Yummy Mummy™ in My Tummy

Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag1

Are you pregnant?

I’m not. But that doesn’t stop me from scouting out cute pregnancy and baby stuff.  No, I don’t plan on reproducing any time soon, but when I do, I fully intend to be one of the trendiest pregnant women ever to waddle the earth.

(I know, I know…I’m not even trendy now, so why would I be trendy with an extra 100 pounds on my face and a fetus growing in my self?  It’s just my dream, okay? If I have to be puke-y every morning for nine months, and grow ankles the size of grapefruit, can’t I at least envision myself looking trendy throughout my misery?)

And even though I’m not prego-my-eggo, it seems like every woman I’ve met lately has either been in the process of growing babies, or desperately wants to be, or just got finished doing so.  Thus, the chances are high that I will be invited to some—or a gazillion—baby showers in the near future.  And when I attend those showers, I want my gifts to be the cutest.  I want to win.

So, every time I come across a lovely bit of maternal paraphernalia online, I bookmark it for future reference.  {I’m kind of addicted to maternity shopping, if you want to know the truth.  When my older sister was pregnant with P-diddy, I bought her unborn child glass baby bottles and cute little clothes and the best cremes money could buy.}

And since I value my readers to such a great extent, I have decided to share one of my favourite finds with all of you.

If you have ever been pregnant, or expect to be, or were born from a pregnant person, you will be delighted with Yummy Mummy Maternity™.  Yummy Mummy™ is a 100% handmade company dedicated to cuteness and practicality.  They sell the sweetest baby blankets and wraps, which are lovely, but they’re not what I’m talking about today.

Instead, I want to introduce you to Yummy Mummy’s™ handmade, machine washable diaper bags (which can double as a book bag for school, or an activity bag for church, if you happen to be childless [which I do]).  They’re lined with super-sweet contrasting fabric, and the insides are just as lovely as the outside.

First up is the Amelia (in “Sage Lacework”):Amelia Diaper Bag 1

The first aspect I noticed about all the Yummy Mummy™ bags was how pretty they were—the second thing I noticed was their durability.  They feel so solid, without being too heavy.  I packed them full with all my accoutrements (which are just as many as any mom would carry in a diaper bag), and they held up splendidly.

This bag is large, but not overwhelmingly so.  I was lucky enough to bond with it all day on Saturday, and I felt so chic.  The entire time I was carrying it, I was wishing to be in California, where all the cool people are: On the beach.  It would have been perfect.

Amelia Diaper Bag PocketsThese bags have pockets galore—I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s even a magical hidden one that always mysteriously carries the exact change needed for a 32 oz. fountain drink at the local Quik-E Mart; that’s how highly I regard these bags.

There are 10 pockets in the Amelia—it literally has pockets within pockets—which provide ample room for every necessity imaginable.  I stocked it up with everything I could think of for a Saturday on the town, and I still felt like the bag was empty!  But even though it carries so much, there are enough compartments to keep things organised and un-cluttered.

Amelia Diaper Bag3After all was said and done, it didn’t even feel bulky—just suave.

Amelia Diaper Bag2I’m not a mum, and the bag wasn’t toting diapers, but if it was, it would have still been every bit as lovely.

Amelia Diaper Bag5Just try to deny it—see?  You can’t. It’s too beautiful.

Next up is the Manda (in “Morning Glory”):

Manda Diaper Bag1Again, with the cuteness.  Oi—I can hardly stand it.

The Manda is smaller than the Amelia, which makes it seem less beach-y, and super easy to dress up.

Manda Diaper Bag2Oh, yeah, and I finally got brave enough to don a pair of tights—I’ve been too afraid of them up ’til now.  I felt ridiculous wearing them, but they did keep me warm.

I took this bag to church with me; even though it is smaller than the Amelia, it nicely fit everything I needed.  It, too, has pockets up the wazoo, which are perfect for clutter-prone individuals like myself.  With all the pockets, there’s a “place for everything, and everything in its place.”

Manda Diaper Bag PocketsMy stuff looks so fancy in this bag, and yours can, too!

Manda Bag LiningI’m quite smitten with the contrasting lining patterns of all the Yummy Mummy™ bags.  I could never be crafty enough to come up with such a cute design.

The best part?  I am supporting local businesses.  All the Yummy Mummy™ merchandise is produced locally {in Mayberry}, but don’t fret, Americans!  They ship to the States, and at reasonable prices.

Manda Diaper Bag

The bags are priced between $50-$65, and each comes with a matching changing pad (plastic on one side, fuzzy-wuzzy minky on the other—they’re precious).  That’s already comparable to Etsy™ prices, but I’ll do you one better: Go check out the Yummy Mummy™ website before April 1st, and you’ll get 20% off your order.  And, just when you thought the deal couldn’t get any sweeter…

…the Yummy Mummy™ Blog is also offering a ginormous giveaway—as in, $105 worth of handmade merchandise, including your choice of a bag like the ones featured today—which is ending on April 13th. {A hot tip to those of you who are usually too pessimistic to enter giveaways…there’s only six entries so far! [Sorry to those six of you who’ve already entered.  I think your chances just decreased.]}

I don’t promote any old product—I promote the best.  Go check out the Yummy Mummy™ website and blog.  Drool over the sweetness.  Enter the giveaway.  If you don’t think it’s as lovely as I do…you’ll be blacklisted from Archives of Our Lives forever.

