{I’m Losing Hair}

Monday again. I’m sighing. I don’t like Mondays.  (I really have no reason to dislike the first weekday—I don’t have school, work, or anything else looming over my head.  Nevertheless, I just…don’t like Mondays.)  And since I firmly believe that nothing hard should ever have to happen on a Monday, I am going to go easy on you today.  No hard reading, deep emotions, or heartfelt proclamations; instead, I’m just presenting a few random thoughts.

You’re welcome…


1)  For years, my older sister has been nagging, nagging, nagging, for me to “get my thyroid checked.”


What she means is, my family has a long history of hypothyroidism (whatever that means), and it’s supposedly very hereditary.  Some of the symptoms are fatigue [check], weakness [check], coarse, dry hair [check], dry, rough pale skin [check, check, check], hair loss [check], cold intolerance (can’t tolerate the cold like those around you) [check], depression [check], irritability [have you met me?  check], memory loss [huh?  oh yeah, check], and decreased libido [none of your dang business].  Today, I’m making an appointment to get tested.  The procedure involves needles and blood loss, which is mainly why I’ve avoided it for so many years.  Why the sudden change of heart?  Funny you should ask…

2)  Poor Kyle and I finally spent some of this month’s fun money on Friday.


We went out for Chinese (because a bowl of won ton soup was the only thing that could make me happy, and oh, did it ever make me happy!).  While waiting for our orders, we sat there looking at each other, sipping our water, and out of the blue, Poor Kyle says, “Is there some kind of vitamin you can take that will help your hair?”

Nope.  Not kidding.  Word for word, that’s what my husband said to me on our first date in months.  So romantic.

So as soon as we got home, I started Googling™ causes of hair loss (because that’s the issue here—the steadily increasing quantity of my hair that falls out in the shower [and trust me, I don’t have much to lose; my hair is already quite fine {and not in the “DANG, GIRL!” sense, either}]), and what do you know?  It’s a symptom of the disease my sister has been accusing me of for years.  And now, I’m setting an appointment; not because of my health and wellness, but because each strand of hair I lose drives me further from my husband’s not-so-tender embrace.  Plus I don’t want to be a scraggle-head.  I’m so vain.

3)  I forgot one.


The other day, I posted about people who’d featured me in special posts on their blogs, and I realised I forgot one!  I’m so sorry, Emily!  Emily {Merkley Jiating} wrote about me in a “favourites” post back in December—it’s nice; you can read it here, if you’re so inclined.  Emily and I went to the same high school, but she’s a few years younger than me, so we don’t really know each other in person.  She’s currently living in Utah with her husband, and she documents her life as a newlywed and almost-newlymothered.  She also posts weekly recipes called “Tuesday Thyme,” and they always look very delicious.  What’s not to like?  Go visit her.

Anything random happen to you over the weekend?  Help me ring in the new week—heaven knows I need all the help I can get.

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13 Responses to {I’m Losing Hair}

  1. Christal says:

    Good luck with the thyroid testing hope it figures out the hair loss thing thanks to kyle’s comment eh!!
    Loved your interview on the previous post too! You are loved how could you not be your blog is so fun to read I always wonder what you will come up with next you have mad writing skills!!!
    ! Nice to see your skinny self back in church today nice surgery weight loss technique too, looks like its working {for real though I was always secretly happy as a bonus with all my cysts surgeries that I always lost at least five pounds in that time always nice in all the chaos craziness!!} Anyway hope you have a great week ttys

  2. HeatherPride says:

    Humph. That reminds me that Skip so lovingly asked me on the way OUT of the science museum today, “did you braid your own hair today?” and then rolled his eyes as if to say “I can tell.” I kind of wanted to hit him, but that was because of my PMS, not my thyroid. I hope your thyroid is ok.

  3. Anonymous says:

    WELL HALE-FREAKING-LUJIAH! HAS HELL FROZEN OVER??? I cannot believe you are FINALLY going to get your thyroid checked. You are going to owe me $100 once you get it checked and I’m right. Damn. Seriously? Balding is more important than possible miscarriage? If I would have known all it took was a balding threat I would have told you about that years ago. Be that as it may, I’m glad to hear this. FINALLY. And you’d better believe I’m not going to hold back the “I told you so” on this one.

