When the wind blows

I don’t know why I ever even bother doing my hair. It always ends up like this anyway thanks to the fact that I live in the windiest city in the world (my statistic, not Science’s). I was this close to shaving all my hair yesterday at the Pay-Five-Dollars-to-Shave-Your-Head-for-Cancer booth set up in the Students’ Union, but I thought five bucks was a bit steep in These Hard Economic Times. Mark my words, though, it won’t be long before this atrocious wind drives me to utter lunacy. I see shaved heads on my horizon.

***COME BACK TOMORROW FOR SATURDAY STEALS! I don’t want to beg, but please, please, PLEASE. I KNOW you guys are getting deals every week; you practically have to go OUT OF YOUR WAY not to get deals. So please document them and link up to my post; it’s been so fun to see what other deals people have gotten. I really want this thing to work. Here’s a hint about mine: What’s black and white and polyester all over? Answer: my steal.***

***And also, Jordan from Jordan Sometimes won the Nora Headband. I got seven emails, but Jordan’s was the first. (Within minutes, really: I published the post, went to the toilet, and before I could wipe, I heard the familiar ding of a new email in my inbox. We should all call her “Quick Draw” or something equally praiseworthy. Girl’s got skills, and they just won her a headband.)***

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4 Responses to When the wind blows

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  2. Jordan says:

    Okay, so thanks for making me feel like a loser ;)
    What happened was, I happened to check twitter (as I do sporadically throughout the day since I spend my life in front of a computer…maybe I am a loser) and you had just tweeted about it, so I hopped on over and emailed you.

    Thanks again, I like winning things!

  3. Molly says:

    bummer, i thought perhaps i had won something for the very first time.

  4. Granmama says:

    I have a Saturday Steal but I don’t know how to post it on your system. SHould I just write about it under the comments or what?

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