish i wouldve savored my time with Jeff more before this kid came along… not that i dont savor it now, but that its few and far between.

    my monday?
    well i havent cried yet. and that is saying A LOT.
    thanks for your fabulous words and writings… its refreshing to read your blog.

  11. ann marie says:

    Your nice that you like Kyle’s bedhead..
    I admit.. I hate Chad’s bed head. :)

    I love the serenity of Sundays also..
    I am still wondering why and how in the world you are in Canada.. Since I’m new-ish here.. I’m thinking was it School? Or Kyle is from there? Or you just thought ” I want to live in Canada.. Just curious..
    And NOSY. ha-ha..
    are you ANYWHERE near prince Edward Island?? If you are… I may be too jealous to visit your blog anymore… kidding. Kinda.

  12. Chloe says:

    I’m back!!! I love this post!!
    When I was a child, my favourite day was Saturdays! I hated (and still hate) Sundays and Mondays! Ugh!

  13. anna says:

    I used to HATE leaving my parent’s house on Sunday nights because it meant the next day was Monday. As backlash for all the dread, I now nearly refuse to work at a client on Monday… which is why Tuesday is always my suggestion when they ask when I can come in. :)

  14. Eh Shmeh.
    The Cowgirl outfit I wore for Twin Day today was ACUTELY uncomfortable but a bunch of boys told me how much they liked it……and a bunch of girls told me my boobs looked huge in it…..huh……

  15. Christal says:

    I loved sundays too still do! Especially now that darren isn’t in the bishopric and comes home with us! But ours was filled with about the same growing up as yours was. It’s nice. Although 1:00 church doesn’t really agree with our family and by the time 4:00 rolls around I’m ready to kill pretty much. But this windy windy monday is about to end with putting the kids to bad then it won’t be so bad anymore lol!!! What a fun trip you and pk had for reading week those are the best kind. hope you have a great week!!

  16. After a 4 hour nap today? Yes, my Monday went very well! Nice pictures and your face is NOT chubby!

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