  4. Shesten says:

    I can tell you from experience that you won’t lose ALL of your hair (I don’t have a thyroid anymore – they took it out) just about 1/2 of it if your thyroid isn’t working at all. But still, that’s a lot of hair loss. But, on the plus side – once they get your hormones back in check, you’ll grow it back.

  5. Chloe says:

    About my weekend… well, it has been so boring… I’ve been quite sad…

    By the way, my father had hypothyroidism and despite his hair loss, he didn’t go bold. As Shesten said, “you won’t lose ALL of your hair”. I hope you don’t have hypothyroidism though.

    Good luck with your thyroid test!


  6. Hi Camille,
    Genetic weaknesses are like links in a chain put enough stress on any chain no matter how strong and you will find the weak link. The answer to genetic weaknesses is do not pull on the chain and you will not get the disease. Did you know that thyroid disease is really a very rare disease and yet there is an epidemic (1 in 4 people) of it in America and probably Canada. The truth is that an autoimmune disease such as Graves or Hashimoto’s disease probably (90%+) gave you your thyroid disease. Autoimmune diseases are very interesting, there are aprox 80 to 100 at this time with another 40 waiting for a name. Medical science cannot explain why and has not found a cure for even one. You can trigger one of them just by having an auto accident, taking aspirin or medicine, by starting a new exercise routine, or even stressing out says latest research. Naturopathic medicine says, “Look for the root cause. The cause is in the basics; beginning with what is on your fork, what toxins are in your body, what exercise do you do, what stress is in your life, what is your spiritual base”. Science has led us down the wrong path, we better stop and take a close look at what is happening. Every month an average of 150 new chemicals which are a cause of the autoimmune disease problem will be added too industry with no oversight control at all. Autoimmune disease is the worst kind of contradiction; for thyroid disease your immune system is attacking you at your own thyroid, a world upside down. God bless you in your search. Paul

  7. sarah says:

    First of all, I’m still laughing at Kyle’s comment. Could he not say that on your first date out in a long time?! Sorry but it made me laugh. Sometimes guys don’t think… (okay lots of times) Your sisters comment was also hilarious. LOL Finally, Dang Dr. Paul. I don’t think you need to go to the doctors office… just have him diagnose you. (Not saying in a mean way, he just seems very knowledgeable)

  8. Holly Decker says:

    random happenings in the life of holly?
    how about the fact that its snowing today… i SWEAR it was spring and then all of the sudden we are back to winter. what the heck?

  9. I am also a frequent loser of hair. It turns out it’s my propensity to not brush it so much. (Brushing makes it frizzy. I hate frizzie. Therefore, I hate brushing. It works itself out in the end.)

  10. callie says:

    I too, am losing my hair. I also happen to be hypothyroid. If you are going to be tested for that I highly reccomend testing for things that go alon side it. Such as PCOS, Poly cystic Ovary sydrom and Insulen resistance. I am all 3 plus I have something called Cushings syndrome. Back to the hair. Yes, there is a pill you can take. I am also a hair stylist. I stumbled on your blog from Nicki Werthen. I have really fine thin hair. I have all of my life. One day my salon got a new product called Nioxen. I had heard of and actually tried Nioxen shampoo and conditioner and didn’t think much of it. Good news is, that the pill is totally different. I looked into the science of it and it mad sense so I thought I’d give it a shot. LOVE IT! I will never live without it. I had long thick hair for about 2 years. Unfortunately I am sick again and therefore losing my hair. By the handful. I hate it. The Nioxen multi vitamin isn’t expensive either. It’s about $30 for 90 pills. So $10 a month. I highly reccomend you give it a shot.

  11. I started unchrushing on Shirt Boy

  12. Thais says:

    I have Hashimoto’s! It sucks. But I never lost hair. Mainly the tired, cold intolerance, irritability, and decreased libido. Holla at me if you have questions.

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