(Just kidding…)

{…but do you really want to risk it?}

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21 Responses to Yummy Mummy™ in My Tummy

  1. Anonymous says:

    These are so cute! I love them. I’m going to head over to that blog right now to check it out… And enter the giveaway, of course!

  2. Lindsay says:

    seriously, you should take up part time work modeling bags. these pictures were splendid! and i laughed out loud at the part about giving the best gift and having “to win”! you and i are more alike than i realized.

  3. Ummm Hi Model Camille.
    If I ever come up with a brilliant product will you please be the model for it????
    You’re so hott!!!!!!!
    And I ADORE those bags!!!!!!

  4. anna says:

    That Amelia bag is very pretty. And big pretty bags make puke-covered clothes and poopy diapers cool. :)

  5. Shesten says:

    You’re not alone in the picking out baby stuff before you’re even thinking of being pregnant thing… I’ve been building a small collection for six years now :o)

  6. Cristin says:

    I have a friend with a bag like this and I was wondering this week how I could make one.

  7. Chloe says:

    You look gorgeous!!
    Did you know that these bags are sold in Spain? OK, they’re not Yummy Mummy™ ‘s, but they are very similar! and they are in fashion here (at least in Seville). I love them!!

  8. Me says:

    You did look great modeling the bags- or shall I say that your modeling made the bags look great? I hope they paid your next semester of college for this little promotion of yours.

  9. I found another thing that makes you and alike… I buy maternity/baby things before getting pregnant. I actually bought a pair of maternity jeans before I even got married and I have several different toys and baby books that I just could not pass up.

    These are way cute bags. I love me some good prints like those!

  10. Chloe says:

    By the way… I love your shoes!!!

  11. Michele says:

    Camille! I have been looking for a diaper bag just like this! Now I just have to save up for it, bummer.

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  13. Camille says:

    Anonymous my sister— I’m sorry, I didn’t mention that you must have a blog to enter the giveaway. Sorry…MAYBE YOU SHOULD START ONE!

    Lindsay— A part-time bag model, eh? That’s a sweet concept, but I don’t think I know of any bag retailers that are hiring models. It would be awesome, though.

    EverybodyNose— If you ever come up with a brilliant product, please-oh-PLEASE can I model it for you? That would be wonderful. Thanks for the compliment!

    anna— I really like the design of that fabric. I gravitated straight toward it. Must have been the green.

    Shesten— Oh, good; I’m glad it’s not just me.

    Cristin— Too bad you can’t use your Amazon gift card at Yummy Mummy™. Just enter the giveaway, and then you won’t have to fret about how to make one.

    Chloe— I KNEW there was a reason I liked them! If they are fashionable in Europe, of course they will be even better here! That makes me feel even MORE trendy!

    Me— Thanks for the compliment. Getting a semester’s worth of tuition would have been amazing, but, sadly, it did not happen.

    Shalynna— That is HILARIOUS! I have never thought about buying maternity pants; I mostly collect the accessories/baby clothes/cremes. But of COURSE I should be buying pregnancy clothes! Although, by the time I actually get pregnant, the clothes will be out of style.

    Chloe— THANKS! They were cheap, so I like them too!

    Michele— I’m glad you like them; I know, it’s hard to rationalise spending on accessories. I’m the same way. But with 20-30% off right now, it’s easier to swallow. Or you could enter the giveaway…

  14. raygon says:

    Those bags are adorable! And so are your shoes. And your dark curly hair. Cute cute!

    We are saturated with those bags and prints around here. The local fabric store sells all that Amy Butler/Michael Miller fabric and patters to make bags. So all the cheap-o Mormon gals around here just sew up their own (me included) I also have pillows and a chair covered in that fabric. You are right, it is adorable and so addictive!

    You look great in all those pictures by the way. I love that the 2nd bag is all coordinated with your clothes and TIGHTS! Love those too.

    Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway. I am always hopeful I will win something fabulous like that.

    Sorry this is a long comment. I have lots to say today.

  15. Kimberly says:

    Cute bags! I checked out the website and they have some adorable stuff. I’ve actually been trying to get inspired to quilt a baby blanket for a friend of mine. Hopefully it will save me a bit of money in the end rather than buying :-)

  16. HeatherPride says:

    Ha! Actually, I was so captivated by your ruby red slippers that I barely noticed the bags!

  17. anonymous says:

    SOOOO cute! you are really quite talented! I want one!

  18. AlexaMae says:

    love it and love your outfit. hope you don’t mind i borrowed a pic of you for my new post. xoxo. i would like to get me one of them beauties although i am freshly out of having to tote a diaper bag around, those are so dang adorable!

  19. niki says:

    well aren’t you a lovely spokesperson!

    you pretty much sold me. i felt like you had me in mind the whole time you were writing this post;)

    i’ll be sure to check these out.

    you sport the tights so well!

    and you’re tallness is really showing in these photos. love it!

    ps. you’re looking really thin. in a good way of course.

  20. Carmen says:

    Totally cute bags. Can’t wait to check out their site. I am in need of a new bag and my birthday is also coming up (since they are a little expensive in my books it will be completely justifiable to spend that money if it is a birthday gift). Oh and I know I have asked you this before and you probably responded but I don’t remember what post it was so I am asking again, who takes all the pictures for you, Kyle? Or do you use a tripod. Just wondering and curious.

  21. Christal says:

    actually I was jealous of your bag on sunday you looked so chic!! I want one! Great post and pics you are a saleswomen tisha should hire you seriously! I’m in the I wish I could get pregnant just once would be nice category life eh all in different situations!

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