You Know You’ve Been on Too Many Road Trips When…

…the prospect of sleeping in the backseat of a Ford FYadda50 doesn’t even phase you:

Though the “morning after” experience is not nearly as glamourous as one might imagine.

As you may know, Poor Kyle and I are seasoned road-trippers.  We’ve bunked out in the truck on more than one occasion, and I was looking forward to avoiding such a feat this trip.  I had the promise of a luxurious hotel in Pasco, Washington, but yesterday’s 5.5 hour delay made reaching Pasco an impossible goal.  So, instead of my favourite hotel with the good shampoo and delicious bedding, I got to sleep in a truck {which looks roomy until you’re trying to complete a REM cycle, and then it’s kind of like wouldn’t it be better to just amputate my legs below the knees because then at least I could stretch out?  They’re doing amazing things with prosthetics these days}. And now, anywhere I have a joint, I also have an accompanying crick, which makes the second day of driving sort of painful.  And by painful I mean nothing short of hard liquor could make this bearable.

…Hope the hat was worth it.

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14 Responses to You Know You’ve Been on Too Many Road Trips When…

  1. HAHA.

    (I’m not laughing at you; I’m laughing with you… You’re laughing, right?)

  2. Geneva says:

    Judging by the picture, the hat was totally worth it.

  3. Anonymous says:


    So sorry. Sounds painful. Clint and I slept in the back seat of the Chevy one time when we were going on that family Bountiful temple trip. It was the worst night of my entire life. And I’m usually pretty low-key when it comes to sleeping. Anyway, I can definitely empathize. I’m sorry! It was fun, though, to see PK’s bed head. It’s so funny that his hair is so short, but can still stick out in such a variety of different angles. I sure miss you guys…

  4. anna says:

    I’m not too picky about where I sleep. Just a few weeks ago I shared a twin mattress with my 6’2″, 220lb. husband. But the car, not the car, truck or any other vehicle for that matter.

  5. HeatherPride says:

    You’ve definitely earned your road trip wings now!!

  6. alexamae says:

    you are so cute!! i love it. and i can ALWAYS count on you for a laugh. no kidding! i hate sleeping in cars…and im only counting 3 hour road trips. and by the looks of it: the hat WAS worth it!

  7. holly janeen says:

    well, that picture of you and PK is a darling one. hope you get to enjoy a hotel at your next stop :)

  8. EverybodyNose says:

    sAd SaD dAy!!!
    But I do adore that picture of you and your hubby!

  9. jami says:

    well it sounds as fun as camping in the cold!

  10. niki says:

    lol! this one was good. what a perfect description!

    is that you in the last pic? i can never tell. you look so different in each picture. the hat is fabulous, none the less. worn quite well!

  11. jeff says:

    For sure, the hat is way stylin’. But i think i would have preferred the hotel room, to the Fyadda50. I’m just curious, i’m a bit of a car and truck guy, what model does PK drive? I’m guessing something big, maybe with dual rear an F350? Or F450? Thems are a sweet ride.

  12. anonymous says:

    what a cute hat!

  13. Christal says:

    Okay you are hilarious I just sat here and laughed and read your old posts! You are to funny I love sarcasm!! I found you today from the lowry’s she commented on mine and I thought I was clicking on her’s but it was the blogs she follows and got you!! Fun and you did a great job today on your battle hymn you are good!! Anyway i’m going to add you to my list cause if you don’t care! ttys

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